Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Middle Earth

Yes we are an odd family, we dressed to go see the opening of The Hobbit.  There was much oogling and as far as I could see, only one other group dressed.  BUT we wear it well.
    I had all of my items already in my wardrobe  how scary is that?  Yes, I dress this way and yes I have THREE wreaths.  What you can't see is my cape.  It is a hand woven purple woolen I purchased years ago at a Scottish Festival.  Complete with satin lined hood, LOVE my cape.
    Actually the only items which were purchased for the event were the children's capes and Pixie #2's gold vest... which he has worn to church!  While I'm sharing secrets,,, he also wore his KILT to church once with the full tartan gear and sporran.  DH's boots go to his knees and are a suede type item he wears with his kilt.  The duster was a gift from me years ago as were the boots and top come to think of it.  Ok so I dressed them!  :-)  DD fell head over heels with her cape and it was the most expensive item but much beloved and fits her to a T.
It has black velvet on the outside and inside it's lined with satin which has little circles gathered every 5 inches or so... which makes a melon quilt shape for those of you familiar with quilting.  She made her headband, the necklace is blue on one side and green on the other, it contains a vial of orange oil which smells heavenly.  You can hardly see it but I made the clasp on DS's cape.  It's this weird beaded metal woven thing which worked perfectly.
     I made my corset about 8 years ago and a few years back added the silk ribbon embroidery.  See the worry beads?  I love that large lobster claw it goes anywhere I want it to go.
     Pixie #1 might have a problem with me sharing her laughing so I thought I'd post my oriental chipmunk look to help her out.  YUP so not as photogenic as I used to be when I tried out for the Rose Queen of Pasadena back in the day... many, many moons ago.
     On to the fun stuff.  We get there and we girls are waiting for the men to arrive after parking the beast.  While trying to keep warm, in vain I might add... who do I spy?  Frodo!  Complete with BARE FEET!!!  In the low 40 degree freezing midnight air.  I couldn't believe how much he looked like Frodo.  He had the stick and the back pack, green shorty pants and a homespun shirt.  He was AWESOME!  Behind him were not one, not two but THREE Gandolf the Gray's!  Full hair, beard and belted cape thingy's.  Their sticks were complete with the blue glow light too.
     We get inside about 30 minutes before it starts and guess what?  No good seats were left and everybody in the theater watched us walk across it!  Great! right? The only seats left were the front section, you know those 4 rows that no one sits in?  Well, guess who we sat in front of?  You got it!  The Gandolf's!  HAHA it was great and really added to our little night out.  They said we were "Solid Elves", several times in a weird creepy, young person wannabe old wizard voice.  But it was still fun.  They talked through the trailers and pre-movie garbage and were hilarious!  At one point we found the OCD in the group. I laughed so hard and had to keep it to myself and tell my gang after the fact.  This one guy, he kept reaching for DD's head,,, due to the headband being OVER her hair and not under she had one of those bumps you get.  You know - when a bit of hair lumps up due to being pulled on something instead of being flat.  So he keeps reaching and his friend keeps slapping his hands.
     [Reach] "But I have to fix it!" 
     [Reach] "But I have to fix it!" 
SLAP "I said, NO!"
     It was hysterical, I couldn't keep from busting up and I couldn't tell my gang as the speakers were so loud and I was on the far end of everyone.  Last time I get left out on the outside.  It was a riot going home cause I notice everything, I'm a good people watcher, so I was able to relate things that no one else witnessed. 
      But - about half way home my ailments kicked into high gear.  It was all I could do to get into bed, then as many of you full well know I was unconscious from Friday through to Sunday when I tried to get out of bed and really shouldn't have.  I will get better, it will take about 3 weeks... but I will get better.  
     Meanwhile I have much to keep me occupied and keep my mind off of it.  I have the Princess Bride KAL pattern to continue writing and selecting the perfect beads... writing the perfect pattern.  Two actually as I decided to make them gloves OR a scarf for those who don't want to do gloves.  AND try! TRY to figure out how to get the very special thing out to some very special people without being bombarded as there are so few of them. HUM,,, I'm thinking... I'm thinking... nope not there yet.  Then there's the Raven I'm knitting for KP, I hit Chart 2 yesterday or should I say this morning as we made a very late night of it.  I finished a good bit of my Christmas knitting DS's jacket is finished.  I worked something for DH last minute, all 450 yards went down in like what? 3-4 days?  When I put my mind to something I can really get it done.  :-)  DS has three presents which turned into her b-day presents since I was able to work up 3 items for her I'm sure she wont be too disappointed.
     For you who have seen my last video... the roses are turning yellow and their leaves have started to flake off.  Hey, I did pretty good-since Labor Day.  At least it's not a total twig for 6 months like the last one was, if they go there they are being dumped as I have never been able to resurrect any of them.
     ENOUGH!  Yeah, putting off work further, not a good idea.  Carpe Diem! 

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  1. How lovely! The pictures are great; your children are beautiful and you all look like you're enjoying yourself immensely! Thanks for sharing - and I can't wait to see what your brain spews out as a result of all this!