Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Socks and Tops

     So many people have trouble with Single Sock Syndrome AKA SSS.  I did myself after cranking out about 4 socks which had no mates I was determined to do better!  Prior to this I was very comfortable with my method, top down on lovely wooden DPNs.  I loved watching the sock churn down, loving the color changes in the hand painted or self striping yarn.  I adored the feel of the wood on my hands and the subtle tick of the wood on wood.  BUT my beloved socks were not getting finished.  Or they would be finished but come out a bit short or long here or there since I couldn't try them on without jumping through hoops.  Then too, once I'm done with something I'm done... so single socks started to line up all over the place.  Literally as I cut out a sock blank from cardboard and photographed them for a competition.

I knew these would never get mates so I learned toe up, two at a time. It was a learning curve, you betcha!  BUT I have come up with the perfect socks which do not constrict over the ankle nor are you walking on rice.  It took a few years but I really love my socks now.  After years of testing and drawers full of socks I now have the perfect pattern.  I need to share this pattern with everyone though.  I would love to help people who have been driven from socks due to SSS to get back to them again.  I am attempting to help newbies to toe up, two at a time socks,,, not just to work them but to actually work them well, socks that fit and are so wearable you will walk holes in them.  Socks you love so well that you will want to work on socks all throughout the year.  I am now back to loving my socks and now I can watch TWO of them churn off of my needles at once instead of just the one.  I can see the colors changing and have double the fun now.
     There are a great many sock and stocking patterns in me, all screaming to be let out.  I work them all toe up for both a perfect fit and to use up all the yarn. I NEED to share them all with everyone but first I need to know what YOU need to know.  I also need to know what you need to see. What items will you need visual aid for?  I can do this via, photos, diagrams and video's but will need input on exactly "where" you want to see these things happening. Help me to know what you need to know, what do you have trouble with and exactly where are you having the trouble.  I have attempted to put questions into this database to stir your thoughts. Please feel free to type as much as you can into this wee thing to give me more input so that I can produce something you will use.
      Another item we are attempting to nail down a pattern for is bottom up in the round tops. As you know I have already produced a top pattern in this manner but omitted sizing and full instruction. Well, we are working on a top for the Hand Paints book. I don't want to leave anything out and again would like your input. The questions are just to get you thinking add as much as you can think of into the database.  The more questions I get the more thorough the patterns will be.
     Thank you for your input all questions will be fielded and addressed in the books and patterns which are forth coming.  WHOPPEE!  Great patterns that everyone will be able to use and get you all working on silk tops and stocking YEAH!  You are going to love your silk stockings!  Trust me, my sample is almost finished and they are lovely!

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