Friday, July 26, 2013

Peach Tree, Last TDF, Squaring off

Chatty Patty here with more to share.  This year the peach tree actually did it's thing with no ill effects from varmints  bugs or birds!  We gots peaches!  MUCHO peaches!  The children picked them before they left.
To show you the size of the tree they took an after photo.  DS was really crazy about this and wants us to even save the pits!  LOL to show what? I dunno but he's cute and AWOL so we are saving them.  He took a photo of them all in the bags to ripen and another of the drawer full in the fridge.

When he comes home he will find his bowl full of peach pits, course I think some ended up in my trash can as well.  I don't remember squat, remember?  TEEHEEHEE!
      You know how I only like to tell you the good stuff and skip the bad?  Well, I didn't write for a long time as I had nothing but bad come down the pike.  Finally some items are either resolving themselves or I just can't be bothered fretting any more.  One of my best buds was told all that's going on BUT I believe this box started BEFORE she knew!  I believe the Lord leads us to do things in advance.  So out of now where this box came in, she called it Goofy, I call it Precious  My Buds the kind of person who's got to fill the box and can't have excess space so filled it was.  I gots, "My jar O dirt!" (Johnny Depp).
     Inside were some goodies I have never seen before.  Pearl yarn which has Tencel and Shing Ma whatever that is!  What I know it is,,, soft, lovely and shiney blink, blinkLOVE IT!  
I burned my apple strudel candle last night and it smells heavenly.  
She also sent me my favorite soap, a Rock in Opal, heaven in a soap! Isn't it gorgeous!  It's a feast for the eyes, nose and senses! So of course I had to take a shower even if it was after bed time.  I knew I'd be up playing with Creature all night anyway.  Love you baby!  Thank you so much for your timing and love in a box. (((hugs)))

Just a few more TDF photos for you.  This is a design that will come eventually as it was really inspiring.  Last day of the tour they rode round the palace, this is one of the many gardens.  I immediately saw color work.

The long gradient on a niddy noddy so you can actually see the gradient in it.

And this lovely view of Paris at night!  Looks like yarn to me.  Don't be surprised to see it eventually in a Twist.
Lastly I will leave you with my girls squaring off!  The Phoenix and witch, toe to toe, sparing.  Too cute! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Creature Feature and Wrapping up the Tour

Before I get started on TDF I want to share Creature with you.  I LOVE this yarn!  I stayed up till 1:30 am last evening as I just could NOT put it down.  I kept wanting to see what was next.  I guess since this is a freebie pattern I can share with you right?  I ADORE this yarn, did I already say that? ;-)  LOVE IT!  I painted Mermaid for my first trial and it didn't want to be wristers, I ripped them out twice and finally ended up working up the sock as I already knew exactly where I was going with that one.
This is The design idea I had, to have Sections in which each color is highlighted with purls and knits.  You can see by the toe, the first section after the purl rows, top to bottom is highlighting the turquoise.  The next section is highlighting the black, till at the bottom you go back to the turquoise.  FUN EH!  I love that this yarn makes diagonal stripes and know that will change when I go up a needle at the ankles and CANT WAIT to play more!
Here you can see what happens over straight purling.

And here you have stockinette, where you can really see what the yarn is actually doing, diagonally striping which will turn into another thing altogether at the ankles.  FUN!  Go to the Creature Feature page and pick your favorite Creature and their gems! 

Well Kiddies, Tour De Fleece is over.  While I miss wrap up this year due to life exploding over here,,, I can still share my goodies with you. ;-)
This is my bamboo sock, it's a full 602 yards! of a 2 ply bamboo/merino/nylon blend at 3.5 ounces.  The nylon is the white and then the bamboo and merino both took the dyes differently so you have a good amount of variation within the yarn.  As well as some violet silk that I tossed in to continue plying when my bobbins came to and end.  This will make some lovely, strong socks in a light weight fingering weight yarn.  This one has a counter part in deep, dark green that I will get too here one of these days.

Next up is some core spun that I did from a Two if by Hand long gradient roving I had.  This is a heafty fingering and I will use it on MMario's MKAL later this year.  Least wise that's the plan.  It's what I did with last years TDF core spun too. ;-)

The above fibers were a "break" from my main goal which was this lovely lofty mass of yarnie goodness.         The Pièce de résistance, 
     C'est Magnifique, 
The be all, end all yarn of yarns!
I give you YF masterpiece yarn
Here it is, finally finished!  Perfectly balanced no need to even set it.  This is 1260 yards of a 3.5 ounce roving in 50/50 silk merino LOVE IT! The last 250 yards are 3 ply with a strand of Sulky thread loaded with about 40 grams of size 8/0 beads.  I beaded randomly every 8-12 inches so it will be interesting to see what happens.  As you can see this came from a long gradient color roving.  We go through the colors only twice.  Which will make for a very interesting shawl.  Needless to say, I will have to design a shawl just for this yarn as it took more then 12 days out of my life to make this one up.  It's possibly the first and last time I work up lace weight.  Yes, I love the results, yes I enjoyed the process BUT I'm a project spinner so this was near death to me.  Decidedly up the mountain twice in one day. ;-)


Friday, July 19, 2013

Willow Mist Acres

Most of you know by now that I am at the end of the Tour De Fleece.  We spin as the Tour De France races through the entire French country over 21 stages.  We are all pretty hooked on the Tour this year and I have been cranking out the goodies.  The most recent is this lovely!
There are 1000's of yards (I HOPE!) on this bobbin.  It took me a full 5-6 days to spin each bobbin up in a cobweb weight.  I then took the two full bobbins and plied them together for a true lace weight.  The first real lace I have ever bothered with.  While I tried to spin cobweb I'm not sure I nailed it.  I think one bobbin was thicker then the other but either way I have a massive amount of this yarn.  It goes through the color change only twice as this was a long gradient I got from a club I joined this year.  I LOVED this club each time I got great roving.  The final ply came over the last color repeat, it was Sulky thread which had been loaded with 100's of beads.  About 35 grams of them.  A good bit of beads!  I hope to have a measurement for you next time of the exact yardage.  I don't believe I will be trying this again as it took me so very long to make this yarn.  Yes the results are wonderful but... yeah, time.
This is the most recent Willow Mist offering, another 50/50 silk merino blend, you gotta love it!  Especially on Mr. Adorable here.
Course not everyone was so happy to show the wares.  Lil didn't do too badly.

Son Fur objected but held still to offer up a photo.

Bar on the other hand, well the photo says it all. Good thing I can snap the photos fast, or they wouldn't be here sitting next to me now.  ;-)

 Last dye day the above came out of the mix.  I just could NOT offer it up as it's sooo Peacock I had to keep it.  This is on our silk base.

Then we had a custom order which flew out of the country.  I adore rainbows!

Been doing a bit of crocheting of late.  Above a book mark and to the right we have coasters and a rayon doily.  I used 2 threads held together and changed them up to give this a color blend fun time.  The designs are my own, sorry there are no patterns for these.
     Speaking of patterns though I have to tell you, we have an army of test knitters for the hand paints book.  Well, it WAS one book, looks like there might have to be several now as there are too many items and I know some peeps love socks and other loath them.  I might offer one pattern up freely, not sure, haven't gone that far in the thought process just yet.        So far we have 5 socks, 1 cowl, 3 shawls and a set of hat, wristers and an ascot.  Many of these are made in silk but some are in our hand painted sock yarns as well.  I adore the multi colored hand painted yarns as we all do but don't like how few patterns are actually out there which utilize these yarns.  Some of the shawls will take the silk in a hand paint, other will take 2 skeins of sock weight in multi and solid and play off of these colors to make a blended shawl.  I have toyed with a striped one but feel there are plenty out there and not any with my color blend feel to them.  So I have been concentrating on the blend looks in the hand paints.  We will offer up yarn support in case you have destashed all your multi colored hand painted yarns.  Also we will do many in our silk base as you just can't get 100% hand painted silk for the price we offer it up in.  What do I mean by hand paints?  Yarn like the rainbow above will work well in any of my patterns.  Any of the sock yarn on the Twist page as well.
     I will leave you with one of my favorite thoughts, spend your time doing what you love and loving what you do.  ENJOY!

Fae Festival

The current KAL is Fae Festival.  For this KAL we are making a FLOWER!  YUPPERS from start to finish we make flowers.  
Some will make sunflowers
 Others will make Blue Poppies, and others will create a lovely Wisteria as this overpass below.

     All will be lovely!  AND all will really, truly look like flowers! From the way that shade from light to dark, or in the sunflowers case, dark to light.

 To the colors of the yarn as they fade from one shade into the next with this special dye job we are painting for you. Through to the way that each are knit, in petals, leaves and concentric circles which flow out from the center of the flower. 
     Worked as a half circular shawl this will be the envy of all who see it.  Why not work them all?  One in each color to reflect your mood at the time.  All will be a work of art (heart) and make lovely gifts for friends.  
     This time we have a much simpler knit then what you are used to seeing from the Yarn Fairy.  Simple at the beginning and then getting a bit elaborate at the very end.  Not too much so that a beginner can't nail this the first time through.  This shawl IS worked on both sides BUT it's simple enough in those areas that a beginner can nail what we call, "real lace".  True lace is worked on both sides, this is a great introduction to it.
     I promised you a sneak peak, when it came time to take the photos, I FROZE!  I couldn't do it.  I mean come on, it's a mystery KAL!  So I blurred them.  Yup, the Evil Queens rights came into play and I just couldn't spoil it that much for you.  
So here you can see the colors fading, PERFECTLY!  I'm so very pleased with the way this one came out!
And here you can see a wee peek into the design, I think this at about Chart 3 of 7.  You can tell it's pretty plain for YF designs.
     I'm very happy with this shawl and I know that you will be also.  Not to mention all the goodies!  Go have a look see at the Fae Festival page above.  Whatever you do, most of all ENJOY!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fire July 2013

Went from being a great, beautifully blue day to an evacuation for Fire!  How fast things change around here.  Looks like we might have two that just took off blazing!  When you can see it, it's time to take it seriously.  The Sherriff's here, I can hear their radio.  WOW there's another one!  HOLY MACKEREL I bet someone is setting them.  There are now two fires in our tiny canyon!

And another right across the way on THIS side of the freeway, so 2 houses just down from us.  

DH got this before the ridge went out.  

They have bombers out and are really hitting this hard!  So California FD are SERIOUS about their job.  They get them out before we can snap photos of what they do.  The Sheriff is here talking with DH then I will get you a photo of the bomber.  MAN that's one heck of a plane!  They have helicopters, both news and dropping water. I'm sure they want us to evacuate but they have a good handle on everything already.  As soon as I photo they are out.
Never mind, DH didn't get the bomber, or I didn't get it from DH, these are bomber planes.
This one is dropping flame retardant.
This one is dropping water.
Can you imagine one of these bad boys flying low over your home? Shakes it to the foundation.  Looks like it's mostly out, now we just need to deal with all the smoke.  ;-)  
     How did you like our fire of July 2013?
Never mind, FD is here again knocking on the door.  We ain't a leavin!  Go way!

 AND further up the ridge it goes!

Looks like they are going to let this all burn out completely as they are doing nothing to stop this side.  Although now that I wrote that I see 2 men on the hill keeping it up.
WOW you can SEE me shaking in that photo!  :-)  
I caught him! Drop 1, 2 and 3 pulling out after leaving the load behind

Just hit DH's FB page and had NO idea this was happening.  This is out in front of our home.  The above are from the back window where my room is.
We are surrounded by fire.
Looks like the guys on the hill might have the fire out over there.  Now they must be out front.
DH just took this video of them dropping Flame Retardant on the ridge out front.
   You have all been so kind.  At the end of the day the FD packed up their gear and at about 9pm they opened the canyon back up for the swarm of peeps who were stuck outside who'd left for church and errands.  So GLAD that DH didn't have the funds to stay after church and go to lunch or shop!!!!!  This is one time I was happy we are broke.  Can you imagine?  I would have had to see all that blaze of glory all over the side of the mountain and sit here crying alone!  With my Nitro and tranquilizers for the panic attacks.  Then too the Sheriff came a few times and I would have had to answer the door!  OUCH physically too hard to contemplate.  YIPES!!!!  That would have been miserable.  Instead they were on top of the barn and made it a party like 4th fireworks that we didn't get to see this year.  ;-) Thank you for all your well wishes and PM's you guys are great.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Multi colored hand paints book

We all love those hand painted yarns but unless you want to work in stockinette, lets face it, they can be a bit over powering if you aren't a peacock and adore stockinette, which I do. ;-)  Solution?  Yarn Fairy's A Montague of Patterns for Hand Painted Yarn! 
     I cast this on after our Dye Party from June and the pattern is SO nummy that I had to share.  This is what started my driving need for all these new patterns which are so over the top with simple designs that are very striking.  See I designed a pattern for hand painted sock yarn.
     Last night I couldn't sleep as I had to start an entirely new book for all the designs that were churning out.  

  • There are 6 sock patterns 
  • about 10 silk scarf patterns and variations on a scarf, like a cowl or ascot 
  • 6 different hats with style differences, as well as bandanna, triangle scarf with ties and a head band
  • 6+ different styles and shapes of silk gloves
  • 4 different garments a vest, Tab top drop front, scoop neck T, Flutter sleeve top, all worked in the silk lace
  • Silk Socks and Knee highs made just for the silk and containing a silk ribbon at the top
  • Silk Tap Pants (yes! undergarments)
  • 5 different styles of shawls came out and there were more!
  • 2 long sleeve shirts with a flutter on the sleeves of one of them
  • Another silk top this one with a lovely beaded neck edging and a Silk strap top.
  • Accessories for the home, neck and square pillow, lace hankie or doily, sachets, coasters
  • Purses with ready made metal clasps heavy in beaded patterning, drawstring bag, bracelets, necklaces and chokers.
     The next page is blank but only because I'd way over killed and it was about 4am.  :-)  Hey, when the bug hits, you HAVE to get the ideas down.  The garments have always been "T"rouble with me as sizing is difficult so those might drop by the wayside as many others will but it's fun to dream.  For sure I will publish the first pattern as the socks are mostly complete. 
     Off to begin the writing process but not before the Raven update to KP and work on my color work book.  Hope you are having a great day.