Friday, July 19, 2013

Willow Mist Acres

Most of you know by now that I am at the end of the Tour De Fleece.  We spin as the Tour De France races through the entire French country over 21 stages.  We are all pretty hooked on the Tour this year and I have been cranking out the goodies.  The most recent is this lovely!
There are 1000's of yards (I HOPE!) on this bobbin.  It took me a full 5-6 days to spin each bobbin up in a cobweb weight.  I then took the two full bobbins and plied them together for a true lace weight.  The first real lace I have ever bothered with.  While I tried to spin cobweb I'm not sure I nailed it.  I think one bobbin was thicker then the other but either way I have a massive amount of this yarn.  It goes through the color change only twice as this was a long gradient I got from a club I joined this year.  I LOVED this club each time I got great roving.  The final ply came over the last color repeat, it was Sulky thread which had been loaded with 100's of beads.  About 35 grams of them.  A good bit of beads!  I hope to have a measurement for you next time of the exact yardage.  I don't believe I will be trying this again as it took me so very long to make this yarn.  Yes the results are wonderful but... yeah, time.
This is the most recent Willow Mist offering, another 50/50 silk merino blend, you gotta love it!  Especially on Mr. Adorable here.
Course not everyone was so happy to show the wares.  Lil didn't do too badly.

Son Fur objected but held still to offer up a photo.

Bar on the other hand, well the photo says it all. Good thing I can snap the photos fast, or they wouldn't be here sitting next to me now.  ;-)

 Last dye day the above came out of the mix.  I just could NOT offer it up as it's sooo Peacock I had to keep it.  This is on our silk base.

Then we had a custom order which flew out of the country.  I adore rainbows!

Been doing a bit of crocheting of late.  Above a book mark and to the right we have coasters and a rayon doily.  I used 2 threads held together and changed them up to give this a color blend fun time.  The designs are my own, sorry there are no patterns for these.
     Speaking of patterns though I have to tell you, we have an army of test knitters for the hand paints book.  Well, it WAS one book, looks like there might have to be several now as there are too many items and I know some peeps love socks and other loath them.  I might offer one pattern up freely, not sure, haven't gone that far in the thought process just yet.        So far we have 5 socks, 1 cowl, 3 shawls and a set of hat, wristers and an ascot.  Many of these are made in silk but some are in our hand painted sock yarns as well.  I adore the multi colored hand painted yarns as we all do but don't like how few patterns are actually out there which utilize these yarns.  Some of the shawls will take the silk in a hand paint, other will take 2 skeins of sock weight in multi and solid and play off of these colors to make a blended shawl.  I have toyed with a striped one but feel there are plenty out there and not any with my color blend feel to them.  So I have been concentrating on the blend looks in the hand paints.  We will offer up yarn support in case you have destashed all your multi colored hand painted yarns.  Also we will do many in our silk base as you just can't get 100% hand painted silk for the price we offer it up in.  What do I mean by hand paints?  Yarn like the rainbow above will work well in any of my patterns.  Any of the sock yarn on the Twist page as well.
     I will leave you with one of my favorite thoughts, spend your time doing what you love and loving what you do.  ENJOY!

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