Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sneak Peeks

I just can't stop myself!  I HAD GOT TO SHARE or bust!
Here's a tiny peek at the shawlette for Creature,,,, LOVE IT!  Remember all of the patterns are free when you purchase just one skein of yarn.  If you want a longer skein PM me at wmdress @ sbcglobal.net after placing your order and I will make it happen. Those ridges, end in claws!  Which have DAGGERS for nails YUM!  See the dagger? I love my critters.
Come on! HOW could I NOT share this! BLOOD red for the Bat which is the October KAL.  Speaking of which I loaded the page and posted some super cute bats.     I'm going to copy the following and put it up on the Bat KAL page as well.  Here are the freebies.  ONE super fortunate person will receive this, one of a kind, necklace.
Everybody will receive a little friend.  This is my Samurai guy. 
Isn't he adorable with his little punkie head!  I just love him.  If I run out,,, then you will get a boy or a girl... IF I run out of Punkie here.
     SEE! I HAD to share!  The meanie little "can't share" girl was STOMPED down,,, hard!  :-)  NOTE: orders will not begin until some time in September, I just HAD to share the freebie at least.  

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