Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Upcoming KALs

Upcoming KAL list
Before I go into the list of KAL's let me just say that Manderley LAST CALL for yarn orders has been put out and the very last day to order yarn is on Sunday, May 26th.
JULY Pixie Cobweb Sweater Shawl, both the sample and the TKers are cruising along. It's a great sweater and I think you guys will LOVE this one. So pretty and yet it's simple and easy to understand with no sizing issues. LOVE this construction. WAIT till you see what I did to the sleeve. Decided that after all that knitting you weren't going to want to knit any more really intricate patterning for long. So I made it simple and STUNNING! with a drape option!!!! Really excited to share this one with you. 

AUGUST Fae Festival which is the gradient color changing shawl... I got the pattern yesterday. Bowled me over! It just hit me and flooded in. 

So I should be able to get to work on that pattern here shortly as that's up after the Pixie Sweater. ;-) 

Shapes of bats, wings, fangs, blood dripping off of the edges-Magatama beads. Little piggy nose with black beads and a little bat head with glowing red eyes! I found the perfect glass batt bead for the lobster claw! I got lovely beads today though. All blacks and all grays and all reds... to make medley's for you.

NOVEMBER OR January 2014???? Sweetlette shawl - Sort of Victorian elegance is what we have here, the inspiration came from both the yarn and PEARLS! real ones from a broken necklace, Delica cream and all these lovely whites in AB of course. On this one, I was thinking that it would be nice in cream and that I could probably not provide the beads - if I went with different colors BUT it just hit me,,, if we went with pastels then the cream and white beads would be just fine on any color we choose.   
This is a small shawlette out of 100% silk, mostly lace. The cobweb makes a tiny ruffle at the shoulder and then the hand painted silk ribbon (reel in above photo) weaves up from the edge to about the shoulder. There's a large clasp closure on the front, I have many in different colors but mostly they are floral in brass, black or silver tone.
     Let me leave you with a plant I will probably kill, even though it is a Moon CACTUS! Tee hee hee, DH loves spoiling me and does a GREAT job of it.
ONE MORE thing!  Starbase Atlanta has great customer service.  One of my mothers day presents was from them.  The first day it broke.  I wrote to them and they said they will replace it with Kara's dog tags from Battlestar Gallactica!
     Something I have wanted for a long time.  Even though the tags were $2 more and the shipping to get it to me... they are sending it for FREE! and told me to dump the broken item!  Are they great or what!  You can find many great items there from Dark Shadows, BSG, Doctor Who and many more SciFi geek and geekette things to love.  Go have a look see at the clickable link above.

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