Monday, January 14, 2013

Raw fleece for sale

Our old pal Spanky has gone home to his old Mommy as we couldn't take care of him any longer, it's been sad and blue here.  
Right after Spanky left my beloved Coco was to follow right on his heals.  I haven't been able to tell you as time after time I'd cry my heart out while writing.  Poor Coco, I miss him so much it hurts. Our beloved Spanish Gaited Pony was with us for many years but was just a large lawn ornament as DH was fond of saying. He had health issues that we could no longer keep up with financially.  While at the vet he gathered women's hearts like horses normally gather flies.  The minute one customer with a loving soul saw him, she immediately proceeded to fall in love with him and spoiled him silly.  Enough that he's got 4 good and proper shoes on and can trot a bit.  He'd foundered badly and had diabetes, which is why we were no longer able to keep him.  He's got a lovely dream boat of a trot, that smooth, level, high stepping trot that is indicative of their bred.  I miss my boys though.  He's on to greener pastures though as my vet assured us that he will be doted on and well cared for with the necessary meds and everything he will need.  Heck, he's probably in a heated barn now.  Least wise I like to think so.
     If anyone has a daughter or granddaughter needing jodhpurs I have a brand new pair, never been worn, with the padded leather thighs for a size 10-12 child.  Please PM me as we also have a brand new western saddle and many other horsey items.
     Meanwhile Spanky went back to his old owner and now our bottom acres empty and lonely.  Part of me wants to ship in Ramboillet sheep, cashmere goats and have a go at their fiber but I full well know I can't take care of them and I can't saddle the children with their care.  While Spanky was there his year long coat was shorn and the dear woman didn't just give me his fleece but many more.  So many more that I will have to sell a few just to get some room back in the barn.  
Fleece facts - Pristine in a word.

The fleece weigh about 4 +/- pounds each.  The Suffolk/Hampshire cross ewes have a tremendous amount of crimp in the fiber so much so that the locks grow from what looks like 2 inches.  Opened and pulled out they are really measuring in at 5 inches, serious crimp which means it's great for newbies and beginning spinners.

In this photo you can see all the crimp in the fleece. The ONLY VM in is is what you see, little particles of an unidentifiable item, most of which is dirt that dissolves in the wash. All in all it's a lovely fleece which will require little prep. They are all white in color, single fiber (no guard hairs). I was told by the sheerer that they were skirted but I'm not positive about that and can't be.  If I opened each one up I Know I wont want to let them go!!!
Washed and fully fluffed up-see what I mean?  It's all gone now and the crimps still there.  I love that it washes out so clean.  This was washed just once!

Not fluffed taken so you can see the VM... see that tiny bit of what? Broken straw? It's so small like 1/8th an inch, these are VERY clean fleece. AND... now I want to keep them all. Terrible! This is a high end fleece in the medium grade category. We have 2 Southdown and Spankies fleece which is also Southdown and we have about 10 high crimp fleece which are Suffolk/Hampshire cross ewes.  After washing that first lock I spun it up.  It only wanted to be a 2 ply lace weight, nothing else.  I have NEVER had a yarn scream at me the way this one did.  
Here is it after plying and after making into a crocheted chain  So what is that? You could call the above a 4 ply then.  See how bright white and the halo?

Here's the same yarn made into a quick bracelet to test for itch factor.  I am normally very sensitive to wool but this one... I wore it for 24 hours and forgot it was on me.  :-)  See WHY I want to keep them all?  But I can't spin them all up on my own.  If you would like some raw fiber please PM me.  $10 per 8 ounce bag.


  1. ((Hugs)) hard to let a beloved pet go. It's definitely a consolation knowing they're loved and cared for, but empty pastures are no fun.

  2. I am looking to buy some raw fleece, actually desperate as i have run out of fiber, i am new to spinning, and have gone through everything i have. could you send me an email with details???