Wednesday, June 26, 2013

19th Anniversary spent in a Sultans Palace

We spent our 19th Anniversary in a Sultans Palace.  Doesn't matter that it was in our back yard!  The Pixies flew back and forth from the house to the barn and I could hear the pounding of nails all throughout the day.  Things kept disappearing until finally my Beloved came home and we got to share in the secrecy which enveloped the house all day long.

Here's the table with a long shelf full of lamps, you can see the candelabra hanging from the ceiling.  Then there in the back is a reclining couch full of pillows, quilts and other snuggles.
Ignore the fact that my eyes are closed and here you see the other side which has the wicker rocking chairs! AND the other inhabitant, my Wee Yorkie who goes everywhere with us.
Sitting down to a feast fit for the Sultan!  I have never thought to wrap a chicken breast in bacon, leave it to Pixie #1 to think of such a thing.  This was the most moist skinless chicken I have EVER had!  YUM
The table laid with our china, gold plate utensils as well as the cobalt glasses that I had made for our wedding... they lasted!  We take them out a maximum of two times per year.
It FINALLY grew dark at about 9pm so we could experience the candles lit.
I was enamored with the play of light on the ceiling... 
As well as with the peak to the inside of the tent!  Leave it to Pixie #1 to pull off such an event.  This was by far the most memorable anniversary of our married life.  Just HAD to share it all with you.
Sporting our new hair cut.


  1. Happy Anniversary! That is a wonderfully creative way to celebrate, you have some very special fairies!