Friday, July 26, 2013

Peach Tree, Last TDF, Squaring off

Chatty Patty here with more to share.  This year the peach tree actually did it's thing with no ill effects from varmints  bugs or birds!  We gots peaches!  MUCHO peaches!  The children picked them before they left.
To show you the size of the tree they took an after photo.  DS was really crazy about this and wants us to even save the pits!  LOL to show what? I dunno but he's cute and AWOL so we are saving them.  He took a photo of them all in the bags to ripen and another of the drawer full in the fridge.

When he comes home he will find his bowl full of peach pits, course I think some ended up in my trash can as well.  I don't remember squat, remember?  TEEHEEHEE!
      You know how I only like to tell you the good stuff and skip the bad?  Well, I didn't write for a long time as I had nothing but bad come down the pike.  Finally some items are either resolving themselves or I just can't be bothered fretting any more.  One of my best buds was told all that's going on BUT I believe this box started BEFORE she knew!  I believe the Lord leads us to do things in advance.  So out of now where this box came in, she called it Goofy, I call it Precious  My Buds the kind of person who's got to fill the box and can't have excess space so filled it was.  I gots, "My jar O dirt!" (Johnny Depp).
     Inside were some goodies I have never seen before.  Pearl yarn which has Tencel and Shing Ma whatever that is!  What I know it is,,, soft, lovely and shiney blink, blinkLOVE IT!  
I burned my apple strudel candle last night and it smells heavenly.  
She also sent me my favorite soap, a Rock in Opal, heaven in a soap! Isn't it gorgeous!  It's a feast for the eyes, nose and senses! So of course I had to take a shower even if it was after bed time.  I knew I'd be up playing with Creature all night anyway.  Love you baby!  Thank you so much for your timing and love in a box. (((hugs)))

Just a few more TDF photos for you.  This is a design that will come eventually as it was really inspiring.  Last day of the tour they rode round the palace, this is one of the many gardens.  I immediately saw color work.

The long gradient on a niddy noddy so you can actually see the gradient in it.

And this lovely view of Paris at night!  Looks like yarn to me.  Don't be surprised to see it eventually in a Twist.
Lastly I will leave you with my girls squaring off!  The Phoenix and witch, toe to toe, sparing.  Too cute! Have a great weekend!

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