Saturday, November 30, 2013

UFO Stash down continues

    This UFO stash down is just going so very well!  Far better then any of my prior attempts! Something about the word ruthless comes to mind.  I have kept my promise to myself on that score, very well indeed. Thus far anyway.  Things may change at any time.  Plus I have to go back to work on Monday but I have to at least put all this away by then and have an inventory.
           FINISHED Knit Picks Wool of the Andes cabled pullover sweater in Tidepool Heather.  When I picked this up yesterday it was just to the point where the sleeves had been joined to the body, bottom up in the round.  I worked the entire top, shoulders, neckline and finished by 9 pm. Just in time to wade through more bags before DH went to sleep. 
     RECLAIMED Knit Picks clear circular needles size 9. Five and a half skeins of WOTA Tidepool Heather and a lovely Tink backpack!  Lampwork critter stitch markers! 4 of those and 5 other markers.
     RIPPED Grapevine socks
     RECLAIMED skein of YF grapevine that I'm pondering overdyeing, size 0 Addi Turbos, hello old friends.
     FINISHED No idea what this was but now it's a caplet?  Still not certain about that.  It's a 8 wedge shawl of sorts but it was made in a halo yarn (mohair?) so you can't see the lace.  I worked 3 rows of seed st and b/o last night.  Will get you a photo after blocking.  Hopefully on someone so I can get an idea of what to do with it.  Note to self AGAIN! NEVER knit halo yarn into lace anything, EVER.
     RECLAIMED Sock skein holder, Addi Turbos in size 5, hello there!  Yabadabadoooo!  My circular needle case is exploding! and I'm finding my ADDIS!
     TODAY - Picked up my Bronte, I have never really liked this shawl.  It's very plain so I dyed up a purple, mostly blue and green silk/merino for this shawl.  I was working the center square in the hand paint and have 2 skeins of solid blue for the border.  Which was supposed to be knit off of the side. So NOT happening.  Eventually I will work up my own version of Bronte's shawl, YF modern style.  Late last night I worked 6 or so rows of seed st on the long edge which was OTN.  I then picked up the short end and worked about 5 inches off that side, repeated on the opposite short end.  I'm currently in the process of taking out the 2nd long edge (provisional c/o) after working 6 rows of seed on that side I will then begin working in the round.  I figure after a few rows I will be able to b/o what will be a silk ascot/short scarf of sorts.  It will be about 20 x 55 ish.  I toyed with the idea of making the center of the rectangle into a hood and haven't given up the idea entirely. The plan is to finish this one today and have two items to block later.
     In those bags I dug through late last night,,, I found a long lost friend whom I have been attempting to find for a coons age.  She was so relieved that she jumped onto the bed, or that might have been me dropping her out of my trembling hands.  :-) Either way we were both happy to see one another.  They are next up, lime green, purple, browns in saturated colors.  A bit of lace at the elbows into deep brown at the hands.  Worked in an alternating ribbed welt pattern these are gorgeous!  
     While I really want to get back to my UFO's which have turned into WIPS!!!! (what a great thing that is to say!)  two parcels came in yesterday which might stall that.  I have the entire day before me and I can cut and paste if I want.  BOY DO I WANT!  I feel like I have been waiting for 1/4 inch tape forever when in fact it has only been since last weekend.  Really great shipping considering both were first class and over the Holiday weekend.  CUT AND PASTE HERE I COME!
     AND next week look forward to the Trading Posts.  Yeah, plural... as they will be up for trade and it will be a post here.... yeah stretching for that joke.  Any time you have to explain it,,, they loose something in the translation.  I have a total of FOUR shawls.  2 fine lovely shawls and 2 shawls which are made from hand spun yarn.  Then there's a top with long sleeves which is almost finished.  Each will come with their yarn and patterns, you just supply the needles and experience. I just can't bring myself to rip these babies.  There's nothing wrong with them... I guess that was my guideline for ripping and now that it's gone, I'm not sure where to go from here.  Have a great Saturday.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

UFO Ripping Part 2

My first post was merely the tip of the iceberg.  When I came back to it, I had help from DS who ripped as I wound in some cases.  In all cases he put away all the reclaimed goods.  These all went back to about that 5 year mark and some were just no brainers.  My only question is how did they make it OTN for so very long.
Current size of the pile... you can see a bit of bed on the right and it's not as much chaos. 
     RIPPED Not 1, not 2 but THREE pair of socks, 2 were only toes, all were pairs, one had both feet done but were never going to be worn.  One of "those" things.
     RECLAIMED 2 size 0 and one size 1 needles.  BMFA Neon, a pink, sky and emerald sock and another teal and blue.  As well as one project bag.
     RIPPED About half of a vest in worsted cotton.  Was about 5 inches too small for it's recipient, another reason for UFO's NOT to exist. 
     RECLAIMED About 6 skeins of cotton in a lavender high twist and size 6 Addi Turbos.
     RIPPED A bottom up top in the round make in Pure by SWTC.  Pretty sure this was the second time this top was ripped.
     RECLAIMED 8 skeins and a size 7 needle.
     RIPPED My first hand spun top down sweater.  This was just not happy as a sweater.  Perhaps as a cowl or something bulky but not as a sweater.
     RECLAIMED BIG ball of hand spun and some size 9 circular needles.
     RIPPED Scarf in a halo blue yarn.  It was so not happy as a lace scarf.  It would be happier in something which doesn't have lace or texture... something plain.  
     RECLAIMED 1 skein of what might be Frog Tree angora?  It's a medium blue and just lovely.  No needles for this item but there was a nice project tote.  Also among the findings were 2 sleeves for holding skeins together.
    FINISHED Now the fun begins... I found a sweater, my Sonnet which I had the entire top done, even put the buttons on it.  The two at a time sleeves were begun, buttons on them too!  They had about 9 or so inches finished.  I picked it up and thought WHY!  Why isn't this finished.  Worked straight for about 5 hours and VIOLA today I have a finished project!
       RECLAIMED Size 9 circs and a skein of Aracania multi.
     This is going to be a long ongoing project in the back ground but this WILL be finished as it's far too much fun NOT to finish it.  My Lizard Ridge.
I'm working mine in long stripes of color instead of blocks... if you aren't comfortable seaming, I don't recommend this.  I didn't have any problems with it and don't require perfection.  I will grow it until I'm finished or out of yarn, dunno time will out as I can always continue the stripes.  :-)
     Today I pulled out a sweater, bottom up, in the round, cables, all done except the bodice,,, even the sleeves are on it! WHAT?  WHY isn't it done?  Dunno.  I did get a bit confused as I went to work the cables so that might be a reason but we will see.  I fell asleep over it after turkey dinner. :-)  Will get you an updated photo tomorrow as the pile remains until I get a handle on it.  I will NOT put anything away until I have finished ripping and I haven't finished going through all the bags yet.  
      As we go our merry way I would LOVE to hear from you!  What does your UFO stash down look like?  Join in the discussion and bring along your UFOs.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The GREAT UFO stash down of 2014

YUP I'm going for it! Being RUTHLESS AND ripping it all out!  If it hasn't been touched in 5 years it's a gonner,,, I don't care how little remains to be knit!  This is one reason why!
This is the top of my California King sized bed, quite literally COVERED in my UFO's.  Some of these items haven't seen the light of day for years.  What happened?  How did this happen?  Each time I would get in "work knitting" I would put aside all my items I was working on and then forget them a month later when the work was finished.  So I would c/o more items and forget about them and so on.  
     The only way to get rid of them is to be RUTHLESS and so I am.  Anything that I haven't touched in over 5 years is GOING period!  No if's and's or BUTS you hear me yarn!  Other things will be harder and I will need help with them.  We are going to talk about them here and there might be some trading going on.  If we don't LOVE it but can't KNIT on it we have a problem Houston.  So I was thinking,,, trade em up.
      These projects below... and goodies came from the two blue boxes in the above photo... on the right at the far back side, you can only see one.  I guess the second is covered in some of the taller bags.  Oh there it is... behind the first box.  You so can NOT get the feel of the scale of this monster until you are right on top of it.... standing on the bed to take the photo!  Those two blue file boxes are 14 x 12 if that helps.
     RIPPED - My Clapotis, I'm possibly the only knitter in Ravelry who has NOT knit a Clapotis and at this time will never knit it.  
     RECLAIMED 2 skeins of Lace wing in turquoise and black, Addi Turbo size 5 needles and a lovely burgundy velvet project bag.
     RIPPED - Bottom up top in Amerah by SWTC, WELL PAST the point of no return on this one too.  The body and sleeves were finished, all that remained was to complete the bodice.  This one has been OTN for so long that my gauge has changed tremendously and there are some decreases that stand out at the waist.  This yarn is like white cotton in that it shows all the errors of my ways.  I will never wear it so RIPPED!
     RECLAIMED 10 skeins of Amerah, Addi Turbo lace size 6 and some very cute stitch markers!
     RIPPED some weird looking scarf.
     RECLAIMED 1 skein of Tofuties and some bamboo fixed circs.
     RIPPED another weird scarf looking thing in lace weight silk, lovely Cherry Tree Hill stuff.  This was a crochet project which I found didn't want to rip easily.  I remember it!  This was on the cover of Interweave crochet and it's not a scarf but a shawl!  Cest La Vie, it's a gooner!
     RECLAIMED 2 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill lace weight silk, LOVERLY!  needs to become a top or undergarments as it's so lovely.  A crochet hook.
     RIPPED Bell Shawl in Noro sock.
     RECLAIMED KP Interchangable circs
       FOUND Sock yarn in silver shot, undyed. TEN skeins of worsted, a skein of Fleece Artist sock in lovely autumnal colors.  Cool flip top index cards spiral bound. Cherry Tree Hill Mohair in TEAL YUM! HAND SPUN! OOOOLALA, DPNs, something that might be Possum yarn?  
     RECLAIMED TWO file drawers!  YIPEE!  YUPPERS count them, two!

     Starting to shake, my ailments are getting the better of me again.  So I'm going to have a break for a little bit.  Will be back with the next part... I wonder when?  I surely do not want DH to come home to this mess!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Yesterday was a Flatland day, I literally couldn't get out of bed.  I did make two personal clips but that's where it ended.  I'm surrounded by yarn from the dye day and it's got to be photographed and shipped asap.  I "think" I feel a bit better today, at least Flatland has disappeared for now.
     After everything is shipped so that I can see my desk and cutting table... I would like to do some cut and paste, also known as scrap booking. That will have to wait for the weekend though as I have my "work" and "play" times decidedly separated.  Cut and paste is surely play time. 
     The other thing, Dye Day,,, we missed the roving I intended to do. So I need to get back to it again but not until my ailment fall away more.  I have been getting LOADS of sleep so I'm confident I will be back on my feet next week.  Doctors!  Yeah, that's why I'm here in Flatland again.  I had to see mine on the 12th, normally I feel better faster but I think next week I'll be better.  
     Oh wanna here a funny thing?  It could have been a catastrophe but we all saw it as funny.  We have these massive dye pots and normally we have the pots going and we have pie plates in and out of the nuker,,, these are our standard methods of setting the colors.  WELL!  The pots have been hissing and chattering.  I kept telling the Pixies that it was condensation on the outside of the pot or it was stuff on the bottom... all these excuses right!  Well!  It was neither!  What was it?  A slow leak developing on the bottom of each pot!  I had to replace them this week. I had seen the rust but didn't realize that they had actual HOLES!  Chaching!  I need so many very expensive items, I can't remember them all but the first of which is Delilah (puter) her power jack is jacked up big time!  From some one walking by,,, and one too many times having her yanked off of my lap.  Oh and a camera that can take good close ups, one that can get the black and subtle  shade color changes in the yarn.  What else?  They are things like that and I know that there's another but you get the picture, expensive items.  Anyway the pot was funny. 
     Huh, my surgery, that's one.  The request is in for the FORTH time and it's been declined each time before... if I get this surgery I will be able to WALK! Our insurance STINKS big time!  I've not got any hope that this one will go through.  That one is super expensive LOL but it's not the item we need, I can't remember.  Cest La Vie.
     Through this down time (AKA Flatland) I finished a shawl, My Cherry Pie (new sock pattern) and got about 20 rows done on Sweetlette sample... which is saying something as I'm close to the end! ;-)  Ok, that still hasn't told you anything, I know what will.  It's an 8 wedge flat circle! ;-)  NOW you get it.
     Anyway, all of that to say that soon and very soon here I've GOT to have my lil chickens run about the house have a major hunt!  I need them to run down every last UFO I have EVERY one of them!  They are to be put into massive bags all over my bed and I WILL kill the things! PERIOD!  No if's and's or but's! RUTHLESS!
     Ya know... for the longest time I have thought we should all trade our UFO's.  Like put up photos and descriptions and then make a trading post. Maybe someone else can love something I now loathe for one reason or another.  Just a thought.
     They weigh me down and make me not want to start all these lovely items in my head.  I have this elf coat in purple, blue and green with black purl areas.  Full skirt worked in short rows with the black separating the thin wedges.  Large pointed elf hat hangs down the back of the bodice.  Crazy pockets on the front of the coats skirt.  Sigh. I have it in my design book... if I can draw it then I can knit it!  So I know it's just there, outside of my range of effort and time.   Then an afghan.  I keep thinking about crocheting free form shapes in a bunch of colors until I have an afghan. OH and then my MM 2 color shawls... I keep thinking about one that's more plain, garter st... in a new shape!  There are two of those one is a square and triangles and the other is circles.
     Perhaps if I got started on the coat or the afghan I wouldn't have so many designs like I have been this past year and you guys would have some time to get caught up with me.  Ya think?  I do know that 2013 was the year of the MAJOR shawls.  I think 2014 will be the year of the doable.  I can't help but make lovely lace shawls but I'm going to mix them up with fast projects in fat yarns which can be knit in a weekend. ;-)  Art Bag is going to be one of them.  I'm spinning the yarn off and on... will be making my first sample here shortly.
     Flatland.... I hope it's gone for a few weeks. I don't like it there. Multidimensional realms like that of the Fae, are better by far.

Monday, November 18, 2013


     You ever have one of those days where you feel so scattered that all you are doing is turning in circles, chasing your tail?  I seem to be having one of those times.  I'm not sure though as I have gone through a bunch of e-mail from the flood that came in over the weekend but I feel like it.  There's just so much STUFF!  I thought perhaps if I write about it, it wont feel like so much weight.
     Weighing me down... what's weighing me down?
UFO's!  YUP and not the flying saucer kind.  They are pressing down on me.  So many objects which were in process and were put aside to allow space to do work knitting.  That used to be test knitting for higher back in the day.  Now I don't really put stuff aside so I have these massive piles of sweaters, shawls in the closet and DRAWERS full of socks, stockings, hats and scarves.  DD and I both want to pull it all out and either rip, b/o or chuck it ALL!  Problem is I believe now that it's migrated and I was thinking of all the places it has gone off to.  It's like the thing has legs,,, NO IT'S THE BLOB!  That's it!  The blob it's taken over.  The walk in closet, totes full, the living room closet a file cabinet and it's even spilled out into the GARAGE!  YES it's the blob and it WILL be dealt with.  I thought I had already whacked at it as the blue bag was cut in half.  Then I remembered all the places I'd stashed it into that'd I'd forgot!  OUCH!  MUCHO acid needed here and not the tripping kind.
     What else? KAL's, both mine and others.  I may be the Yarn Fairy but hey, I like to play too, the problem is I can't just work a pattern as it's written.  AND they sent me extra yarn, which I couldn't leave it as it was dyed!  Come on, it was the middle color and you can't put the middle color on the end of a shawl!  ;-)  So Pixie #1 fixed it for me, she fix it! I redesigned the end of the pattern, then an extension and worked on it all weekend.  Got another ounce to finish it and I decided on more beads at midnight.  So much for "others".   
     Then there's my KAL's, I'm surrounded by my wheel, all this roving for the Art Bag of 2014 which is SMASHING!!! BUT it's taken over my life!  First you need to know what it is.  I hand paint a non super wash roving which I then spin into a lovely 2 ply yarn. Which goes to you, we knit the bag and then felt it. The flap is then our artsy fartsy canvas! YIPEE SKIPPY! There will be diagrams where to put what and will send you all of the goodies that are needed in the kit. I’m dreaming of a few types of artisans. The ones who do needle felting, others who can embroider and others who fiddle with beads, the fast way. YUM!  Of course I couldn't wait and so the other night I stayed up literally ALL night and spun enough yarn to get a skein off. It seems I’m making a 2 ply worsted weight yarn for this project. I can not WAIT to c/o. My only regret… not being able to share photos WAAAAAAAAA. I have been very subdued on the colors, these are on yarn of course so you will have to use your imagination,,, the yarn will be hand spun and not look like these at all but here are the colors.
London Calling 

Roasting Chestnuts 

Trees in the Dark 

Deep Blue- not sure where but not cobalt,,, dark blue, perhaps Colt?  The last two are going into the pot today as it's DYE DAY! PARTY! Me luvs to paint.
     Then there's Sweetlette which you have heard about so many times before.  We are painting 2 new colors today and I've been arranging TKers for this one.  Just figured out how to get it to International TKers late last night!  YUP sleeplessness can have it's benefits.  Just to give you some DROOL factor, Strawberry Cheesecake, Plum Pudding, Red Velvet, Chocolate Covered Cherries and Blueberry Muffins.  YUP it's a SWEETS KAL which will go off in time for Valentines day.  Sweets for my Sweets!
     We have some curlicue shawls cranking out.  I'm having a hitch in my gitalong with the pattern but I think it will hit the TKers this week.  There are three of them, one in hearts, another leaves and last in snowflakes.  I'm dyeing more yarn for them today. I can't wait to play with autumnal leaves and that other teal with greens and a bit of blue.  Snow is going to be fun, thinking about Glacier as a possibly candidate for that one.
     Ya'll know MM, Multi Mates?  WELL! I keep seeing the Mates paired into a new shawl shape.  Only thing I can't get past is how to make it into a single piece instead of having to piece it afterwards.  I love being done when I'm done.  Perhaps piecing will come in 2014?  Time will out.
     This is just the tip of the iceberg as I haven't even got into my Christmas knitting but you get the picture.  In and around all of the above there's a bunch of stuff being published too.  MM eBook, Batty, an editor got in touch with me last week for a book pattern, stockings and shawls which are ongoing and the hand paints book is still out there.  YEAH! SEE!  I think I'd probably huddle up and die if it weren't for my work though.
     Somewhere in the massive blob is a pair of gloves... if I could have found them I wouldn't be dyeing a gradient today.  But alas they have succumb to the blob and will not be found. They can holler all they want, nothing can get out from under the blob.  
     All that to just check in and say HEY!  Have you seen my brains?  STOP THAT GUY! Yeah the one lurching down the street!  He's got em! Have a great day, from the land of the Fae.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Birthdays, Cas, CowLux and a peek into 2014

Normally I wait until I'm done with all my work to blog.  Or I wait until Chatty Patty comes along and makes 3 posts in a DAY!  Today I decided that I was going to share now no matter what as I now have so much to say that I don't know where to start.
     My birthday, lets start there.  Since it was a Sunday I asked my family to stay home to be with me and DH was happy to do so.  He loves church with me over so many things I can't tell you how much he likes to hold my hand while we sing and have church.  We are fortunate in that our church comes right into our home at 10:30 PST every Sunday they stream it live.  If you would like to join us here's where we congregate it's John MacArthur's Grace Community Church.  My heart was acting up that weekend so we had to string my day out long.  I believe I took a nap between events but I made it through.  
     They found the best candles!  Ones which spell out Happy Birthday, sort of like this but not exactly as they were altogether.
These were on top of the BEST cake in the world!  We got a sheet cake which was large enough to feed an army.  Somehow DS and I tore through it in about a week. BAD DOGS! But it was so good!  Cream inside of white cake with butter cream frosting NUM! That's my favorite cake.  We used to get a small one from Federico's, now we get the massive sheet from Costco.
     DH pointed me towards my facebook page, I was shocked! There are well over 50 good wishes posts and PM's for the day!  I am so thankful that so many people are so kind.
     After cake of course there was presents. Don't fret!  I'm not going to go over every single one, there were too many for one thing and for another, I'd bore you to tears!  Can't have that now. Those of you who know me know that I'm so NOT into Halloween 
BUT this ghost immediately found a place in my heart.  Not only does he light up but he changes COLOR! As does the candle in the back on the right.  CRAZY!  I have never heard of such a thing.  I can't figure out how either do what they do but there you have it, FUN!  I love me some candles and I love the fact that these wee black ones will last until their batteries dye and DH doesn't have to wake up chocking after I blow them out.  A very special friend send me the colors above and also sent me YARN! YUM Oh and a large package of Swarovski crystal pearls!  You should have seen me, my mouth literally dropped open.  
She sent 4 different yarns, Mink, silk and gossamer and so many other goodies. See the dark teal top right, it's really special as it's the left overs from a scarf she made for her Mom's Memorial, it will be treasured as much as the mink due to it's origins.
     Tink made a showing as did a movie and Season 1 of Downton Abby!  There was also scrapbooking paper since that's my latest crazy, insane trek.
     Saved the best for last... my very dear friend made a tribute to my lovely boy, The Raven shawl!  LOOK AT THIS! 
Again my camera can not do it justice.  This is a large frame in which she built another around.  Her hubby found MY TREE! Yes this is something I have doodled for years and he found it as the perfect background for this project.  I set my book in there by my boy.  Is it not perfect ME!  I have it here just to the left of my bed so I can look at it all day long.  The thought that went into making this, the time, the effort and everything!  It just bowled me over and I, (ME!) I was speechless!
Quick project run down.  
     Most of you know that Castiel was published here he is.
What's great about him is the wing pattern.  It's center up the top of the front of the sock, over two socks you can really see it.  I tried to crop it down to just the wings but lost the color every time.  It's top center there, see them? NAILED IT!
The other pattern which was published is CowLux.
Nifty item which when worked in fine on small needles will produce wristers or a headband.  In bulky yarn on large needles the result is a large and lovely cowl.

Run down of some things I can share about... recently I was asked to paint Van Gogh's Starry Night.  Something I myself have long wanted to do.  I painted it and promptly forgot to get a photo for you! Here we go!  My faithful peeps! AND such a lovely shot! So purdy!
Been keeping busy with my knitting... so many things I can't share, Cherry Pie knee high socks which will become a pattern.  I used my own hand spun for the sample and I LOVE them!  They go well up to my knee caps I think. SO SOFT and snuggly!  At the end of the spin I'd forgotten I was spinning for socks and what do you think?  YUP more like a sport weight in some places so they are sooo snuggly.  I put the correct stuff at the feet though so I'm good to go. Oh and the socks here are another Christmas present.  

Three more skeins were pulled for more vanilla socks as presents only yesterday.  Houston we have toes, lets see how long they take around all my work knitting.  
This coaster and book mark set went to a dear friend of mine.  A dear sweet, who I need to remember to pray for more faithfully. If you remember my doily, would you please join me in prayer for my doily goily?  As Popeye would say, so said my other dear friend.  Ya know... I'm surrounded by some pretty GREAT people.  I LOVE YOU ALL!  You full well know that by now though.  I only wish there were more I could do for you guys.  This bed is so limiting.
     I wasn't going to share this... if you have made it down this far in my ramblings... you are one of my friends... so I will.  Yesterday, (hugh sigh) I had to leave my bed and go to the doctors which will set back dyeing this week.  STAY ON THE SUBJECT! Ok... (sigh) The doctor is going to resubmit me for the injections.  If all goes well and I get this injection it will tell him if I am a candidate for the surgery.  If I can get the surgery I will be able to walk again! Now you know why it's hard to me to get that out.  I don't like to even THINK about it let alone write it down.  We have been turned down THREE times by the insurance company.  I can't tell you the mean horrible things I wanted to do to the pencil pusher who turned me down three times.  Their excuse?  There' not a history of this! WHAT!  It's not like it just happened.  We sent them INCHES of my history and they continued, there's not a history with OUR doctor.  And so it continued.  You need to do X Y and Z.  We proved that I have done those things.  Still declined.  So the doctor was thinking that now that we have a history (evidently anything over 90 days), we might have a chance.  I don't believe it and wont allow myself to think of it until it happens.  Yesterday was a bad day.  As I got out into the waiting room I had a heart episode and as I climbed into the car something snapped.  I just sat there trying to pull it all together will tears streamed down.  Just the THOUGHT of being able to walk.  NO DON'T!  I just can NOT go there or I will be in for a cauldron of depression as I know that they will decline it again.  There may be "history" but I have not done PT or changed anything else so they will decline it.  On that note, I must post or I know me,,, I will dump it all.
    TWO WORDS ART BAG!  YEAH!!! Coming in 2014 hand spun, hand painted yarn which you make into a bag which is your palette to.... extreme art!  Each one will be completely different and one of a kind.  I can not WAIT to share this one with you.  I have made 3 in the past and they are so much fun.  Now it's time to write down and document what I do so that you can make one too!  LOL they were so much loved that all of them are gone!  People saw them, fell in love and bought them from me.  Now I can't even find a photo of the last one but I'm making more.  YEAHAW!  Here's to 2014 CHEERS!