Thursday, January 17, 2013

Deacon Sorcha Faris Gauntlets

UPDATE: here what she had to say about the gloves after reciept of them.

You know my love of Phillipa Ballentine, author correct? She sent me a signed copy of my favorite book of her's, Chasing the Bard, LOVED IT! So I wanted to do something special for her as a thank you and for being an all time favorite author of mine.  I go back to her books and audio - yes she's got them all over at  I read them over and over so I decided that the heroine of Chasing the Bard needed gloves... long gloves as authors get cold when writing. So last summer/fall I dyed the yarn, 4 different skeins and let her pick.  In the fall she choose the plum color over violet or black. I thought she might like the black as it was the color of Sive's hair sort of.  The plum though was in my Silver shot of course as she's into Steam Punk stuff and goes to the Cons and all that so I'd hoped they could possibly become part of a costume as well. 
        Perfect!  So I started to buy silver colored beads. MANY different sizes, shapes and so many lovelies I have now.  Next step was to start or hit the design software.  I cast on, started with a lot of stitches so they could be nice and long.  I start the gloves and realized that they needed corset shaping in case the metal was too heavy. So I started making holes up the back side to lace them. I asked PJ the other day if she'd prefer black velvet or hand painted silk for the lacings. 
      For Christmas the family bought me the rest of her books so I was able to work late into the night now, reading Hunter and the Fox and working on Pips gloves.  I finished the book and went looking to preorder the next one cause surely that didn't just END on me!  Nope and I found Kindred at Amazon for preorder and ordered another preorder for the series I went into next.  While there I bought the last book I didn't have of PJ's and I wrote a review.
     Then it all broke loose under me.  These are NOT Sive's gloves but Deacon Sorcha Faris gauntlets!  Check this out.  I had been reading this book and got almost all the way through when it hit me... the gloves I'm making a VERY like what's being described here!
Above is the front cover of Geist which is A Book of the Order, the first of the series.  See the corset lacing up the underside.  I thought hum, wow they are so much like my gloves.
So I pulled out the next book in the series Wrayth and see more lacing.  

Not the type to be put off easily I kept going and pulled out the next book.  WOW! NO WAY!  The same diamond shape I'd been putting into the gloves all this time!  Then they get on an air ship and they have the goggles which are the first metal detailing I put into the gloves.  These will be finished in short order now as I only have that last large diamond shape to bead and put into the front of the hand.  I have asked PJ if she'd prefer brown leather lacing instead as I have a spool of that already here.  
I just don't have anything flat or with a buckle... but man!  What are the chances that I would make a design that is on the front cover of these books?  Books that I saw for the first time ever when I got them at Christmas!  CRAZY making! when I think too hard about it.  YIKES!  So I like to just think I was trackin with PJ cause she's my fav and prefer to just go there instead.
Hope you are having a fantastic Fae day.  

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