Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wee Yorkie

     If you watched the video from YouTube yesterday you already know this.  My wee Yorkie went down to the vet on Thursday night with DH after he got off of the freeway, poor man drove 500+ miles that day.  I didn't like the way my wee Yorkie looked, his back legs gave out on him, he was weak, no appetite which for him is saying something, and I heard a wheezing in his lungs.  His little wee heart was doing something freaky too and overall he was listless and didn't seem to be there.  
    Down the hill he went.  The vet said he was IN congestive heart failure, not that he HAD it or that he was GETTING it but WAS IN it!  Freak out!  She said that if she hadn't caught it then that he would have died!  When she first saw him she didn't know if she could save him!! That freaked me out pretty good when DH called me.  I didn't think he was going off the hill to die, I thought he had a cold or some other innocuous thing, needed some antibiotics and that he'd be fine.  Not the way things go for me.  He was placed into an oxygen tent cage and give 3+ IV's.  He was poked and prodded, given x-rays and blood tests.  I'm sure he was a good little soldier through out as that's his way.  After messing with him for a time, the vet told DH that he'd rallied (my word) and that he was going to make it.  PHEW!  Talk about some stressful hours. I still can't believe he came round and I like to think that he loves his family so much that he wanted to come home so he fought his way back to us.
     After all of this he was picked up last night and brought back home with THREE heart medicines for as long as he lasts.  Yes, you heard me, the vet gave him 2-3 months to live.  He came home to die with me.  While that's hard to write and it took my entire life savings to make possible, I would much prefer it to the alternative, DH coming home alone.  

PTL that: 

  • I had been able to save the funds 
  • that it was just enough  
  • that I found the cash I had stashed here which will take care of his meds for the next couple of months.
I need my wee guy as he's smaller then me (wee Never bugs) and I take care of him for the most part.  I can't let him out to the yarn nor feed him most of the time as that's on the other side of the house and requires walking.  I do get to bathe him and care for his coat and nails as best I can.  It's something "I can do" which is, as you all full well know... one of the things that keeps me alive.  What with all the things "I can't do" topping the list and swinging the scales I have to hunt for those I can do. My wee guy is one of them.  I don't want to lose him but for the last few months I have felt it coming on.  I would look into his eyes and tell him, "Please don't leave me, I know you are close but please stay with me, I need you."  He knew it, I knew it, he rallied to come home to die with me.  I wouldn't have it any other way. I only hope and pray I can ease his passing and that he's not in pain or that the end will be agony.  But rather that he would just die quietly, in his sleep would be good and not from suffocation from drowning as his lungs fill up.  That would be bad and I'm not sure I could take that.  I believe that or the heart giving out is what happens next.  It's all so sad, a very bitter sweet day.
Fresh from the bath sporting his Green Hornet coat minus the hat. ;-)  Who wouldn't fall in love with him? Who wouldn't fight for him?  Who wouldn't give their last dime to save him?

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