Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fire July 2013

Went from being a great, beautifully blue day to an evacuation for Fire!  How fast things change around here.  Looks like we might have two that just took off blazing!  When you can see it, it's time to take it seriously.  The Sherriff's here, I can hear their radio.  WOW there's another one!  HOLY MACKEREL I bet someone is setting them.  There are now two fires in our tiny canyon!

And another right across the way on THIS side of the freeway, so 2 houses just down from us.  

DH got this before the ridge went out.  

They have bombers out and are really hitting this hard!  So California FD are SERIOUS about their job.  They get them out before we can snap photos of what they do.  The Sheriff is here talking with DH then I will get you a photo of the bomber.  MAN that's one heck of a plane!  They have helicopters, both news and dropping water. I'm sure they want us to evacuate but they have a good handle on everything already.  As soon as I photo they are out.
Never mind, DH didn't get the bomber, or I didn't get it from DH, these are bomber planes.
This one is dropping flame retardant.
This one is dropping water.
Can you imagine one of these bad boys flying low over your home? Shakes it to the foundation.  Looks like it's mostly out, now we just need to deal with all the smoke.  ;-)  
     How did you like our fire of July 2013?
Never mind, FD is here again knocking on the door.  We ain't a leavin!  Go way!

 AND further up the ridge it goes!

Looks like they are going to let this all burn out completely as they are doing nothing to stop this side.  Although now that I wrote that I see 2 men on the hill keeping it up.
WOW you can SEE me shaking in that photo!  :-)  
I caught him! Drop 1, 2 and 3 pulling out after leaving the load behind

Just hit DH's FB page and had NO idea this was happening.  This is out in front of our home.  The above are from the back window where my room is.
We are surrounded by fire.
Looks like the guys on the hill might have the fire out over there.  Now they must be out front.
DH just took this video of them dropping Flame Retardant on the ridge out front.
   You have all been so kind.  At the end of the day the FD packed up their gear and at about 9pm they opened the canyon back up for the swarm of peeps who were stuck outside who'd left for church and errands.  So GLAD that DH didn't have the funds to stay after church and go to lunch or shop!!!!!  This is one time I was happy we are broke.  Can you imagine?  I would have had to see all that blaze of glory all over the side of the mountain and sit here crying alone!  With my Nitro and tranquilizers for the panic attacks.  Then too the Sheriff came a few times and I would have had to answer the door!  OUCH physically too hard to contemplate.  YIPES!!!!  That would have been miserable.  Instead they were on top of the barn and made it a party like 4th fireworks that we didn't get to see this year.  ;-) Thank you for all your well wishes and PM's you guys are great.

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  1. Holy cow, Wendy! I hope everything is all right with you! You and all the firefighters will be in my thoughts and prayers...