Friday, July 19, 2013

Fae Festival

The current KAL is Fae Festival.  For this KAL we are making a FLOWER!  YUPPERS from start to finish we make flowers.  
Some will make sunflowers
 Others will make Blue Poppies, and others will create a lovely Wisteria as this overpass below.

     All will be lovely!  AND all will really, truly look like flowers! From the way that shade from light to dark, or in the sunflowers case, dark to light.

 To the colors of the yarn as they fade from one shade into the next with this special dye job we are painting for you. Through to the way that each are knit, in petals, leaves and concentric circles which flow out from the center of the flower. 
     Worked as a half circular shawl this will be the envy of all who see it.  Why not work them all?  One in each color to reflect your mood at the time.  All will be a work of art (heart) and make lovely gifts for friends.  
     This time we have a much simpler knit then what you are used to seeing from the Yarn Fairy.  Simple at the beginning and then getting a bit elaborate at the very end.  Not too much so that a beginner can't nail this the first time through.  This shawl IS worked on both sides BUT it's simple enough in those areas that a beginner can nail what we call, "real lace".  True lace is worked on both sides, this is a great introduction to it.
     I promised you a sneak peak, when it came time to take the photos, I FROZE!  I couldn't do it.  I mean come on, it's a mystery KAL!  So I blurred them.  Yup, the Evil Queens rights came into play and I just couldn't spoil it that much for you.  
So here you can see the colors fading, PERFECTLY!  I'm so very pleased with the way this one came out!
And here you can see a wee peek into the design, I think this at about Chart 3 of 7.  You can tell it's pretty plain for YF designs.
     I'm very happy with this shawl and I know that you will be also.  Not to mention all the goodies!  Go have a look see at the Fae Festival page above.  Whatever you do, most of all ENJOY!

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