Sunday, June 16, 2013

Roving or Yarn for sale

      WOW this sold in a record 30 minutes.  If you want me to spin for you, you can either send me two 4 ounce mates. Or buy them from and have them shipped to me.  Did you know I was a professional spinner for Pagewood yarns before I became the Yarn Fairy? It's true and I would love to spin for you.  My only request is no large amounts of silk as it screams at me LACE! which takes much longer.  

Another thing I can do for you is if you buy say a 4 ounce merino and silk hankies that match, I can make crocheted flowers in the silk hankies and ply them together, that's always great fun. 

Or if you just want me to come up with your favorite colors I can do that too as I have plenty of fiber on hand.

While my clubs have been great every once in a while you get something that's just not you which is what we have here.  
     It's GREAT merino, 19 micron which means no itch, next to the skin comfortable.  The tags say it's $34 which is what I need for it and shipping of $5.00 in the USA.
     OR drum roll please!!!  I could spin this for you!  I was thinking it would look great on a brunette or red head or someone with a olive or brown complexion.  So so great on me though as I'm a blond.  WAAA If no one wants it I will dump the green into spruce and the rust into chestnut and I WILL make ME a scarf.  If I were to spin it for you I would ply them to themselves and each other so you would have three skeins one of green, rust and another of both.  I figure about $60 for all that yardage is a good price.  It would be  300+ yards of each color and a tiny 2 ply of the colors together.  All 2 ply yarn in three skeins and shipping of $5.00 in the USA.
     OR drum roll please!!! I could make you a scarf!!! plainish as the yarn will do all the work,,, gradient in and out of the colors. $100 and shipping of $5.00 in the USA.
     If you are interested you know the drill first paid, first dibs. to wmdress @ (no spaces) click goods, check address is correct, page 2 into message place what you are orderings and it's all yours.

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