Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dark Shadows 1960, Part 3 and final?

     I can not recommend Silverbed85 on ebay highly enough!  My Barnabas has arrived, in record time as well as very safely packaged!  Check between posts if you don't believe me.  $2.99 for shipping something that must weigh 20 pounds! CRAZY! but I kid you not, vampires must be made of marble.  HAHA  teeeheeehheheheee.
      AHHH me so happy.  Ok I have to admit... I cried when I held the box.  When I opened it I kissed it.
     Yeah, long time coming and a lot of headaches between but hey this Silverbed85 is a bed of roses for me.  How sweet it is.
        If you are at all familiar with the story you know that Josette had a music box.  In the 1960's story it looked a little like this and then had a lid.

I'm thinking of getting another of these metal cup thingy's to cover the top of it as I can't imagine actually being able to find a top.
It should be a simple thing to find a music box component which can be contained within the glass.
     The other item I have been working on is this lovely, but oh so delicate flower.  I found this mosaic mirror tile and thought it would be perfect, taking it a step further I come to find that a plan glass votive with the flower attached to the SIDE instead will make this a practical item as well as beautiful.
     Off to clear away some of the mess and work on my swapee's 2nd hand knit project and pack away some other Spring Fling Swap items.  I found myself enraptured with the green sweater from sock yarn that I have been working on as the sleeves look like little ruffled mermaids or something.  ENTRANCED tole ya.
One happy and highly emotional Yarn Fairy signing off.  LOVE what you are doing or STOP and do something else, life is far too short.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Dark Shadow's 1960 Part 2

Victim is not my name!  I can't be pulled down by bad people and I will forgive Gordon Kennedy for the mean person that is he.  I played with Quiggly, took my belt in a notch, pulled up my boot straps and spent EVERY penny I have on this.
Off of Ebay from  silverbed85 who has a 100% feedback rating AND is located in the same state as me.  If DH would have picked it up I could have saved 50 or so bucks but I believe that this will go down without a hitch this time and I should have them in a week or two.  They said 2-22 through 3-1 but that's media mail dates.  I then wrote to the seller as paypal had my street address which  media mail doesn't hit but the POB so I straightened that out and wrote:
"AND I have a terrible story to tell you. I ordered
these from DVD Gator 12-11-12 and they were bad people who never sent the
DVD's and TOOK my money. I'm really sad so I was happy to find you. It
just took every last dime to pay you and well, could you PLEASE PRETTY
PLEASE ship this out tomorrow? I'm asking a lot but I would reallly love
it if you would make up for the foul behaviour of the guy who went before
you. Not like you have to or are beholden to me but I'm an invalid with
nothing to do and love this series and Netflix got me hooked & only showed
225 of them starting in the middle and left me in the middle- in the lurch.
Ok, rambling on, well, could you please ship them asap? Do you need me
to do something to change the address? THANKS!"
     I don't expect better service but it made me feel so much better knowing that I'd posted both the earlier post BAD GORDON and can post another post on the same day saying ok I'm free and I have forgiven the bad dude due to Silverbeds being a good person and a legitamate service.  LAST time I freak and buy something without checking on the site.  I had been doing really well up until this happened.

DVD Gator

Back on 12-11-13 I ordered a set of DVD's from DVD Gator and I have been hounding them every since.  I gave them $140 and then today my e-mails are returned and POOF so is their site.  I'm hoping to turn them into my bank as I believe that they might have been the folks who hit my credit card for fraud and made me get a new card?  Dunno if they can help me at all but I'm so sad about all this.  I need stuff to take my mind off of the pain and so I like nice long novels that go on for 3-6+ books.  I like DVD's where you have 100 and the ones I want, Dark Shadow's 1960's has 132!  Yes, you heard me right 132 lovely DVD's are in the set.
     I'm so sad today that I will be playing Quiggly Wiggly. Gee, you don't even know who he is. I need to make you some video's and need to be happy when I'm free and all alone tonight so I need to resolve some stuff.
     First I thought I lost this blog.  Chrome says that it doesn't exist?  HUH?  So I went to the Blogger Forums and let me just say that they are great.  Within a short amount of time I went from needing to open a review with Blogger to just using IE and VIOLA here's my blog.  So evidently Chrome users might be given a redirect which is just weird.
     Perhaps having lunch is a start.  It's 1 here and I haven't eaten anything good for me so far... those Milano's sure were tasty though. ;-)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pixie Puddles

Time for a new project kiddlings.  We are really excited about this one as it's foreign ground.  Sure we have spun lots, sure we have knit with our hand spun BUT we have never used angora and so consider this a challenge shawl.
    We bought what? 4 ounces of rabbit angora... one in white and one in tort which has brown in it.
From Atelier du Coeur on Etsy.  It was very resonably priced so I was able to get the full 8 ounces, four for each of us.
     Then we bought 3 ounces of Tinkerbell which is in two 1.5 ounce batts.  More for the name then anything else.  This came in already separated for us which was the one that got me thinking about Fleegles shawl that was a hand spun.  If you scroll down to the end of this PAGE you will see her shawl all puddled up which is where you can see the gradient in effect.
     Atelier Du Coeur's TJ was very helpful in sending through a bunch of YouTube video's on working with angora which I watched faithfully.  In the end I came to realize that you either have to spin from the straight on this stuff or card it with something else.  What's the something else?  Ashland Bay merino 64 count (super soft) undyed which is ecru not white.
     After we half our wares we will each end up with:
  1. 4 ounces of the white angora 
  2. 1.5 ounce batt 
  3. 4 ounces of Ashland Bay undyed  
The plan is to make a shawl from our hand spun yarnthat goes from natural through to green slowly coming in like the puddle shawl above.
     We figure with Pixie being in the midst we will design a start for the shawl of dust.... tiny little something pattern.  This will then have Tinks bodice as the top pattern.
Then some where in there we need to have wings to fly.

The end will have her scalloped hem as in Tinks dress.  
     We will either ply it back with a cobweb silk thread or core spin.  We aren't sure which will work better but I know that we have to have that color to flow seamlessly through from one color to the next getting deeper as we go.  Or working back to the white depending on how it works out.
     Neither of us has worked with angora and know that it's fickle before we start. Daunting but we are up to it.  We are armed to the teeth!!! With our lace whirls and our fine hand carders. We realize that it will have to be spun straight and not from the fold or we pay in prickliness which is where the Ashland Bay products will have to come in as I believe we will have to card the fibers together.  
     Well, a girl can dream can't she?  I'm sure that I have white cobweb cashmere in the stash so we are good to go.  
     I'm outta here, hoping you are having a wonderful day.  Pixie Dust to you and yours.  YF & P#1