Friday, February 15, 2013

Dark Shadow's 1960 Part 2

Victim is not my name!  I can't be pulled down by bad people and I will forgive Gordon Kennedy for the mean person that is he.  I played with Quiggly, took my belt in a notch, pulled up my boot straps and spent EVERY penny I have on this.
Off of Ebay from  silverbed85 who has a 100% feedback rating AND is located in the same state as me.  If DH would have picked it up I could have saved 50 or so bucks but I believe that this will go down without a hitch this time and I should have them in a week or two.  They said 2-22 through 3-1 but that's media mail dates.  I then wrote to the seller as paypal had my street address which  media mail doesn't hit but the POB so I straightened that out and wrote:
"AND I have a terrible story to tell you. I ordered
these from DVD Gator 12-11-12 and they were bad people who never sent the
DVD's and TOOK my money. I'm really sad so I was happy to find you. It
just took every last dime to pay you and well, could you PLEASE PRETTY
PLEASE ship this out tomorrow? I'm asking a lot but I would reallly love
it if you would make up for the foul behaviour of the guy who went before
you. Not like you have to or are beholden to me but I'm an invalid with
nothing to do and love this series and Netflix got me hooked & only showed
225 of them starting in the middle and left me in the middle- in the lurch.
Ok, rambling on, well, could you please ship them asap? Do you need me
to do something to change the address? THANKS!"
     I don't expect better service but it made me feel so much better knowing that I'd posted both the earlier post BAD GORDON and can post another post on the same day saying ok I'm free and I have forgiven the bad dude due to Silverbeds being a good person and a legitamate service.  LAST time I freak and buy something without checking on the site.  I had been doing really well up until this happened.

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