Friday, February 15, 2013

DVD Gator

Back on 12-11-13 I ordered a set of DVD's from DVD Gator and I have been hounding them every since.  I gave them $140 and then today my e-mails are returned and POOF so is their site.  I'm hoping to turn them into my bank as I believe that they might have been the folks who hit my credit card for fraud and made me get a new card?  Dunno if they can help me at all but I'm so sad about all this.  I need stuff to take my mind off of the pain and so I like nice long novels that go on for 3-6+ books.  I like DVD's where you have 100 and the ones I want, Dark Shadow's 1960's has 132!  Yes, you heard me right 132 lovely DVD's are in the set.
     I'm so sad today that I will be playing Quiggly Wiggly. Gee, you don't even know who he is. I need to make you some video's and need to be happy when I'm free and all alone tonight so I need to resolve some stuff.
     First I thought I lost this blog.  Chrome says that it doesn't exist?  HUH?  So I went to the Blogger Forums and let me just say that they are great.  Within a short amount of time I went from needing to open a review with Blogger to just using IE and VIOLA here's my blog.  So evidently Chrome users might be given a redirect which is just weird.
     Perhaps having lunch is a start.  It's 1 here and I haven't eaten anything good for me so far... those Milano's sure were tasty though. ;-)


  1. They did the same to me for dark shadows, I filed a complaint with the better business buau. And perhaps local authority as well it's fraud u go to jail for this. Out 140 bucks myself.

    1. I was one of the fortunate ones. I have been with my bank for 30 some odd years, I was outside their fraud claim date by five days (filed at 65 days from purchase). Even though I was outside they allowed me to make a claim. I sent them about 25 pages of e-mails between myself and Gordon in which I'd given him the grace to make good his claims to me. He knew what he was doing, he waited the 60 days for the claim time to expire so that they wouldn't file on him. The jail time is 5 years and the fine is $250,000 if the FBI catches up with him. Meanwhile, I have moved on, I purchased the coffin from a legitimate seller and am almost through to the last DVD. It's well worth the price. I paid $340 for mine. They will continue to drop in price as the MSRP is $599 so it's already gone down a good bit since it was released. I hope you can move on too. I know how hard it was for me to forgive him but I have now and have closure. I just feel really sorry for him as he must keep on the move or get caught. I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive him and move on too.