Monday, June 10, 2013


I'm so happy that I signed up for the roving clubs, it's like getting a gift in the mail each month as you never know what's coming.  This month Willow Mist Acres sent out a gradient rainbow!  Love me some long strand and gradient and me go way back.
So when I opened the sack,,, this was MORE then welcome.  No I don't do orange but hey, it's such a small amount and really necessary for a rainbow.  :-)  LOVE IT!  The fiber is 70/30 BFL/Silk, as soon as I saw it I could see the silk in the fiber.  This will make a lovely shawl!
You know that I fell head over heels for Woolie Bullie too!  This is Tatania and the Changling on the left... ok so I hate orange and bought it for the name, sue me!  HAHA ... what with the Fae all about I HAD TO!  and Tiffany on the right, doesn't it remind you of a lamp!  She nailed this spot on.
I figured it was off of this one? Or the one below?  Not sure but it was the one that came to mind when I saw the roving.

Today was order day.  We got in a massive amount of silk thread.  This past weekend I designed an ascot that screamed for hand painted silk... match made in heaven.  I have been wanting to design for items that  use up those lovely multi colored yarns that I adore painting.  As soon as I can get the pattern tested I have a pair of socks coming out that would look great in any of the sock from the Twist page or any hand paint in your stash... where the colors are next to one another on the color wheel.  Loving these socks!  I can't share but trust me, you will want to make these baby's.  I call them Hearts in Cables and Lace, which is a misnomer as the cables are more twisted stitches then actual cables.  Where there are cables they are short and over fast.  ;-)  Anyway, back to the silk, I have two ascot patterns with slipped stitch patterns that are just screaming for hand paints.  I hope we can make up small skeins off of the larger ones for you and that we can offer you a few of the colors in place of one large skein. This way you can make more with several different colors.  I think that these will look great with our new shawl/kilt pins.  I can't wait for them to come in so I can play.
     Meanwhile this past weekend I was able to play a bit. I made this pearl necklace, my first real pearl necklace ever.  I LOVE it, they are cool when you touch them and warm with your body heat.  Here's a close up so you can see they are textured freshwater pearls, I just love them. 

Aren't they precious!  I'm going to make a multi strand in Peacock, one of these days.  With a massive clasp that can hang on the side and crystal spacers.  Oh and I have purple ones to play with too!  I'm enjoying myself.
Here you can see my pearls on me with my latest.... mystic topaz on a sterling chain.  The chain alone was worth the $5 bucks I paid!  SCORE! eBay, gotta love it!  Oh and this blue topaz is 55 carat's and came from Indonesia... I love the envelop, should have taken a photo for you.  Again another score at only $25 bucks!! crazy cheap and oh so lovely.

    A bit of KAL talk... I bound off my sample of the Pixie String Shawl Sweater, really need to post that ASAP for you guys so we can get that one processing.  It's lovely!  I put it on without the sleeves done just to see it.  I'm so in LOVE!  It's gorgeous!  DH heard me up on my feet and came on the run to see what had got me in such a dither.  It's breath taking and well worth the work.  You will LOVE this one, it's up next.  The one after, Fae Festival is just going into TK and I'm really excited about this one too, it's a flower!  From the yarn which is a gradient hand paint in five colors to the patterning which SCREAMS flower at you.  Really pleased with this one.
     Last night I worked until 3am on my watermelon socks, got way too into the beading and man have I got a seedy pair of socks! HAHA oh me seedy!  Funny.  It's great to get my great Pile O Knits down a bit I'm glad to be working so much and able to do so much.

Not sure if I told you but my lil guy got his toe nail caught in my Manderley sample while it was blocking. It took DD hours to fix it.  I was totally lost but kept trying. The lil guy really jacked up his nail so he had to go to the vet.  He had a long day in the city and even went to church.  Here you can see how much attention he actually pays at church.  Good boy!  And at Costco telling the folks what to buy for him.  ;-) 
Have a Fae Day!

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