Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tactile Adventure

As you know I'm really into tactile everything these days, scent, feel and the emotions they evoke. Up first we have a recycled Altoids container.  A small hand appliqued quilt block covers the top.

Inside we have a magnet to hold pins and the beads to sew onto the garment.  :-) What would normally be trash is a treasure to me.

Next up is Gardenia Potpourri from World Market.  We just love these potpourri's.  The skeleton leaves are an all time high on the favorites list.  I wish I could glue all these to the wall but I'm sure DH wouldn't understand my collage.

I saw these on Ebay and thought how easy it would be to make them myself. Simple rondelle, bead cap, links and ear hook. Mine most likely would have a chaton covering the oval metal on the hook though.

My first club shipment came in from Woolie Bullie... Grapel on Columbia wool... which I'm not familiar with. The photo didn't do it justice but I adore purple.  I'm doing her SAL of Beaujolais which is 100% silk silver, 4 ounces.

This is closer to the above color then my photo was.  This can be found in her Etsy store.
Remember when I posted about making Josettes Music Box?  They sold them once upon a time but they were plastic and cost a small fortune.  I got a great deal of pleasure out of hunting down my items and making my own box.  The bottom is metal, inside is glass.
Then inside the glass is a music movement covered in black felt.

The hinge is a simple thing, metal wire holding up a filigree flour de lis which is attached to the top.
Which is a large filigree, black metal component.  It was a smidge too small so I beaded around using black metal to weave the beads on to get the extra room I needed to completely cover the glass.  VIOLA!  Lovely music box.  When the movement is outside it's soft, after being put into the glass it is amplified.  Pixie #1 had the brilliant idea to put black felt beneath the movement in order that it shouldn't vibrate and now it sounds better.  The box lifts my spirits when I'm down.

Hope you are having a tactile filled day.  ENJOY!

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