Monday, June 24, 2013

Beads and Spin for Hire

     I seem to be spending a great deal of time playing with beads and wires of late.  It's been fun though so I keep doing it.  Revisited Manderley jewelry and thoroughly enjoyed it.  That morphed into more abacus stitch markers and then into a necklace I called After Midnight.  It's for sale, half way down the jewelry page past the Kilt/Shawl Pins.
    The most incredible thing I have done for a long time.  It took forever but the outcome was well worth it.

The spinning has been accomplished and sent home.  There's about 300 yards of each color and I can't remember how many of the two plied together for the color change section.  I realized that I seem to be making the same money that I did when I worked professionally, $10 per 100 yards of 2 ply.  It was fun and kept me outta trouble, so if you need anything spun up as a gift or for yourself do call on me.  My fibers or yours.  
I have all types of fibers in stock, coffin sized boxes packed full of roving and fleece.  

From alpaca, merino, silk and Rambouillet to medium grade roving for outerwear and felting.  
     I have made a few sweaters from all types of my fiber so I know where they all land if you need help weeding through them.  

I also do art yarn from bats I can make for you.  We call our bats bumps and Pixie #2 works them up in all sorts of fibery goodness.

These are just examples of some work we have done in the past.  If you need anything, we will beat all market pricing, just share the URL with us and tell me what you need.
My Wee Yorkie in the Grape Ape sweater.  :-)  There's a unicorn hat to match, of course.

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