Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dark Shadows 1960, Part 3 and final?

     I can not recommend Silverbed85 on ebay highly enough!  My Barnabas has arrived, in record time as well as very safely packaged!  Check between posts if you don't believe me.  $2.99 for shipping something that must weigh 20 pounds! CRAZY! but I kid you not, vampires must be made of marble.  HAHA  teeeheeehheheheee.
      AHHH me so happy.  Ok I have to admit... I cried when I held the box.  When I opened it I kissed it.
     Yeah, long time coming and a lot of headaches between but hey this Silverbed85 is a bed of roses for me.  How sweet it is.
        If you are at all familiar with the story you know that Josette had a music box.  In the 1960's story it looked a little like this and then had a lid.

I'm thinking of getting another of these metal cup thingy's to cover the top of it as I can't imagine actually being able to find a top.
It should be a simple thing to find a music box component which can be contained within the glass.
     The other item I have been working on is this lovely, but oh so delicate flower.  I found this mosaic mirror tile and thought it would be perfect, taking it a step further I come to find that a plan glass votive with the flower attached to the SIDE instead will make this a practical item as well as beautiful.
     Off to clear away some of the mess and work on my swapee's 2nd hand knit project and pack away some other Spring Fling Swap items.  I found myself enraptured with the green sweater from sock yarn that I have been working on as the sleeves look like little ruffled mermaids or something.  ENTRANCED tole ya.
One happy and highly emotional Yarn Fairy signing off.  LOVE what you are doing or STOP and do something else, life is far too short.

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