Monday, April 8, 2013

Really Special Yarn

We all have it, that really precious skein of yarn that someone bought for us or that we splurged on.  When I saw this Christmas present from Mel, I knew that I would have to make a special pattern just for this yarn.  I also knew that the Rainbow Aurora Borealis beads would have to be pared with the Aurora Borealis yarn as that's what this yarn is called by Unique Sheep.  It's a melty gradient which will have to be handled in my gradient hand paint method I taught in the class we had.  The class is attached to the pattern for the Yarn Fairy Beaded Bracelet.
This is one of those yarns that I would never have splurged on so I was very happy to get it but KNEW I'd have to write a pattern for it.  It's 70/30 merino/silk called Ling and as you can see there are 5 skeins (1560 yards) and it flows gently from lime to almost navy.
      Then Pixie #1 went shopping and got me a few items for my Swappee and this bag came home with her.

It's a massive tote which has been carting about my Swappee's project as there were a great number of yarns used to make gradient hand paint blendy.  I'm loving it but it's almost done so the tote will need to be filled today.  The other item that they more recently came home with was in a cardboard box that just hit me upside the head today.  I was staring at the side of this box of candles and it hit me HARD upside the head that this box and that yarn and the beads from Raven needed to come together. Come together they MUST.
Ok so I can't show you more as to do so might be cutting off my own foot. :-)  So lets just say that's there's much more to this but this feather design inspired me and I'm soooo ready to c/o this project.  Course I'm in the midst of the flood of KAL and book work but I have GOT to write this ASAP and get it OTN as it's gorgeous!!!!  I love this pattern it's all mosaic feathery and I have the beads so I must go write right now!  If you want to TK it, then you know how to PM me.  GORGEOUS!!!! just saying.  Most likely this will just come out as a self published pattern as there's NO way I will be able to sit on this one for as long as it takes to make a KAL or publish it in a book! ;-)  ya'll know me better then that.


  1. Love the colors! Can I purchase from you?

    1. Nope, this is from Unique Sheep, click through on the lime green name above and it will take you to their store.

  2. And I just know you will knit something awesome with that beautiful yarn! You always come up with the most beautiful patterns in that head of yours! You never cease to amaze me!