Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fumes can KILL

Somehow I'm still reeling from the dye fumes from yesterday.  ;-)  It's a good thing though, especially when you see the results.  I just added the finishing touches on the Multi Mates page.  You all love Rainwilds still... it's long been a favorite of mine, well, they all are. 
     NAILED the window!  For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, in Dark Shadows the Gothic soap opera from the 60's, the window shots have long enticed me to make up a skein of yarn for socks.  I GOT IT!  I'm so excited so let me share.
In the past I have made it with too much turquoise.  Pixie #1 was with me at the table and she agreed with me... nailed it.  Insert Heavenly choral here, LAAAAA, lavit! And away we go.  ;-)  I will be making knee highs out of this skein.
     Then there was another one which has bothered me and been screaming at me.  The nerve of some yarn and dye!  Once, a few months back, Pixie #1 and I agreed that this paper towel we'd been using to clean dye supplies with was awesome!  So I challenged myself to try and recreate it but not go overboard.  I also wanted to work on a fall/autumnal type of theme.  Here lies the product.
I call it Spill Rag it's done on the 490 merino sock weight. This one I will share with you, so if anyone's interested holler.  The back side is all purple so this will have a spiral effect up the leg or would be perfect for lace work as the dots are small enough to be a single stitch.  Don't hold me to that as you mileage will vary due to needle size, gauge and oh so many factors.
     On to some fun stuff.  This is Grapel a sweater I designed to go with my Grapevines multi colored sock yarn.  This took so few skeins I was so surprised but then this is Pixie Sock fine which has 490 yards per skein LOVE IT!  I used 3 skeins of the multi and bits of the dark solid purple and the lighter solid purple and white.  Probably a total of 4 skeins would do for a size 40-46.  Love painting me some yarn!  I have 3 skeins left over.  Oh gee, I have enough of this to make another sweater, if you want it holler.

The detailing was fun, I like making up different collars, edging and cuffs.  BUT this cuff made me want to make a ringed sweater UGH!

     Next up I have long wanted to make something like this.
      It's a teardrop shaped emerald with a circle of diamonds atop it.  Lovely but in crystal it would be super heavy.  Also I didn't like the design so much with the teardrop not hanging down and all so I ended up here.
      More of a blue then green but the green is still there, more aqua.  Anyway, you can see that my circle is still there and I added a lovely fan shaped lever back and two cones to allow it to hang well.

     Continuing with the aqua theme, I started my next sweater, it's in the St. Lucia colorway which is done on the 50/50 tencel/merino, LOVE me some tencel! So I had to name the sweater after the color way.  Click here for more info.  This stuff feels like silk!  It doesn't take color too well so I knew I wanted a medium blue/green hence, St. Lucia from the WotW yarns.  The design is going up the waist in k5, p2 and the flips the lines which then move towards the shoulders.  It took me all of a few hours to get to this point.  The yarn is fat (360-70 yards per 100g) so it knits up really fast.  If you want some holler... happy to do custom orders as you all full well know.  I love the way my hand painted multi colors work up.  They don't puddle nor stripe... but make an allover pattern which is always pleasing to me.  
     SHOOT ME NOW!  Please shoot me now!  I can't believe the road I'm taking.  I KNEW it was going to happen as I ADORE paper and pens.  I have forever so it was really only a matter of time.
     If you know what this is then you know where I have fallen.  I found this at JoAnns online while shopping for SM beads.  UGH!  HELP ME!  I found Kathy Orta Files and I'm HOOKED!  For those of your who are in the dark,,, it's called Scrap booking and I'm in soooo much "T"rouble.  You full well know why now.  If you know me, you know I fall head long when I fall.  I go NUTTER!  The above set has been in and out of my shopping cart,,, I can't tell you how many times.  I found it for 50% off and was a goner.  I searched online to find out what to do with it, found Kathy and OH NO!  She makes the stinking covers of the album and then makes the pages!  It's not like here hole punch this and put it into a book. NO nothing that simple, I never fall into anything that simple.  It's got to be hard, take me 5 months to make one and WAAAA you full well get the picture.  BUT last night as I snuggled up to my honey I was SMILING!  I had a big grin and said, I'm so happy.  See, I like paper.  No, I LOVE paper.  I have collected cards and stationary for a long time.  Now I'm in serious trouble though.  I had to have the tape and the cardstock and now I'm looking into Spellbinding and WAAAAA, just shoot me now!  I'm telling ya man, it's the dye fumes!  They can KILL!
     Lastly I got an e-mail today, my boyz have made it to Netflix... Supernatural Season 8 has just hit! With that happy thought... LOL I'm outta here.  Smile for me, purdy smiles all around.

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