Friday, May 31, 2013

Wendys Ramblings: TWIST

Wendys Ramblings: TWIST: Posted 20 skeins today!  $2.00 off each skein on the Twist page only, sale good for this weekend ONLY!

Vote Now-Center Diamond Top

This is a recent top I made in sugar yarn.  DD said I MUST make it into a pattern and I was wondering if there was any interest in seeing this?  It's worked Elizabeth Zimmerman Percentage System, EPS for short, bottom up, in the round.  If you know how that's done and would like just the chart for this I would be willing to post it. BUT I'm loath to attempt writing out instructions for the top from scratch as it's far too much work to write all the different information for all the different sizes up.  Far too time consuming as well since I have so much on my plate as it.
So if you know how to EPS bottom up for your size and would like the chart, please go vote yes or no.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Upcoming KALs

Upcoming KAL list
Before I go into the list of KAL's let me just say that Manderley LAST CALL for yarn orders has been put out and the very last day to order yarn is on Sunday, May 26th.
JULY Pixie Cobweb Sweater Shawl, both the sample and the TKers are cruising along. It's a great sweater and I think you guys will LOVE this one. So pretty and yet it's simple and easy to understand with no sizing issues. LOVE this construction. WAIT till you see what I did to the sleeve. Decided that after all that knitting you weren't going to want to knit any more really intricate patterning for long. So I made it simple and STUNNING! with a drape option!!!! Really excited to share this one with you. 

AUGUST Fae Festival which is the gradient color changing shawl... I got the pattern yesterday. Bowled me over! It just hit me and flooded in. 

So I should be able to get to work on that pattern here shortly as that's up after the Pixie Sweater. ;-) 

Shapes of bats, wings, fangs, blood dripping off of the edges-Magatama beads. Little piggy nose with black beads and a little bat head with glowing red eyes! I found the perfect glass batt bead for the lobster claw! I got lovely beads today though. All blacks and all grays and all reds... to make medley's for you.

NOVEMBER OR January 2014???? Sweetlette shawl - Sort of Victorian elegance is what we have here, the inspiration came from both the yarn and PEARLS! real ones from a broken necklace, Delica cream and all these lovely whites in AB of course. On this one, I was thinking that it would be nice in cream and that I could probably not provide the beads - if I went with different colors BUT it just hit me,,, if we went with pastels then the cream and white beads would be just fine on any color we choose.   
This is a small shawlette out of 100% silk, mostly lace. The cobweb makes a tiny ruffle at the shoulder and then the hand painted silk ribbon (reel in above photo) weaves up from the edge to about the shoulder. There's a large clasp closure on the front, I have many in different colors but mostly they are floral in brass, black or silver tone.
     Let me leave you with a plant I will probably kill, even though it is a Moon CACTUS! Tee hee hee, DH loves spoiling me and does a GREAT job of it.
ONE MORE thing!  Starbase Atlanta has great customer service.  One of my mothers day presents was from them.  The first day it broke.  I wrote to them and they said they will replace it with Kara's dog tags from Battlestar Gallactica!
     Something I have wanted for a long time.  Even though the tags were $2 more and the shipping to get it to me... they are sending it for FREE! and told me to dump the broken item!  Are they great or what!  You can find many great items there from Dark Shadows, BSG, Doctor Who and many more SciFi geek and geekette things to love.  Go have a look see at the clickable link above.

Great Pile O Knitting and FUN

Click here to watch DD's baptism, she's a lovely young woman. So innocent and sweet. 
       OH the fun I have been having... SAL AKA Spin A Long on the Woolie Bullie Rav group.  This is 100% silk sliver.

Slice of citrus anyone?  Left is the sole of the sock, right is the front,,, it's past the heel now.

My wee Yorkie is here to show dimension... DH came home with this lovely lady bug, really glad I took the photo as the next day ALL the leaves dropped off of two of the roses!  Go figure, me and my brown thumb!

Say hello to Grapel, the Woolie Bullie club shipment for May.  LOVE IT! on Columbia so it will have to be a bag as I'm super sensitive to itchy but the COLOR! LAAAaaaa heavely choir

Above is the Willow Mist club WOW! 50/50 silk/merino in my favorite colors thank you very much!  I can't recommend her enough.

My son and DIL sent these lovely flowers to me for Mothers Day.  I ADORE sunflowers, matter of fact, one of the Fae Festival colors is for a sunflower.
The perfume bottle Angelique uses in Dark Shadows to cast a spell on her Mistress Josette. :-)  Such a find!  This one is nicer then the original which was too large and didn't have the raised embossed curlicues.  It is full of rose water now though, just as it was back in 1966, or should I say 1795!

Got this lovely cone from the same person on Etsy who dyed up with sweaters worth of fingering for me.

They are ever so much prettier in person.
More like this
PURDY!  They came from this shop which is out on vacation right now but I'm sure she'll be back.  Very obliging!
Here's my watermelon socks, very pleased with them so far.  I ADORE the little watermelon stitch marker and while I don't need it, I use it anyway.

The great Pile O Projects!  UGH!  Many of these are finished as this is an old photo.  I can't share detailed photos as many of these items are samples for patterns yet to be published.
50 Shades of Gray socks... corset shaping and a bit of red pop for the toe, fun as these will go to white at the very top.  Pattern to follow eventually.
Galileo's Hat, also a pattern of mine so you are seeing the inside of the work. ;-)
Hearts in Cables and Lace another pattern to come.
Josette's long silk stockings have a great deal of increasing and shaping up the back FUN and LONG! Pattern to follow.
Manderley arm warmers... they have been finished and will come out along with the shawl pattern.  Everyone who purchases the shawl pattern will receive this pattern for free.  It will be published and available for sale after the KAL has been completed.
Again, you can't see this one either but I'm through to the last chart before the border, this is the Pixie Shawl Sweater!  It has sleeves and I can't wait to share!  I can't wait to share them all finished!
I wasn't going to write the pattern for this top but DD insists that you need to have a pattern on it.  Do you insist?  Do you want a pattern for this?  Post a comment and if there are enough I will make it up. I so don't like writing different sizes for patterns so I put out a bunch of socks and shawls as they are simple.  This is the EPS in the round bottom up as I always work my tops and sweaters. Perhaps I can just post the chart?
     Next time I will try not to wait too long between posts as I VERY obviously have this time.  Happy Camper here to be cranking through everything!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Manderley KAL and RAL

The Manderley Knit A Long is now open!  Pre-orders for yarn have commenced and the KAL will begin about the 2nd week in June.  You guys are GREAT, you didn't even SEE the matching bracelet/necklace and take it on faith that they are matching.  Here's a shot of the glass ones. 
I can't get black crystals or I'd do this in the crystals. If you are wanting the black you need to order glass, not crystals.  I'm sure that the purple crystals will look equally smashing off to order them now.
       Along with the KAL we have a RAL or Read A Long.  Of course we are reading Rebecca the novel from which the shawl took inspiration.

JOIN THE READ A LONG!  :-) FREE DOOR PRIZES to the person who posts certain random numbers on the thread at Ravelry.  You just need to be a member of the Ravelry group to play.  Prizes will be drawn by me totally at random by the post number. 
So chat it up.
I have really enjoyed pulling all of this together for you, I hope you love it all as much as I do.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Project Container

I would love to be able to buy you a container for Fae Festival KAL.  The yarn will be wound for you as there is no hank option due to the method this KAL follows... color changing.  So I need a container, my question is which would you prefer?  I have never worked with these before but here is the clear box,,, you have probably seen these, they crush pretty easily.
On the other hand this bag wouldn't crush and could be shipped easily.
Either way I have to purchase 50 bazillion so I need to make sure I get what you want and something that works well, is durable and reusable.  What's your preference?  Make your voice heard, vote here now.  Need to be a member of the Yahoo Group in order to vote.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tactile Adventure

As you know I'm really into tactile everything these days, scent, feel and the emotions they evoke. Up first we have a recycled Altoids container.  A small hand appliqued quilt block covers the top.

Inside we have a magnet to hold pins and the beads to sew onto the garment.  :-) What would normally be trash is a treasure to me.

Next up is Gardenia Potpourri from World Market.  We just love these potpourri's.  The skeleton leaves are an all time high on the favorites list.  I wish I could glue all these to the wall but I'm sure DH wouldn't understand my collage.

I saw these on Ebay and thought how easy it would be to make them myself. Simple rondelle, bead cap, links and ear hook. Mine most likely would have a chaton covering the oval metal on the hook though.

My first club shipment came in from Woolie Bullie... Grapel on Columbia wool... which I'm not familiar with. The photo didn't do it justice but I adore purple.  I'm doing her SAL of Beaujolais which is 100% silk silver, 4 ounces.

This is closer to the above color then my photo was.  This can be found in her Etsy store.
Remember when I posted about making Josettes Music Box?  They sold them once upon a time but they were plastic and cost a small fortune.  I got a great deal of pleasure out of hunting down my items and making my own box.  The bottom is metal, inside is glass.
Then inside the glass is a music movement covered in black felt.

The hinge is a simple thing, metal wire holding up a filigree flour de lis which is attached to the top.
Which is a large filigree, black metal component.  It was a smidge too small so I beaded around using black metal to weave the beads on to get the extra room I needed to completely cover the glass.  VIOLA!  Lovely music box.  When the movement is outside it's soft, after being put into the glass it is amplified.  Pixie #1 had the brilliant idea to put black felt beneath the movement in order that it shouldn't vibrate and now it sounds better.  The box lifts my spirits when I'm down.

Hope you are having a tactile filled day.  ENJOY!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Clubs and KALs

I may be the Yarn Fairy, we may hover over pots and sprinkle dust into them but I still love to play myself.  So I recently found a KAL myself.  The Knitters Brewery has the Watermelon Slice Sock Kits available... to make me some Melon feet!

Then I found Woolie Bully on Etsy through a search for a SAL AKA Spin A Long. 
 She's got some fun groups on Ravelry which I wont be able to participate too much on but they are having fun there.  Her Natural list has what I shared awhile back with my Tink spinning of white angora and blending in green... well they are doing the same thing.  Taking inspiration photos and pulling fiber to spin a shawl from.  Cool beans!

Last I found Willow Mist, I love her color sense.  She's got a club of braids with no SAL but still it will be fun to Tour with this year.  We are really looking forward to the Tour De Fleece (France) as a yearly event here with us spinning our heads off.  Need to get me a special chair for it.

Been scouring EBay from time to time and have been gathering gems.  NUTTER I know but DD will inherit so I make sure she loves everything as do I before I buy.
I won this bracelet, love my silver and amethysts, and I got a pair of earrings to match and DD loved this ring.
Somehow this brooch landed in my cart as I told you last time... so I bought the matching ring.  I would NEVER have bought the matching necklace as I have a limit to what I buy myself.  A really great friend found out and what came in the mail yesterday?  THE NECKLACE!!! FREAKED ME OUT! TOTALLY! She wanted to bless me and instead GOB SMACKED ME... totally.  I was literally speechless for 2 minute.... those who know me, know that never happens.
I always have something to say... but I was speechless.  Crazy but true there you have it.  Am I blessed or what!  God always does things that I don't think He should and then I feel so humbled as I do now. Friend and stalker buddy for LIFE.
This isn't a good photo but I had a lot of trouble trying to get the depth of color that is this yarn.  DD dyed it and I over dyed it the next day so it's realllllly dark.  I'd c/o but the mound of projects is daunting.  Many are work but the fun projects are starting to get outta hand so when my Center Diamond Top in sugar

is finished I will c/o my sweater.  There's violet and white to go with it and I have designed a lovely pullover for this project. 

BAD DOG I DID c/o! That's why the piles so large DUH I'd forgotten that I talked myself into it late one night and worked on it for 4 hours... this is how far I got, it's sock weight on size 6's in our Ultra fingering base.
I'm sure I didn't c/o this one... it's 100% silk fingering for another top.  Need to design it yet though,,, waiting for inspiration and a bit of the decks to be cleared!  WOW what a pile!

That's all for now folks! Wishing you and yours a Happy Spring/Summer Day