Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Day and free pattern for a book thong

     DH is on his way home from his out of town jaunt and all is well in my world.
     Here's the bracelet I have shared with a few of you.  A simple chain which you can hang your lobster claws off of from prior KAL's.  Left to right, Spring, 2 PB, M4, Chevy, Silken Web, PB crystal and Raven.

     WOW what a lot of stuff I have to share with you today.  Lets start with the book thongs!  :-)
First this tassel one,,, the tassel is from a good friend and it was on a present for Christmas.  I needed to do something special with it so I took some of the yarn she used from the shawl she made me and used it to make this book marker.  This thing is great! It will fit on large to small books as it's open at the top to slide up and down.  I even use these to keep the book open while reading it propped on my Lucite book holder.  Then I made this one out of the same yarn as it was going back to the party who made my shawl.  I thought she'd get a kick out of the same yarn and beads,,, then I added some lovely clear AB crystals and the hand made frog bead.  Isn't he cute!!
I really loved this bead below so then I made her this one below out of Minkie which she also gifted me with and I STILL have more of after making a hat, neck warmer, ruffled wrist warmers and so it goes.  That green glass leaf is also a tension reliever as it spins!
By this time I was really in the swing of things and realized that it could also be used as a choker.  From the new fleeces I have - I spun a super fine yarn (see previous post) and I made this one for me.
They are super easy to make as they are just a crocheted chain.  Here's a quick pattern for you.  First you make a hole to slip the end through.  The bigger the item on the end the larger the hole.  Then you make the chain while beading right at the hole (you can bead the hole too!) then after about 4" I stopped beading for the back of the neck (long hair) and continued when it came to the side again.  Finished it off with more crystals and a snowflake crystal.  VIOLA! Book thong or choker.  A fast, easy project which you can make out of literally anything!  I wanted to "test" the fleece for itch and there was none which is a good thing as the neck is a super sensitive spot.
       I'm sure I told you about this before but we love Iherb.com they have the best prices and we get all our herbs, essential oils and body products from them.  Well, they also carry Happy Camper which is something I have taken for a long time now every winter as I have S.A.D. along with everything else.  My "InValid" status and pain levels bring on more depression.  I haven't been able to take any of the doctors antidepressant pills and this stuff has been a life saver, literally.  I highly recommend it and if you go there use the coupon WEN537 and you will get a discount, not trying to sell anything, just really pleased with their products.
     Say hello to Aqua Man!  I didn't get a photo of it on him but this is my little dogs new winter coat.  Well, shirt and pants is more like it.  I made a welt at the top of the pants. :-)  Cute eh!  It's a good thing he's patient with me as I tried it on him continuously to make sure it fit well.  He's been wearing it all the time due to the freak storm we got.  It hailed, snowed and there was thunder and lighting!  CRAZY storm!  It hasn't gotten warm here but rather has been just above freezing ever since.  It's been nice to look outside and see a winter wonderland.
Another Christmas present that I use to cover my knitting basket.  It's from my D-I-L, I LOVE my girls!

Here's the snood I made for DD, one of her presents, she wears it with the hat I made from a tensil/silk blend.  There are real crystals and mother of pearl along the edge.
     Another DD present can be found here.  And one for DS here.  I have a few for DD that didn't get finished in time which will conveniently turn into b-day presents if I can finish them.
     Ya'll know how enamored I am of the author Phillipa Ballentine?  Well, I received the rest of her books for Christmas!  While I read them late at night I have been working on a pair of steam punk gloves for her that I call Sive of the Shining. Sive is a character I feel in love with from one of her first books Chasing the Bard.  You have to read this book if you haven't already.  The gloves are long, a plum color that she picked from 4 possibles that I hand painted for her.  They are done on my silver shot yarn of course!  Steam punk after all has metal in it!  LOTS of metal, so do the gloves.  The goggles are finished.  :-)  What would a Steam punk gauntlet be without goggles?  They have corset shaping up the back and I'm waiting to hear back from her if she wants hand painted silk or black velvet to lace them up with.  She's got two new books coming out this year so I'm sure she's neck deep in writing them.  I will get you a photo of them eventually.  They are 2 at a time as I don't like the SSS AKA Second Sock Syndrome which can and does strike at gloves as well.  They are about 6 inches long now.  I'm working on a lace diamond pattern which will grow larger until it hits the hand with a large metal and lace diamond.  These are done late at night while reading her books.  :-)
     I finished my sample of the Princess Bride gloves last night they are lovely!  Just need to block them now and I will have photos when the KAL opens in a month or so.  Been working on the pattern for the Winter KAL which we have already dyed the yarn for.  I can't wait to get back to work.  Speaking of... I'd better close.  
     Let me leave you with an ET photo... one of our beloved pets is in this melee.  Hope your year has started out GRAND!  I'm convinced that this will be a better year for everyone.

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