Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Reward thyself!

     Yesterday was something else!  I worked for about 5 hours on one pattern and my brains started to ooze out of both ears!  Not one, both!  I was gelatinous and dizzy mess.  Then a TKer got in touch with me about a problem in a pattern,,, which resulted in a problem with 3 patterns.  I tried, really I tried to fix it... to no avail.  I knew from past experience that if I couldn't understand the simple math confronting me that I needed to sleep on it. After looking at it for about an hour I stopped and sure nuff, I worked it out in all of five minutes this am!  Before I would have soldiered on and then come back to it today to find that all those hours were wasted!  Live and learn, the older I get the less I seem to know... BUT the more I understand my limitations and can walk within them.
     Before I get all philosophical on you I'd better get to the reward!  My Pixies are THEE BEST!  This is my favorite snack, Diet Pepsi and WHOOPIE PIES!  This is my well tested recipe which I have overhauled to include twice as much filling and calories!  YEAH! The Pixies made up a massive batch of them.
     Hey, come on, a girls got to have her chocolate fix.  I know that it will kill my gut and skin as I have a gluten intolerance but who cares when it comes to these little babies. J  They are packed so full that they have to be cello wrapped and frozen in order to keep their shape.

Some time back I made this lovely set of necklaces and didn't share it, DOG!  Yeah well, here they are, finally.  I found this lovely angel mother of pearl which is a fully clad fairy in my book. These pearls and seed bead necklaces match perfectly.  FUN.

Remember when I told you about the shell spree I went on?  This is the result of said spree.  I have c/o the gold one on the left.  Those are 6/0 seed beads and there are tiny gold 11/0s in there as well.

Aren't they all scrumptious   I adore them all.  Those tiny swirl shells and the cones, they are all so much fun.        YEAH HAAWWW bracelet and necklace city here I come!

     I can finally share this FO with you... it's a sweater I made for a good friend.  It's my color changing fun in sock yarns.  I love making these and have cranked out a few. ;-) 
     Late last night I worked on some more small abacus which I will share on that page.  DD was working on The Bat stitch markers and made a massive pile.  Then DS and DH came in and we had a room full of nuts!  I started to speak with DS about some work related stuff and before you know it,,, 10 pm had hit us!  The time just flies when you love your company. 

I will leave you with 8 ounces of stretch merino AKA Optim LOVE this stuff... soft as silk.  LOVE the colors too, my hand painted, which is much prettier in person.  This will become a sweater eventually.
       Enjoy your company,
your knitting,

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