Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sweaters! and crystals! and candles! OH BOY!

Oh Happy Day, all alone and able to think in the quiet of the lazy, hazy afternoon.  My latest creation, from fiber purchased by Two if by Hand to spun yarn to pull over sweater.

I really love the way the colors stripe across the front.  Then I spun a different technique to get the sleeves to strand longer.  FUN!  We are looking forward to the Tour De Fleece on Ravelry so that we will have more sweaters worth of yarn to knit and DD and I really love the Tour.

  I call this one Happy Birthday as I see an explosion of snowmen making colorful snow cones all over and think of Frosty the Snowman coming to life, or would that be the end of his life?
     I finished two other sweaters but until they reach their destination I can't share them with you as they are gifts.

Last dye day the Pixies dyed this up for me.  There are 6 skeins of variegated sock and a medium and dark violet.  Also an undyed goes with this. 
I have already drafted the pattern but first I have a few more items I need to b/o.  2 samples, a pair of sock and a top which all are patterned.
 This is fingering 100% silk which is for a different top, another eventual when I finish my work knitting.
     A very dear friend of mine who understands me real well sent me below.  :-)  LOVE having another plant which is difficult to kill with my brown thumb. 

She knows I have a small sill here and so sent a tall thin pot, soil and cutting from her garden.  It's now in the sill and growing well.  Thanks Mel!

 Here are the plants at night with DD's offering in the front... they are all gone now but will be long loved and remembered.
Brought my roses back to life,,,, course they are dead again BUT I did do it once so perhaps I can do it again?  They have a fungus problem which is hard to compete against. 
 I even had leaves on the Addams Family one... for a time, it too lost them.

   Very into tactile senses of late.  These candles glow into the night.

    A very strange thing happened.  See the black container candle?  Well it used to be just like the one on the right, clear and yellow.  It burned way down to the very bottom as you can barely see around the green textured glass in front of it.  There was a very thick and substantial wick in this one which made the entire thing liquid each night. 

Well late one night I had to call the Pixie's in to witness it in action.  The air within the candle glass would swirl and then with a POP would ignite and come out of the glass.  I initially thought that the black was a resin of some sort as that would explain this phenomenon but no... it was just soot! 


Another tactile experience.  These are crystals installed in the window via a piece of wood with fishing wire tied onto the wood.

At the end of each line is a large crystal.  Then there's one large disco ball hanging from the curtain rod as it's really weighty.
My Echo Flower Shawl which we are KALing at my 
Yahoo Group Icelandic Lace Shawl.  This is through repeat #7 of #13 of the Flower Chart.
The yarn Fire done on our Pixie Paca Fat which is 870 yards of cashmere, baby alpaca and silk mixed it makes a slight halo and I just LOVE it in this shawl.
I accidentally added this to my cart one shopping day.  It was a very happy accident as it's something I would NEVER have bought for myself of late. 
 It's all silver, marcasite, and four different colors of pearls.  LOVE IT!  So I had to buy the matching ring.  But we will have to speak of jewelry another time as it would take an entire post alone.
I wish you could see these two bobble heads in motion, especially Barnabas when candle lit!
      Got into 2 clubs for roving.  One by Woolie Bullie and another by Willow Mist Acres.  Fun spin time coming right up!
     Hope you are having a great day and got through all these photos ok.  ;-)  Have a bad heart backed me up so I will have to make another post for you next week as there's more tactile experiences for me to share with you.
      I ended up with this box of potpourri I couldn't pass on.  Most of the goodies inside ended up in our bathroom on a glass shelf which is perfect for it.  After the scent leaves I will keep the goodies.
This is Meditteraean Sea and below is Brazillian Orchid LOVELY stuff inside it.
Look at this stuff, not your normal potpourri! They are actually shells and nuts of brazil and flower and AND AND NUMMY!!!!

     Still recovering from the heart episode but while recovering I have been designing all sorts of lovely things so it's still got a plus side.  Hope you are all well and happy.  Enjoy all things tactile today!

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