Saturday, July 6, 2013

Multi colored hand paints book

We all love those hand painted yarns but unless you want to work in stockinette, lets face it, they can be a bit over powering if you aren't a peacock and adore stockinette, which I do. ;-)  Solution?  Yarn Fairy's A Montague of Patterns for Hand Painted Yarn! 
     I cast this on after our Dye Party from June and the pattern is SO nummy that I had to share.  This is what started my driving need for all these new patterns which are so over the top with simple designs that are very striking.  See I designed a pattern for hand painted sock yarn.
     Last night I couldn't sleep as I had to start an entirely new book for all the designs that were churning out.  

  • There are 6 sock patterns 
  • about 10 silk scarf patterns and variations on a scarf, like a cowl or ascot 
  • 6 different hats with style differences, as well as bandanna, triangle scarf with ties and a head band
  • 6+ different styles and shapes of silk gloves
  • 4 different garments a vest, Tab top drop front, scoop neck T, Flutter sleeve top, all worked in the silk lace
  • Silk Socks and Knee highs made just for the silk and containing a silk ribbon at the top
  • Silk Tap Pants (yes! undergarments)
  • 5 different styles of shawls came out and there were more!
  • 2 long sleeve shirts with a flutter on the sleeves of one of them
  • Another silk top this one with a lovely beaded neck edging and a Silk strap top.
  • Accessories for the home, neck and square pillow, lace hankie or doily, sachets, coasters
  • Purses with ready made metal clasps heavy in beaded patterning, drawstring bag, bracelets, necklaces and chokers.
     The next page is blank but only because I'd way over killed and it was about 4am.  :-)  Hey, when the bug hits, you HAVE to get the ideas down.  The garments have always been "T"rouble with me as sizing is difficult so those might drop by the wayside as many others will but it's fun to dream.  For sure I will publish the first pattern as the socks are mostly complete. 
     Off to begin the writing process but not before the Raven update to KP and work on my color work book.  Hope you are having a great day.

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