Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Great Pile O Knitting and FUN

Click here to watch DD's baptism, she's a lovely young woman. So innocent and sweet. 
       OH the fun I have been having... SAL AKA Spin A Long on the Woolie Bullie Rav group.  This is 100% silk sliver.

Slice of citrus anyone?  Left is the sole of the sock, right is the front,,, it's past the heel now.

My wee Yorkie is here to show dimension... DH came home with this lovely lady bug, really glad I took the photo as the next day ALL the leaves dropped off of two of the roses!  Go figure, me and my brown thumb!

Say hello to Grapel, the Woolie Bullie club shipment for May.  LOVE IT! on Columbia so it will have to be a bag as I'm super sensitive to itchy but the COLOR! LAAAaaaa heavely choir

Above is the Willow Mist club WOW! 50/50 silk/merino in my favorite colors thank you very much!  I can't recommend her enough.

My son and DIL sent these lovely flowers to me for Mothers Day.  I ADORE sunflowers, matter of fact, one of the Fae Festival colors is for a sunflower.
The perfume bottle Angelique uses in Dark Shadows to cast a spell on her Mistress Josette. :-)  Such a find!  This one is nicer then the original which was too large and didn't have the raised embossed curlicues.  It is full of rose water now though, just as it was back in 1966, or should I say 1795!

Got this lovely cone from the same person on Etsy who dyed up with sweaters worth of fingering for me.

They are ever so much prettier in person.
More like this
PURDY!  They came from this shop which is out on vacation right now but I'm sure she'll be back.  Very obliging!
Here's my watermelon socks, very pleased with them so far.  I ADORE the little watermelon stitch marker and while I don't need it, I use it anyway.

The great Pile O Projects!  UGH!  Many of these are finished as this is an old photo.  I can't share detailed photos as many of these items are samples for patterns yet to be published.
50 Shades of Gray socks... corset shaping and a bit of red pop for the toe, fun as these will go to white at the very top.  Pattern to follow eventually.
Galileo's Hat, also a pattern of mine so you are seeing the inside of the work. ;-)
Hearts in Cables and Lace another pattern to come.
Josette's long silk stockings have a great deal of increasing and shaping up the back FUN and LONG! Pattern to follow.
Manderley arm warmers... they have been finished and will come out along with the shawl pattern.  Everyone who purchases the shawl pattern will receive this pattern for free.  It will be published and available for sale after the KAL has been completed.
Again, you can't see this one either but I'm through to the last chart before the border, this is the Pixie Shawl Sweater!  It has sleeves and I can't wait to share!  I can't wait to share them all finished!
I wasn't going to write the pattern for this top but DD insists that you need to have a pattern on it.  Do you insist?  Do you want a pattern for this?  Post a comment and if there are enough I will make it up. I so don't like writing different sizes for patterns so I put out a bunch of socks and shawls as they are simple.  This is the EPS in the round bottom up as I always work my tops and sweaters. Perhaps I can just post the chart?
     Next time I will try not to wait too long between posts as I VERY obviously have this time.  Happy Camper here to be cranking through everything!

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  1. Beautiful, Wendy! Id love the pattern if more people would like it, too!