Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Who's doing the Tour De Fleece this year?  We have been pedaling to the finish daily here.
I have been working on a long gradient 50/50 silk/merino blend.  It's my first attempt at a cobweb to make into a lace.  So far I seem to be acheiving it as I have made so little progress as you can see by that middle bobbin.  Three days full.  LOL doesn't look like much but at a cobweb weight, trust me, there's a mean amount of yardage there.  See the beads already strung on the spool of thread?  There's about 500 of them on a 250 yard spool.  I want to ply the yarn to itself then add the beads in the green for the edging.  Time will out.  This is my first attempt at cobweb, first attempt with beads, first time hitting a 3 ply.  All the way around my first time doing all this stuff I'm doing.  I really hope it works as this will take a good 8 days of work to get this 4 ounces made into a yarn I can use.  I wonder what the yardage will be?  Time will out.  
     What are you working on?

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