Thursday, March 21, 2013

Years flying, finishing and KALs

Has anyone else the feeling that this year is flying by?  I can't believe it's pretty much 1/4th over!  It's crazy how fast times flying even from my bed. 
     First I want to share a link with you to PJBallentine blog where you can see my gloves I made for her.  I can't wait to get a photo of her all dressed for the Con!  When I do you can be sure I will post it here.
     WE GOT THE COBWEB!!!!  I have no idea how many skeins but we have FIFTY POUNDS of it!
     The flower sweater is finished and it looks GREAT  on me.  DH loves it so I wore it to the doctors on Wednesday.

 What with watching Dark Shadows I have been on a candle binge!  Got everything out and put them all up in my room, LOVELY!  You'd be surprised what a lot of light they produce.  Speaking of Dark Shadows I went a bit buggy on day.  All day long I designed!  Each time I tried to set my book down I'd just have to pick it back up again with another characters design.  They kept pouring out and I couldn't stop it, I was totally possessed with my design Fae and well,,, there's enough for a book.  So I just jumped in and started.These are Josettes long silk stockings! :-)  They are made with fine lace weight over 34 sts on size 0 needles.  After a bit I will begin the patterning and wont be able to share photos in case I do end up offering the book up to a publishing house.  I've launched the pattern from her music box and her lovely long curls.

Still working on my music box.  The one online is made of embossed plexiglass

but it does play her theme which I will not be able to do.  Mine is glass, silver and now I found a lovely black lid and found a few music movements to place inside.

You know how I'm always sharing how I kill everything?  Well the key for me seems to be this glass waterer and the fact that this Daisy Gerbera needs shade.  WEIRD plant, you put it into the smallest bit of sun and it wilt instantly.
Here's another shocker for you, my roses!  See the green glass ball?  Well they really seem to be the answer to all my prior deaths.  This one has like 8 blossom/blooms on it!  I thought we killed it trying to get the white stuff off of it but it just dropped a bunch of leaves and kept on growing!  It's still got the white power stuff on it though, anyone know how to get rid of it?

Many of you know that DD turned 16 this month.  What follows are a few of her presents.  The ones I gave her that I made anyway.  This is a hand spun 50/50 silk/merino blend that I crocheted ages ago.  I lost the pattern and didn't know what to do with it... until DD started wanting sleeves.  I knew if I could just keep her busy enough it would keep her  from c/oing her own in time for me to get her mine.
 This one is really special as I used up the yarn I'm currently fawning over!  Here is Colinette Jitterbug in the Jay colorway.  I LOVE this yarn.  Well it's also 2 skeins of solid black and a mohair in a light blue gradient through dark and turquoise.  They all blended well.  I worked tight lace cuffs and then worked the changes up the shrug and used garter stitch alternating with stockingnette stitch.  I kept trying it on DS and DH and kept going man I THOUGHT I was done! ;-)
 The collar is more of a lapel as you can see and the increases were made at the center of the arm. It was a fun, easy knit that I enjoyed.  When DD wore it on Sunday she looked smashing!  She wore a lovely swirling black A-line skirt that curls round to the hem.  But then she had all these accents in the blue and, well she just looked lovely.
Last up a beaded mohair snood and thrumbed slippers, also in my favorite colors, which are her favorite colors too.  Works out good that way.  The thrumbs are fun as the back of the heel got all this bright turquoise thrums... the roving gradiated as well as the socks.  Funny but they look like different dye lots... they came from the same ball of wool.
On DD's actual b-day I was really feeling bad and DS was caring for me.  He came in with banana splits!  Nothing like a bit of BAD to really cheer you up.
Yesterday I had a doctors appointment and an MRI which just about killed me.  I think we are going to have to change from this office as I still don't like the new doctor.  The staff messes up my meds and it's all a total hassel.  It was a terrible, horrible no good day which I cried most of the way through.  It gets harder and harder for me to leave the house.  I was in terrible pain by the end of the day so DH bought me flowers, pretty aren't they?  I will preserve them by press and then insert them into my scrap book.
Thought I'd pop this in as it's complete with pockets and all the trims.
Here you see my rainbow stockings which are almost complete.  I just need to go through the pink change and then into solid pink as the final color.  They will be very high,, about 32" long.  If anyone would like a pair I'm pretty sure I have more then enough yarn leftover to get another pair+ out of them.
    THEN after I finish those I have a sweater which needs to be done but not for a few months and then I have the Raven which is almost complete!  Chart 4 is really cranking out.  It's very simple and straight forward so I should be done with that one shortly.  That will go off to KP and I will have to redo both video's yes there are now two. ;-) 
     I was also able to get a pattern off to Knit Picks for next years book, IF they like it.  I was going to make them a shawl BUT Manderley took over and must needs be a KAL off of the novel and Hitchcock movie called Rebecca.  Totally sea OR Gothic interpretations in both yarn and beads.  I can't wait to dye this for you guys.

This is a bad photo, yarns much more muchier... but DD and I have been designing my next sweater for after all the current work gets done.  Hey! I can drool!  We are looking at a bit of lace at the cuffs and possibly waist with tiny berry nupps at the bodice.

For all of you who stuck with this post... I figure you know me well enough that I can share.  Really need to share some personal stuff in case anything happens to me and you don't hear from me for over 4-5 days running you will know something's up.  I had a really bad time of it last weekend.  Started with just pain from my many ailments that kept me to my bed, hardly able to get to the bathroom.  Trying to keep from groaning,,, yes, it was that bad.  I'd wake and my back would be so stiff that I was truely at level 10.  This went on all weekend and culminated into a major heart episode on Monday night.  Normally DH is out of town that night, if I'd been alone I would be dead.  He moved on it fast, got the nitro in me and lifted the bed, opened the window and after a bit I could speak again.  See that's the danger, it's silent, I can't scream for help so no one else could have helped me.  Then too it was a 2:30am.... I knew it was coming though.  I am well attuned to my body and felt the change in my blood and heard my heart.  So I sat down and took my blood presssure which was 140/99!!!  That bottom numbers the attack number so it's never a good thing when it's that high.
     Well I almost lost this entire post, time to post NOW!  BTW, I'm better. It's ok, just wanted you all to know to contact DD if anything should happen or if you need me and can't find me.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coco Update and Finishing Spree

     Well Kiddies, we got a video of our boy and he's healthy again!  The woman who took him has lots of money and is able to give him the proper food, nutrients, medicines, x-rays and shoes every 6 weeks.  Look at him!  He's up to his old tricks again.  I haven't seen him this happy in  years and while it breaks my heart... it also lightens it at the same time.

     I have been on a massive knitting and design spree.  One night after getting about 1/4th through my coffin of Dark Shadows DVD's I had to design!  It was insane and I felt possessed.  I kept putting the designs down to a sheet each, drafting and writing notes about each.  I would set the book down only to have to pull it back out again, stop the DVD and design!  It was INSANE but I couldn't stop until it was finished.  I believe I ended up with a pattern for each character in the end. 
     On the heels of this Knit Picks asked me for a pattern submission for a book which they are publishing next year.  I worked up a design, and another then another!  CRAZY right! I only needed one but ended up with three.  Then I realized that Manderley, from the book Rebecca, was more suited to us doing a KAL off of it then for a book publication.  It's the perfect Gothic entertainment, two different colors, one in the light of day and the other like Raven, in the dark of night.  Each with shades of blue.  The day would be the sea with turquoise and many shades of blue and green done in my meldy technique so that it reads solid.  The night would be that color overdyed in black just like the Raven yarn was... lovely dark with colors peeking through.  I found all the photos and went crazy with the design.  It's all there in the draft and just needs to be transposed into charts.
     Finishing has been possessing me too.  Too much Dark Shadows, I hear ya!  This is my hideous coat, so named due to the colors and the fact that it's more of a bundler then anything else.  Perfect for the chills this almost hits my feet!
Pockets were added after the fact in an overdyed pink.  Then the pink was used at the hem and the hood for this wrap/flap thing that can come forward over the face or flap back as an accent.
  Here you can see the increases in the skirt. 

     Here we have a 50/50 silk/merino pullover that I started a month or so ago. Someone on the Mario List on Yahoo announced a cone sale of this stuff.  It was such a great buy that I bought not one but TWO XXL cones of it.  It will last beyond my lifetime.  Since I took this photo I have finished 17 inches of the body and began the sleeves.  These have a crochet provisional cast on and will be 3/4 length and have a ruffle added to the end after I finish the top.  I keep thinking I need to write a Yarn Fairy vanilla sweater pattern as people can't seem to knit this on the fly as I do.  I always add a slip stitch short row to add length to the back which is the purls you are seeing at the bottom.  I add this again at the back of the neck as many sweaters end up being boats by accident as the knitter didn't add length to the back of the neck when working in the round.    
     This is a green sock yarn pullover I worked up and finished recently.  I adore this sweater!  There's a bunch of info on it in my Ravelry such as all the different yarns I used.  Also while there you can see the Yarn Fairy beaded bracelet pattern which is really the Color Changing workshop... which is where I teach the technique to make this sweater with the color changes.  The funny thing is after all this work... I have a pair of sock which match the sweater almost perfectly!
    As an afterthought I added beads to the cuff which was knit on the fly.  You can see the beads on the collar above... those were knit into the collar with the same type of petal lace used here.  I really love this sweater and keep it on my bed to wear daily.
Some of the yarns that were used in the making of this sweater.  Use up those old balls and make a sweater! ;-)
      Below is the handspun sweater finished.  You can see I made it into a cowl neck with a bit of lace there at the end.  I can't believe that the yarn went this far.  At the end I was scrambling a bit but ended up with it matching real well so I was pleased.
     DD will turn 16 here shortly and I will be able to share photos of more items which have been knit these last few weeks. 
     Also finished the poisen stockings.  They are really long but there's a problem... the calf is really tight so I'm going to do a photo log of what I'm doing to fix this problem.  So far this is all I have.
This shows where the gusset will be inserted.  It will be done with steeking and zig zag due to the stretchy nature of the beast.
Another finished project is these wristers made from sock yarn.  They can be worn with the ruffle on the hand or arm as I didn't seem up a thumb for them so that they could be flipped.
     Then there's a massive ____ for a friend but I can't talk about that.
     Back to what I can talk about I'm designing a bottom up sweater for my bud Mel who's got all the multi colored sock yarn to finish a nice sweater.  She's great so she's getting her own Yarn Fairy original to knit.
     Other then that the TKers are working away at the Phase Changing shawl pattern.  I will be able to open up pattern sales shortly.  Then the following week we will open up the yarn kits. 
     I can't wait to get the cobweb shipment in so that I can start to design the shawl for this one.  I can see it and it's a lovely circular shawl with SLEEVES!  Which will make a shawl collar and be wearable.  WHAT FUN!  I can't wait.  I'm hoping that 2500 yards (one skein) will be enough but I can't promise that at this time.
     Tired now... nitey nite.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

What (Else) Would Madame Defarge Knit

Some of you already know that I have not one but TWO patterns in the upcoming book What (Else) Would Madame Defarge Knit.  This book is currently available for pre-order here
     What you probably didn't know is that there's a completely FREE pattern available in conjunction with this book.  Just click through this link, complete the form, reply to the e-mail and SHAZAM.  You will be on the list to receive the free pattern.
     My contribution is a lace hankie which when made in silk can be beaded and with a drop of perfume, transformed into something from a different time and place.  Hopefully when you close your eyes you will be able to see such a place as I can.  Just a peek here.
     There's a more practical version, when made in cotton or linen, skipping the beads it's actually usable!  Instructions for a sick room version, in which you make a pocket for ecqualyptus essential oil, are also included.
     The other pattern is long gloves, you all full well know my facination with them here they are. Kits will be available here in the future.  They use our our merino/silk and Pixie Paca super fine lace for a ruffle ending.  The beads are all clear AB translucent and should be easy to find.  There is video back up for the beaded picot c/o and b/o as I have my own, more delicate method of working this. 
You can't see much from these photos on purpose, shortly though, when the book is actually released, I will be able to share them in total with you.
      There are many designs in this book, several that I want to knit myself.  If you bought the first book you will have an idea as there are twice as many in this book.  Many different designers came together to make this book possible and I'm sure you will enjoy it.