Wednesday, June 26, 2013

19th Anniversary spent in a Sultans Palace

We spent our 19th Anniversary in a Sultans Palace.  Doesn't matter that it was in our back yard!  The Pixies flew back and forth from the house to the barn and I could hear the pounding of nails all throughout the day.  Things kept disappearing until finally my Beloved came home and we got to share in the secrecy which enveloped the house all day long.

Here's the table with a long shelf full of lamps, you can see the candelabra hanging from the ceiling.  Then there in the back is a reclining couch full of pillows, quilts and other snuggles.
Ignore the fact that my eyes are closed and here you see the other side which has the wicker rocking chairs! AND the other inhabitant, my Wee Yorkie who goes everywhere with us.
Sitting down to a feast fit for the Sultan!  I have never thought to wrap a chicken breast in bacon, leave it to Pixie #1 to think of such a thing.  This was the most moist skinless chicken I have EVER had!  YUM
The table laid with our china, gold plate utensils as well as the cobalt glasses that I had made for our wedding... they lasted!  We take them out a maximum of two times per year.
It FINALLY grew dark at about 9pm so we could experience the candles lit.
I was enamored with the play of light on the ceiling... 
As well as with the peak to the inside of the tent!  Leave it to Pixie #1 to pull off such an event.  This was by far the most memorable anniversary of our married life.  Just HAD to share it all with you.
Sporting our new hair cut.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Beads and Spin for Hire

     I seem to be spending a great deal of time playing with beads and wires of late.  It's been fun though so I keep doing it.  Revisited Manderley jewelry and thoroughly enjoyed it.  That morphed into more abacus stitch markers and then into a necklace I called After Midnight.  It's for sale, half way down the jewelry page past the Kilt/Shawl Pins.
    The most incredible thing I have done for a long time.  It took forever but the outcome was well worth it.

The spinning has been accomplished and sent home.  There's about 300 yards of each color and I can't remember how many of the two plied together for the color change section.  I realized that I seem to be making the same money that I did when I worked professionally, $10 per 100 yards of 2 ply.  It was fun and kept me outta trouble, so if you need anything spun up as a gift or for yourself do call on me.  My fibers or yours.  
I have all types of fibers in stock, coffin sized boxes packed full of roving and fleece.  

From alpaca, merino, silk and Rambouillet to medium grade roving for outerwear and felting.  
     I have made a few sweaters from all types of my fiber so I know where they all land if you need help weeding through them.  

I also do art yarn from bats I can make for you.  We call our bats bumps and Pixie #2 works them up in all sorts of fibery goodness.

These are just examples of some work we have done in the past.  If you need anything, we will beat all market pricing, just share the URL with us and tell me what you need.
My Wee Yorkie in the Grape Ape sweater.  :-)  There's a unicorn hat to match, of course.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wee Yorkie

     If you watched the video from YouTube yesterday you already know this.  My wee Yorkie went down to the vet on Thursday night with DH after he got off of the freeway, poor man drove 500+ miles that day.  I didn't like the way my wee Yorkie looked, his back legs gave out on him, he was weak, no appetite which for him is saying something, and I heard a wheezing in his lungs.  His little wee heart was doing something freaky too and overall he was listless and didn't seem to be there.  
    Down the hill he went.  The vet said he was IN congestive heart failure, not that he HAD it or that he was GETTING it but WAS IN it!  Freak out!  She said that if she hadn't caught it then that he would have died!  When she first saw him she didn't know if she could save him!! That freaked me out pretty good when DH called me.  I didn't think he was going off the hill to die, I thought he had a cold or some other innocuous thing, needed some antibiotics and that he'd be fine.  Not the way things go for me.  He was placed into an oxygen tent cage and give 3+ IV's.  He was poked and prodded, given x-rays and blood tests.  I'm sure he was a good little soldier through out as that's his way.  After messing with him for a time, the vet told DH that he'd rallied (my word) and that he was going to make it.  PHEW!  Talk about some stressful hours. I still can't believe he came round and I like to think that he loves his family so much that he wanted to come home so he fought his way back to us.
     After all of this he was picked up last night and brought back home with THREE heart medicines for as long as he lasts.  Yes, you heard me, the vet gave him 2-3 months to live.  He came home to die with me.  While that's hard to write and it took my entire life savings to make possible, I would much prefer it to the alternative, DH coming home alone.  

PTL that: 

  • I had been able to save the funds 
  • that it was just enough  
  • that I found the cash I had stashed here which will take care of his meds for the next couple of months.
I need my wee guy as he's smaller then me (wee Never bugs) and I take care of him for the most part.  I can't let him out to the yarn nor feed him most of the time as that's on the other side of the house and requires walking.  I do get to bathe him and care for his coat and nails as best I can.  It's something "I can do" which is, as you all full well know... one of the things that keeps me alive.  What with all the things "I can't do" topping the list and swinging the scales I have to hunt for those I can do. My wee guy is one of them.  I don't want to lose him but for the last few months I have felt it coming on.  I would look into his eyes and tell him, "Please don't leave me, I know you are close but please stay with me, I need you."  He knew it, I knew it, he rallied to come home to die with me.  I wouldn't have it any other way. I only hope and pray I can ease his passing and that he's not in pain or that the end will be agony.  But rather that he would just die quietly, in his sleep would be good and not from suffocation from drowning as his lungs fill up.  That would be bad and I'm not sure I could take that.  I believe that or the heart giving out is what happens next.  It's all so sad, a very bitter sweet day.
Fresh from the bath sporting his Green Hornet coat minus the hat. ;-)  Who wouldn't fall in love with him? Who wouldn't fight for him?  Who wouldn't give their last dime to save him?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Spinning Part 2

The yardage is great the yarn is stunning! 

 I stayed up most of the night and got the first color done. We have about 300 yards from around 4 ounces of the green done. 
DONE what a lovely word. I saved a small amount of the green to ply to the rust and that will be the transition yarn when changing colors in the project.  This yardage will have about 650 yards available to it and would make a great shawl on size 9's ;-) COOL BEANS it just screamed at me so that's the weight it went to. I think it's a heavy fingering, light sport right at that weight and yardage, right? If you want anything at all holler wmdress @ as I will have empty hands by the end of today. WAAAA
     Just bought me some undyed as I had this vision last night while spinning, think of the color of a black gun, blue black right, then add sapphire, spruce and 1" spots of turquoise and bright royal, even smaller dots of lilac and crimson and SHAZAM! I can't wait to play! I got enough roving for 3 sweaters and 2 pair of socks. Not to mention those lovely little hankies for making the crocheted flowers to ply with merino. This is going to be fun. Any takers?! We could play with your favorite colors. I got the nifty stretched merino which feels like cashmere and the 19 micron which is so soft I must have a sweater from it. Eat them up, YUM!
     Due to selling the 19 micron after falling so much in love with it I found Fiber Artemis from down under.  She's got great colors and ships everything you want for just $7 to the USA... no matter how much you get.  Needing to get a replace for the 19 and having fallen head over heals with Paua shells of late, that's what I got PAUA! YUM! This is a 50/50 silk merino and no, I only bought one, a nice gradient.
Then the merino in Paua.
And Tui
Even though this one said pre-order, she has shipped already.  I'm hoping to receive this order before Jun 29 which is when the Tour starts this year.  Yes, you will loose me for a month which is why we started Pixie String so fast. ;-) I will be spinning and Touring France!!!  From the comfort of my home but hey, I'm getting out there... sort of.  LOL
     So the Paua, yeah, crazy for this shell these days.
We got more shells for dangles and necklaces with black/peacock freshwater pearls. 

     I should be making some interesting necklaces this time next week and I'm really looking forward to playing with the pearls.  Ever since I made the first necklace I have wanted a large focal style clasp to put in the front on the side and then 3 strands of different shapes.  

That's just what we are going to do!  Isn't this MOP lovely! It has the 3 holes for three strands can you see them?  I'm for sure making just a 3 strand, longish necklace of just the pearls and then will make a necklace with the Paua, silver chain and peacock pearls that dangle with matching earrings.  FUN!  It's the waiting that's hard.
     Oh and I'm working on a bulk order of more silk from India.  It will take some time to get here off of the boat but will be in time for Sweetlette and well worth the wait.
     Ya know, the hardest thing for me is waiting, the second is being idle which is what I feel now so I'm off to spin more yarn. I hope you are having a lovely day and with you all the best as you go about it.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Roving or Yarn for sale

      WOW this sold in a record 30 minutes.  If you want me to spin for you, you can either send me two 4 ounce mates. Or buy them from and have them shipped to me.  Did you know I was a professional spinner for Pagewood yarns before I became the Yarn Fairy? It's true and I would love to spin for you.  My only request is no large amounts of silk as it screams at me LACE! which takes much longer.  

Another thing I can do for you is if you buy say a 4 ounce merino and silk hankies that match, I can make crocheted flowers in the silk hankies and ply them together, that's always great fun. 

Or if you just want me to come up with your favorite colors I can do that too as I have plenty of fiber on hand.

While my clubs have been great every once in a while you get something that's just not you which is what we have here.  
     It's GREAT merino, 19 micron which means no itch, next to the skin comfortable.  The tags say it's $34 which is what I need for it and shipping of $5.00 in the USA.
     OR drum roll please!!!  I could spin this for you!  I was thinking it would look great on a brunette or red head or someone with a olive or brown complexion.  So so great on me though as I'm a blond.  WAAA If no one wants it I will dump the green into spruce and the rust into chestnut and I WILL make ME a scarf.  If I were to spin it for you I would ply them to themselves and each other so you would have three skeins one of green, rust and another of both.  I figure about $60 for all that yardage is a good price.  It would be  300+ yards of each color and a tiny 2 ply of the colors together.  All 2 ply yarn in three skeins and shipping of $5.00 in the USA.
     OR drum roll please!!! I could make you a scarf!!! plainish as the yarn will do all the work,,, gradient in and out of the colors. $100 and shipping of $5.00 in the USA.
     If you are interested you know the drill first paid, first dibs. to wmdress @ (no spaces) click goods, check address is correct, page 2 into message place what you are orderings and it's all yours.

Monday, June 10, 2013


I'm so happy that I signed up for the roving clubs, it's like getting a gift in the mail each month as you never know what's coming.  This month Willow Mist Acres sent out a gradient rainbow!  Love me some long strand and gradient and me go way back.
So when I opened the sack,,, this was MORE then welcome.  No I don't do orange but hey, it's such a small amount and really necessary for a rainbow.  :-)  LOVE IT!  The fiber is 70/30 BFL/Silk, as soon as I saw it I could see the silk in the fiber.  This will make a lovely shawl!
You know that I fell head over heels for Woolie Bullie too!  This is Tatania and the Changling on the left... ok so I hate orange and bought it for the name, sue me!  HAHA ... what with the Fae all about I HAD TO!  and Tiffany on the right, doesn't it remind you of a lamp!  She nailed this spot on.
I figured it was off of this one? Or the one below?  Not sure but it was the one that came to mind when I saw the roving.

Today was order day.  We got in a massive amount of silk thread.  This past weekend I designed an ascot that screamed for hand painted silk... match made in heaven.  I have been wanting to design for items that  use up those lovely multi colored yarns that I adore painting.  As soon as I can get the pattern tested I have a pair of socks coming out that would look great in any of the sock from the Twist page or any hand paint in your stash... where the colors are next to one another on the color wheel.  Loving these socks!  I can't share but trust me, you will want to make these baby's.  I call them Hearts in Cables and Lace, which is a misnomer as the cables are more twisted stitches then actual cables.  Where there are cables they are short and over fast.  ;-)  Anyway, back to the silk, I have two ascot patterns with slipped stitch patterns that are just screaming for hand paints.  I hope we can make up small skeins off of the larger ones for you and that we can offer you a few of the colors in place of one large skein. This way you can make more with several different colors.  I think that these will look great with our new shawl/kilt pins.  I can't wait for them to come in so I can play.
     Meanwhile this past weekend I was able to play a bit. I made this pearl necklace, my first real pearl necklace ever.  I LOVE it, they are cool when you touch them and warm with your body heat.  Here's a close up so you can see they are textured freshwater pearls, I just love them. 

Aren't they precious!  I'm going to make a multi strand in Peacock, one of these days.  With a massive clasp that can hang on the side and crystal spacers.  Oh and I have purple ones to play with too!  I'm enjoying myself.
Here you can see my pearls on me with my latest.... mystic topaz on a sterling chain.  The chain alone was worth the $5 bucks I paid!  SCORE! eBay, gotta love it!  Oh and this blue topaz is 55 carat's and came from Indonesia... I love the envelop, should have taken a photo for you.  Again another score at only $25 bucks!! crazy cheap and oh so lovely.

    A bit of KAL talk... I bound off my sample of the Pixie String Shawl Sweater, really need to post that ASAP for you guys so we can get that one processing.  It's lovely!  I put it on without the sleeves done just to see it.  I'm so in LOVE!  It's gorgeous!  DH heard me up on my feet and came on the run to see what had got me in such a dither.  It's breath taking and well worth the work.  You will LOVE this one, it's up next.  The one after, Fae Festival is just going into TK and I'm really excited about this one too, it's a flower!  From the yarn which is a gradient hand paint in five colors to the patterning which SCREAMS flower at you.  Really pleased with this one.
     Last night I worked until 3am on my watermelon socks, got way too into the beading and man have I got a seedy pair of socks! HAHA oh me seedy!  Funny.  It's great to get my great Pile O Knits down a bit I'm glad to be working so much and able to do so much.

Not sure if I told you but my lil guy got his toe nail caught in my Manderley sample while it was blocking. It took DD hours to fix it.  I was totally lost but kept trying. The lil guy really jacked up his nail so he had to go to the vet.  He had a long day in the city and even went to church.  Here you can see how much attention he actually pays at church.  Good boy!  And at Costco telling the folks what to buy for him.  ;-) 
Have a Fae Day!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy June

Hope you all are well and happy.  Today being June 1 it's Mom's birthday.  She enjoyed opening her presents, one of which I have been holding onto, not sharing so she wouldn't see it.
The bottom was fun, I made a split side panel.
Which I then joined and worked in the round.  This way it opens to allow for sitting down.  It's made from a sock yarn Mom saw as I was flipping through a box from my stash a few years back.  So I put it aside for Mom, knowing it would some day become a sweater for her.  Happy Birthday Mom.

DS is here making bead kits for Manderley.  He has a bunch of, what I have thought of as, little soldiers all lined up in the closet! ;-)

The box has more and hanked yarn.  To the left in the large bag is Fae Festival patiently waiting for attention.  Which the little soldiers have no problem standing at.  
     The bed is covered in stitch markers and jewelry.  I'm snowed in but DS is faring no better even though he's at the desk working.  DH is here too working on his puter.
The cat,,, he could care less about anything.  Course this was taken at 3am one night last week so I guess it doesn't count.  He moved,,, he had been curled up tighter, oh so adorastinkingble.
     What do you all say to a RAL with each KAL?  I put forth the question on the Rav group as I have really been enjoying our little RAL.  Reading makes me fall asleep so I don't like it as much as I used to what with all the sample knitting I have been doing.  I was thinking we could listen/read classics and talk about them.  The first one that came instantly to mind is Wilkie Collins The Woman in White.  I ADORE that book.  I could totally see her in the next KAL shawl which is the Pixie String Shawl Sweater.  In the natural color it's totally something that our heroine would wear.