Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy June

Hope you all are well and happy.  Today being June 1 it's Mom's birthday.  She enjoyed opening her presents, one of which I have been holding onto, not sharing so she wouldn't see it.
The bottom was fun, I made a split side panel.
Which I then joined and worked in the round.  This way it opens to allow for sitting down.  It's made from a sock yarn Mom saw as I was flipping through a box from my stash a few years back.  So I put it aside for Mom, knowing it would some day become a sweater for her.  Happy Birthday Mom.

DS is here making bead kits for Manderley.  He has a bunch of, what I have thought of as, little soldiers all lined up in the closet! ;-)

The box has more and hanked yarn.  To the left in the large bag is Fae Festival patiently waiting for attention.  Which the little soldiers have no problem standing at.  
     The bed is covered in stitch markers and jewelry.  I'm snowed in but DS is faring no better even though he's at the desk working.  DH is here too working on his puter.
The cat,,, he could care less about anything.  Course this was taken at 3am one night last week so I guess it doesn't count.  He moved,,, he had been curled up tighter, oh so adorastinkingble.
     What do you all say to a RAL with each KAL?  I put forth the question on the Rav group as I have really been enjoying our little RAL.  Reading makes me fall asleep so I don't like it as much as I used to what with all the sample knitting I have been doing.  I was thinking we could listen/read classics and talk about them.  The first one that came instantly to mind is Wilkie Collins The Woman in White.  I ADORE that book.  I could totally see her in the next KAL shawl which is the Pixie String Shawl Sweater.  In the natural color it's totally something that our heroine would wear.


  1. Your mom must have loved her sweater! So pretty. I really like the split sides, too.
    I just finished reading Woman In White. Has to be one of my favorites of all time! Where do I go for the RAL/KAL? On RAV???

  2. Well, there's only a few of us, you me and Gillie I think it was... even if there's only a few, I say go for it. We RAL on Ravelry.