Friday, July 5, 2013

Twist and sock fun

     I'm not sure which part of being an Indie dyer I enjoy more.  Finding the inspiration photos is always fun, then dyeing the yarn to match is better.  I believe sharing them with my peeps is the best though.  Yeah, I really enjoy the sharing part.  Today the Twist page was LOADED with a new series we are calling the Waters of the World.  Taking inspiration from over and under the sea from various locals world round.  We have started with the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, of course!  They are my first love.  I found gorgeous photos from all around those places.  
Some fun and colorful, others very specific colors to photos that I found enchanting.  All WotW are tied up with about a foot of water painted ribbon.  :-) Check it out on the Twist page. 

     While there check out the Star Wars themed lace that Pixie #2 did up.  Probably his first and last attempt but man was it ever worth the wait.  Above is his Imperial Guard, he has deep, dark saturated colors.  That's another thing that's pretty great about being an Indie!
     If you have been following my Tour De Fleece this year you know that I'm on the trail of the ultimate sock!  One day I got the fiber in, 

the next it was dyed, 

the next half was on the bobbin!  

I'm going to get my socks this year!  I need to go and  work up another bobbin full tonight and ply tomorrow, hopefully! Cause this one is waiting for me!  LOVE IT!  The nylon didn't take any dye so it's the white, the bamboo took the dye differently then the merino which is superwash so it went DARK!  Then I HAD to hit it with lime, you know me.  Hot Fuchsia in the purple and brilliant Kelly lime green in dark green. Eat them up YUM!
     Realized that the necklace set needed more UMPH so it got 3 strands.  I can and should, do this with the bracelet as well.  See the jewelry page for more details.

     Been thinking about making a yarn for my Wee Yorkie.  Hey, if I can make a diver playing with wee fishies why shouldn't I make a Wee Yorkie yarn.  He has gradient hair which makes me think he needs a special yarn.

He needs to start with the tip of his ears in brown, then go through from dark to light cream.  Then down his back from dark silver through to light silver.  Decidedly a long gradient though.  YUP, me musta do!  Ain't he adorastinkingble!  
He's still here!  SO THANKFUL!
Have a super dee dooper weekend. I'm off to Tour.

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