Saturday, August 17, 2013

Catching Up

     As promised here's a photo of the "Lil Soldiers" before they were deployed.  This is only part of them as the Internationals had already shipped at this point and I'd already started packing before I realized that I had not taken the photo.  Cest La Vie, you can at least see how terribly cute they all are.  I'm going to put all the rest of the left over yarns together and see if they can't kit and I will post them on the Twist page after I have played with them.  Gradient yarns to follow.
     Last time round dyeing I did a custom of some fiber, super wash merino pencil roving.  Stuff's a dream to dye.  These are not great photos but here you have a Thunder Storm, complete with a bit of lighting.

And a Deep Saturated Rainbow

     Several bike races are coming up, one of them in Spain.  We are gearing up to pedal away again.  Come join us! In post #130 I have links to the different races that are coming up.
     Our children are very good to me, the other day we had Thanksgiving in August! ;-) 
We all adore turkey so this is for the wee ones and here they are enjoying the feast.

     For the longest time a color has been haunting me, I keep trying to get it each time we dye and it's still alluding me.  It's very close to the blue in the windows here but just not quite it.  It's deep, dark, blues with hints of brightness in it like the frame and panes in this terrible photo.
Not all the orange but all the window and frame... sigh.  One of these days I'm going to NAIL that color and go nutter once I do.
     On the design front I have been churning out patterns.  Pixie String was published at the end of the KAL.  Fae Festival is lined up and ready to begin next Wednesday with the final patterns already polished!  Miracle that!  Our patterns have never been finalized going INTO a KAL.  
     Behind the scenes we are working on a great many patterns.  There's a small army of test knitters for the Hand Paints book.  Some are working on socks, gloves, hat and shawls while many are waiting to work the silk top.  It has a "choose your own ending" but everyone runs up to it in the same manner from the bottom up through the back.  Then we all diverge and take different paths on the front neckline and sleeves.  All are working in our silk hand paints so this should be very interesting.
     In addition to the many designs in that book there are the 4 designs for Creature Feature which seem to be turning into 5?  I'm not sure but that eBook will be our first and it will be free to everyone who purchases a skein of the yarn.  There's socks, wristers, long gloves and a hat.  Today though a cowl thingy has been screaming to be let out of the box.  ;-)  We shawl see.  (PIN)

Ongoing test knits:

  • Josette's long silk stockings - are very long and in the test process.  I can not wait to share these with you.  I promise you, they will be well worth the wait.  Beaded in both 8 and size 11 beads.
  • Seaweed long stockings - in our Deluxe fingering weight which look just like the Pacific Coast seaweed kelp bed I was stuck in when I was in my late teens.  SO NOT something you want to swim through.  YUCK
  • Floral lace stockings - again with the stockings.  Hey, winter is coming and we need to be kept warm under our skirts.  These have a floral pattern and would look smashing in a long gradient yarn.

     Upcoming KAL for October is The Bat, he's in the sample process and will be hitting the TKers here as soon as I can get through to the last charts.  The shape of course is bat wing! What else!  Fully loaded with beads and nummy themes throughout!  I don't want to spoil it for you so I'm not sure how much I should share.  I can share that there's blood dripping off of the edge! ;-)
         OH one more thing.  I feel in love with a beaded bracelet at Earthfaire and decided that I needed to make a slew of them so I purchased a mass of shell beads.
     Far too many as you can see from the above collage but it will be fun to pull my own beads and silk to match and make it up in my own colors.  I keep thinking of a black one, hence the bottom right photo along with rainbow AB seed beads.   The photo one in from the right on the bottom would look smashing with all the iris beads I have so this should be fun.  Then too, I love blue and have several blue silks as well as far too many blue beads so this will be fun to play with.  I'm going to go dig in now and start pulling all my goodies together as these take much more then seed beads and shells.
      I'm probably forgetting something but that's everything that my eyes can see.  Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. I knew you long ago from your sewing/modesty website and somehow have followed you around over time to discover you here! You are such an artist with these gorgeous things you do. Makes my day, praying for you also. W.

  2. FUN! I love catching up with people from my past. Please do pray for us. I don't like to say negative things so I avoid it all like the plague but it's still ongoing. My surgery has been declined 2x's and the 3rd request is taking longer so that might be a good sign? We are barely squeaking by with the finances and wonder if we will loose the house, otherwise I would not be working so much but I must. Fun thing about this whole creative side of me... I have been the gamut all my life with all types of crafting,,, all revolving around color and my love of it.
    I'm so pleased that the Lord continues to bless us in so many ways regardless of all the ailments and finances I can still say that as so many things which were ready to go belly up, didn't. Our wee Yorkie has died in my arms 5+ times, meds have kept him with me. My puters power jack is busted, searched YouTube, ran a fix and it's ok for now. Septic is overfull and smelling the house... got a fix for that. DD needs her laptop for schooling, bought a $10 battery, it's ok for now. The tires need replacing but there's not 1K in the savings so we have to wait. The children need HSing for this year. DH is vying for a job at Grace to You.
    It will all fall into place cause God knows best and does best so yes, I am very blessed. Thank you for saying you are praying, now you know how to a bit better. Meanwhile, enjoy creative outlets as I am from bed. ;-)