Saturday, September 28, 2013


Been on a finishing spree!

Ok, so in all fairness, I c/o AND b/o this one. Kayleigh cowl

AND this one...can you blame me?  SUGAR!!! no not ingested... sugar yarn.  I got a case in so I have to use it!

A much beloved friend sent me the yarn and pattern for this one so of course I had to work it.  REALLY needed a break when this one came in too so I have been working on it nights and weekends.  I'm down to the last chart.  

In keeping with the fairness, I believe that I c/o and b/o the necklace/bracelet set above too! ;-)  Ok so I c/o a bunch, PLPLPL.  I just finished a sweater and I will be c/oing another in my 50/50 tencel merino in the St. Lucia colorway LOVE that yarn!!!  GREAT news!  Remember I told you my supplier doesn't carry it any more?  I FOUND IT!  I couldn't be happier.  I also found a 50/50 merino silk lace blend that I have been searching for too, a nice fine yarn.
     Started and finished a cowl pattern AND the sample over the last two days.  It's quick, lovely and only takes 2 skeins of worsted.  I used an aran in 50/50 silk merino (AGAIN! what's the deal!) in pink that I had left over from a sweater.  Cowls are great for sweater left overs!  I will be publishing that under the name Petal Love here shortly as I have a team of testers on it now.  
     Other items I can't show you, finished the long silk stockings, they are in edits and will be published under Josette.  The Seaweed stockings are finished and are in the testing phase.
     Upcoming KALs: The Bat in November.  Due to popular vote Multi Mates will come out as a KAL, we will pop them in there along with the other KALs that are going on and they will either run together or be ongoing.  
     SSS AKA Snuggle Shawl Sweater AKA Snuggle for Winter KAL, the yarn is coming in on Tuesday, I can't WAIT to get my hands in and play!  This is a FAT fingering almost sport weight yarn which will be transformed into sweater shawls with afterthought sleeves... on large needles and 6/0 beads.  This will be a quick knit with all original lace (as always) and will have some NUMMY colors to it.  Tonals with shades and dots of highlights, I can NOT WAIT to play!!!  There's a limited amount of this yarn, I'm not sure I will be able to go back and get more of this exact weight again, will have to check on that.  You can look forward to: Poison, Sapphira, Frankie, Bronzy and Peachie.... some of you may have met up with these guys before.  I'm thinking you will want to get your own beads for this one as I have ideas of two different beads for each color!  So you can see, I can't stock them all as that would be TEN different beads.  WOWSERS.  I designed this lovely motif for this one and it repeats getting larger as you go out to the edge.  LOVE IT!  TK phase asap.
     IF you thought it was dropped from the radar... Sweetlette is still in the offering,,,, just hidden from view.  The sample is OTN but SSS derailed me big time.  I freaked when I found that yarn for you.  ;-)  I will be getting back to Sweets as I have found so many lovelies for you and when I found them I bought them all up!  Cupcakes!  Hearts! and this gorgeous hook and eye thingy that you will LOVE, makes my heart sing just thinking about them.

     What's that you say?  a... no make that MANY Kombucha mothers!  We grew them for like months! and didn't change it out... somehow they just got thicker until we had this... vinegar solution on our hands.  We had to toss them overboard!  We are back to making this, water & milk kefir as there's a bunch of sniffles here and well, it's good for us.
     Last but not least let me leave you with my end of the YF Summer Swap.  My swap mate spoiled me with RIC!!! Who I adore, he replaced Racky Kacky who has disappeared .. I got him when I was 13 and he's gone.  Didn't have to cry long as Ric came to town.  That and the woobie (lapghan) are really special.

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