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Were hopping now, ribbit! Not to be confused with rippit!  My sample of the Phase Changing shawl is complete so at the end of the KAL for the final clue you will receive the entire pattern YIPEE!  Yarn kits are now available for a limited time.  As always when the last person stateside receives their yarn the KAL will begin.
     What Else Would Madame Defarge Knit hits on Friday so Miss Jane Bennet has her own page!  Thank you very much.  She will remain available as a yarn kit to purchase for as long as our much beloved Heather Ordover, organizer extraordinaire, allow.
      During the "working" hours of my day I spend it on samples and writing patterns.  At the end of the day I work on my, must have items.  Such as presents and Yarn Fairy swappee items.  My beloved swappee this quarter is Suz T and she's getting spoiled already.  DD started her shopping for me and I started her big item on Saturday, it's a Yarn Fairy multi colored sock yarn creation and I already had to start the sleeves.  That means nothing until you know that I knit all my sweaters in the round from the bottom up!  I'm changing the yarn every other row to every second row in order to make it very melty and lovely.   I weave in my ends or Russian join the ends as I go so that when she's done she's done.  I got about 4 inches of the sleeves done last night in a lovely Neiblingesk lace pattern.  No photos yet.
     Last week there was a meeting of the minds AKA Pixie #1 and we hammered out a bit more of Fae Festival.  This is the flower we will be making over summer/fall months.  We dyed up three different flowers and there will be kits of cakes in five different colors for you to make a melty - blendy for yourself! 
     What threw off the timing for the Fae Festival was the Pixie String we found LOVE IT!  This "cobweb" is just a touch finer then Pixie Paca, so if you worked with it you will have NO problem with this "cobweb".  Why the quotes?  It's a heavy weight cobweb  34/2 (has it's own page here until the KAL opens) and a perfect introduction to lace.  I'm not sure how many skeins will be needed but I have to share that my sample is all the way through to chart 3 already!  I have only worked on it for about 5-6 hours total so far so you can see it's a fast knit.  This is a circular shawl with sleeves to make a "one size" - should fit all - sweater.  I have plans for XXXL knitting if it's needed.  But we will hammer that out on the Yahoo Group when we get there.  This KAL will follow on the heels of the Phase Changing KAL which just opened for yarn kit purchasing. 
     What remarkable WEIRD things are happening.... SO FREAKED!  You all know I recently crawled out from under a rock which has now been long lost.... and fell over Dark Shadows the Gothic soap opera from the 1960's.  I purchased the coffin, LOVING it! I told you that some strange possession took place where in I designed a pattern for each character in one night. Each time I put the design book down I had to pick it back up again.  This went on until there were enough for an entire book!!!  I don't know if any will ever actually be published as I design a bunch of stuff that never does.  I have book after book for each year now.  Other sections include, Battlestar Gallactica and more recently The Hobbit.
     The oddest thing happened though... you all know I have been designing a pattern I called Manderley off of the Hitchcock movie by DeMaurier Rebecca.  We painted two color ways, one Manderley by the Sea which is a Mediterranean looking lace yarn and another which was over dyed in black ala The Raven.  WELL!  I'm about 3/4th through the coffin and suddenly I have fallen into the story REBECCA!  They are doing it on the soap opera!  FREAK OUT!  I can't believe it!  What are the chances that on March 1ish I started to design this shawl and SHAZAM... they are doing it back in 1970 on this soap opera!  I mean, yeah, they did scoop a bunch of knock offs, Portrait of Dorian Grey, Jane Ere, Turn of the Screw, Lovecraft, etc.  They took from all supernatural genre, vampires, ghost, witches, werewolves all of them.  I just really didn't expect to be slapped into the midst of Rebecca and was shocked when I saw it!  FREAK OUT!  Ok, so that has to go into my long list of work knitting.  I have it designed out to the border which needs to have window panes!  I fell hard for the beads on this one, for the black I want this turquoise matte AB but I can't find it in a size 8/0 BUMMER!  I don't like how heavy 6/0 looks on lace weight.  I did find a mill who will make us up any size skein for us though so I can work till my hearts content without fear of running out of yarn!  So happy about that too.  I'm hoping to fit Manderley in here some place, it's further along in the design process then Fae,,, which I hate to push out again but I might have to.
      Well Kiddies, I always know when I'm putting off working as I turn into Chatty Patty.  I'm off, hope you are having a lovely day.

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