Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Something Different

.... something different for a change HAIL!  
WOW we normally get weather in October,,, I guess the feeling here is WOW it's already October, summer is history.
Here you can sort of see it on the ground.  Limited photography skills due to local... my bedroom.  LOL

Ok so my wee dude does NOT do weather, he climbed up on my lap and we are at the desk now.
He may be old, he may, quiet literally, DIE every three weeks but he's a TROUPER!  And I adore him, scabby nose and all.

Today I needed to wind up the yarn I have been talking about.  This stuff is a great find!  I did the math today and there are 262 yards per 100g which means this really is a DK weight yarn!  I got such a great price on it which means that I can sell it to you at windfall pricing.  This is the yarn for the SSS KAL, while we were dyeing Pixie #1 said ALASKA!  We do have some really great names that came from the dyeing process of chitter chatter while working up the samples.  The shawls something else again!  I got half way through chart 3 and I'm past the sleeves already!  I can't wait to see this puppy in action.  Just to show you how big the ball is I have my land cell for you.  Which is an old massive phone. 
Still doesn't give you the feel of it... hows this? This ball is 6 inches across and 4 inches tall!  Does that tell you how large it is?  AND keep in mind that's AFTER 4 ounces of it were knit off!  Yeah, it's a full pound, a whole lotta yarn!
     Finished the Choices Silk Top sample.  Really should work up some hand paints for you all to kit it with but I'm feeling like I want to just work on what's in front of me currently as I really get distracted quite easily.  It's something I have to get a handle on.  
     Of course I have been thinking about Castiel for a full year,,, let me just say that in advance. ;-)  Yeah, shiny, blink blink... I tell you,  easily distract able!  So in my defense I have been mulling this over for a full year!  LOL you know what's coming don't you?
Tomorrow I will be painting Cas!  Yuppers, finally caved in.  For some reason he felt like cashmere, dunno why so he's going on cash/merino and a 72" skein.  One in black with the cobalt turquoise eyes on the side of the skein so that it swirls up the leg.  The other will be lights with the tan trench coat, navy tie and into the turquoise eyes and black wings.  I think I will do two in the cash, no, one in the light in a multi colored variegated cash and the other on our 490 light fingering in the dark for knee highs.  WOW that was a hard decision to make I just about sent Pixie #2 for a loop, "MAKE UP YOUR MIND!"  HAHA we will have fun.  I can't wait to paint... BEWARE THE FUMES!
 Remember this?

It's the turquoise sugar yarn.  I c/o a few weeks back for a top.  Well, I had some crystals left over from the Princess Bride???? (was it PB?) KAL and I used them here.

This photo shows the color better the upper one shows the crystals better.  LOVE this yarn!  I bought an entire case when it went to discount.
   Anyway, I split the plies and applied the beads to half the plies and then knit the plies back together.  It really worked much better then I thought it would.  

Here's the entire top... unblocked but finished.  LOVE IT!  I need a pink one now.  It worked up really fast but I have been working on the samples and on my tencel sweater.  Oh and my BF gave me a shawl and I'm into the border on it.  Another few nights and I should be finished.  

     I love having items I can actually talk about.  So many things I make can't be shared so it's fun when I get to share!

OOOOOHHHH JOSETTE!!!  ;-)  I have more! Patterns!

Fae Festival, half circle shawl, the KAL is finished now so I can share this.


Petal Love has been published.


JOSETTE!  I'm so happy to finally be able to share these!  I got a PM today that said one word.  I guess it pretty much sums them up,

You can find a kit still for Fae and Josette here on the kit page.

Hope you all are having even HALF as much fun as I am.  I may be chair/house bound but you know what?  I can and do,,, LIVE! 


  1. LOVE the turquoise sugar yarn top! It looks beautiful on you! Is it knit in the round and/or an EZ "pattern"?

  2. Thanks, indeed you know me,,, all my tops and sweaters are EPS in the round. I shortened the armhole in this one and like the shorter depth. LOVE the beads! It's so nice to wear sugar next to the skin, I'm so glad I got a case when it went on closeout.