Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bead Spinners & leather journals

     Have you seen them? Bead spinners come in wood that you twirl or plastic that's battery operated so you don't have to mess with the twirling... I got the wood one as I LOVE me some wood. Where ever I can I get wood over plastic any day. So there's a bowl resting on a platform. The bowl has a metal rod that you twirl and the bowl spins. When you use a bent hook/needle you can load it really fast with a bunch of beads. I thought it would be great for a shawl that uses like 3000 beads. :-)  

The plastic one runs about $40 
The wood about $20.  See the rough edge at the top?  That makes it easier to keep spinning.  They do sell them with smooth tops and I don't recommend that type as it might give you finger fatigue.
     These can be used with the bent needles or with a wire beader that holds a lot of needles which are used for beading shawls.  Or with Super Floss if that's your method of choice.
     While I'm sharing with you I think it would be fun to show you some leather journals I ran across.  Some of them are tied with leather straps, others hold together with fancy brass C slide clamps.
The black one on the left has a turquoise stone in it, you can't really tell here.  On the right the tree of life which I love and it shows up in a lot of my stuff I do.  These are imported from India and they came relatively fast after customs had to see them.  Just a small warning, make sure you double check the math when you go to make your payment.  ;-)
     AND it's off!  Sands of Time has been shipped.  The Raven is still in revision and sample knitting.  I believe I'm on chart 3 but had to put it aside to work on the Phase Changing Shawl which is the next KAL up.  DD and I are working on it now and we both love it!  If you are wondering, Tink is my Ipod holder, she's on a rope to hang around my neck and has a padding and a snap to hold the Ipod inside so it doesn't slip out.
     If you need me we will be kitting and then, after working hours, knitting on the Phase Changing shawl

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