Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Casting on again

Last night found me casting on a sweater from my hand spun yarn.  This is a fingering/lace weight yarn which I plied back onto itself.  There is about 8 ounces of it and after working for 6 hours on the sweater I'm right around just below the bust line.  After making many bottom up sweaters I pretty much have this thing down. I'm doing a pullover as normally I find I don't unbutton my sweaters. I'm making a cowl as I love to have something to roll up around my neck and possibly head for those really cold winter mornings.
This is it, it's much better looking in person, more blue but isn't the yarn NUMMY!

     Of course my swappee needs something... all I'm sharing is the yarn. 


You gone!  :-)  

Ok, everybody else, this is going to my dear, beloved KK.  I love working with multiple colors and blending them throughout my work.  I guess I shouldn't say what my project is in case KK finds it.  So let me just show you this.
Remember my bead spinning bowl and my beader needle?  Well I believe I'm possibly using a ton of my 8/0's that are left over from the PB KAL.   OOOH actually ALL the KAL beads go with this shawl!  Gee, I can make my doodly do drops too with all the different shapes.  Hum,,, better not get so far ahead of myself as I have other work to get to as well.  All those patterns which are just needing a wee bit of work and lets not forget KAL's and Raven knitting. I probably bit off more then I can chew but then don't I always? and I don't have to use ALL this yarn.  KK's not THAT big after all. 
    Did you get to see DS with his monster Lego set?  Crazy man!  If you need me I'm recovering from shipping, I can be found in my nest.

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