Monday, June 17, 2013

Spinning Part 2

The yardage is great the yarn is stunning! 

 I stayed up most of the night and got the first color done. We have about 300 yards from around 4 ounces of the green done. 
DONE what a lovely word. I saved a small amount of the green to ply to the rust and that will be the transition yarn when changing colors in the project.  This yardage will have about 650 yards available to it and would make a great shawl on size 9's ;-) COOL BEANS it just screamed at me so that's the weight it went to. I think it's a heavy fingering, light sport right at that weight and yardage, right? If you want anything at all holler wmdress @ as I will have empty hands by the end of today. WAAAA
     Just bought me some undyed as I had this vision last night while spinning, think of the color of a black gun, blue black right, then add sapphire, spruce and 1" spots of turquoise and bright royal, even smaller dots of lilac and crimson and SHAZAM! I can't wait to play! I got enough roving for 3 sweaters and 2 pair of socks. Not to mention those lovely little hankies for making the crocheted flowers to ply with merino. This is going to be fun. Any takers?! We could play with your favorite colors. I got the nifty stretched merino which feels like cashmere and the 19 micron which is so soft I must have a sweater from it. Eat them up, YUM!
     Due to selling the 19 micron after falling so much in love with it I found Fiber Artemis from down under.  She's got great colors and ships everything you want for just $7 to the USA... no matter how much you get.  Needing to get a replace for the 19 and having fallen head over heals with Paua shells of late, that's what I got PAUA! YUM! This is a 50/50 silk merino and no, I only bought one, a nice gradient.
Then the merino in Paua.
And Tui
Even though this one said pre-order, she has shipped already.  I'm hoping to receive this order before Jun 29 which is when the Tour starts this year.  Yes, you will loose me for a month which is why we started Pixie String so fast. ;-) I will be spinning and Touring France!!!  From the comfort of my home but hey, I'm getting out there... sort of.  LOL
     So the Paua, yeah, crazy for this shell these days.
We got more shells for dangles and necklaces with black/peacock freshwater pearls. 

     I should be making some interesting necklaces this time next week and I'm really looking forward to playing with the pearls.  Ever since I made the first necklace I have wanted a large focal style clasp to put in the front on the side and then 3 strands of different shapes.  

That's just what we are going to do!  Isn't this MOP lovely! It has the 3 holes for three strands can you see them?  I'm for sure making just a 3 strand, longish necklace of just the pearls and then will make a necklace with the Paua, silver chain and peacock pearls that dangle with matching earrings.  FUN!  It's the waiting that's hard.
     Oh and I'm working on a bulk order of more silk from India.  It will take some time to get here off of the boat but will be in time for Sweetlette and well worth the wait.
     Ya know, the hardest thing for me is waiting, the second is being idle which is what I feel now so I'm off to spin more yarn. I hope you are having a lovely day and with you all the best as you go about it.

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