Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Clubs and KALs

I may be the Yarn Fairy, we may hover over pots and sprinkle dust into them but I still love to play myself.  So I recently found a KAL myself.  The Knitters Brewery has the Watermelon Slice Sock Kits available... to make me some Melon feet!

Then I found Woolie Bully on Etsy through a search for a SAL AKA Spin A Long. 
 She's got some fun groups on Ravelry which I wont be able to participate too much on but they are having fun there.  Her Natural list has what I shared awhile back with my Tink spinning of white angora and blending in green... well they are doing the same thing.  Taking inspiration photos and pulling fiber to spin a shawl from.  Cool beans!

Last I found Willow Mist, I love her color sense.  She's got a club of braids with no SAL but still it will be fun to Tour with this year.  We are really looking forward to the Tour De Fleece (France) as a yearly event here with us spinning our heads off.  Need to get me a special chair for it.

Been scouring EBay from time to time and have been gathering gems.  NUTTER I know but DD will inherit so I make sure she loves everything as do I before I buy.
I won this bracelet, love my silver and amethysts, and I got a pair of earrings to match and DD loved this ring.
Somehow this brooch landed in my cart as I told you last time... so I bought the matching ring.  I would NEVER have bought the matching necklace as I have a limit to what I buy myself.  A really great friend found out and what came in the mail yesterday?  THE NECKLACE!!! FREAKED ME OUT! TOTALLY! She wanted to bless me and instead GOB SMACKED ME... totally.  I was literally speechless for 2 minute.... those who know me, know that never happens.
I always have something to say... but I was speechless.  Crazy but true there you have it.  Am I blessed or what!  God always does things that I don't think He should and then I feel so humbled as I do now. Friend and stalker buddy for LIFE.
This isn't a good photo but I had a lot of trouble trying to get the depth of color that is this yarn.  DD dyed it and I over dyed it the next day so it's realllllly dark.  I'd c/o but the mound of projects is daunting.  Many are work but the fun projects are starting to get outta hand so when my Center Diamond Top in sugar

is finished I will c/o my sweater.  There's violet and white to go with it and I have designed a lovely pullover for this project. 

BAD DOG I DID c/o! That's why the piles so large DUH I'd forgotten that I talked myself into it late one night and worked on it for 4 hours... this is how far I got, it's sock weight on size 6's in our Ultra fingering base.
I'm sure I didn't c/o this one... it's 100% silk fingering for another top.  Need to design it yet though,,, waiting for inspiration and a bit of the decks to be cleared!  WOW what a pile!

That's all for now folks! Wishing you and yours a Happy Spring/Summer Day

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  1. OMG,that brooch and necklace are gorgeous. I love the brooch especially.