Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chatty Patty

     Well Kiddies, seems that the chronic laryngitis is giving me a talkative streak that I'm finding hard to curtail.  Just needed to pop in and say hello and give you a small run down of a few more personal things.  

     First our family is going through the old TV show Dark Shadows from the 60's.  I can't imagine watching it in real time as each weekend there's a terrible cliff hanger!  We have all fallen in love with poor dear Barnabas who seems to always have an unrequited love story going on.
     One day as we were speaking of the cliff hangings Mom figured out that every episode ending in 0 and 5 ended on a cliff hanger, GO MOM. Unfortunately Netflix (which we just got finally!) doesn't have all of the episodes.  It starts at about 200 so we missed the first half of the series and I might have to purchase the 132 disk set!  BUT Barnabas shows up in the series just at the point we started watching so I'm not quite sure just yet.
     Of course this one will have to be purchased as well since we all love Johnny Depp.  His story about playing Barnabas has made watching the old series even fuller for us when we learned he would run home from school every day to watch it.  I was only about 5 at the time so it wasn't something for me, back in the day.
     Another must see is Blood and Chrome for all you BSG fans.  It's set as a prequel to what all has gone before and tells of Huskers' (Bill Adama) rise to Admiral of the fleet.
     On to knitting. One of DH's b-day presents this year was another pair of socks.  He's actually wearing them and giving me a big smile every time I see them on his feet.  I purl the feet for him, well really I knit them and turn them wrong side out and continue from there.  We find that they are more comfortable for him this way and he does a lot of walking at church in them.  He's got a lovely tie which is a perfect match.  They look horrid in this photo but he has large feet and I like to use up all the yarn... yes it's an undertaking of love to make a man sized pair of socks.  1000's of tiny stitches go into a pair but they last longer and are more loved because of it.

   In my last blog post I said we were all going NUTS and here's the proof.  Nuts.com is a great place to shop, even Lil' says so.  You can get organic dried fruits and all sorts of other items there.
     A side ways shot of my desk covered with M4 gear for making of SM's and Moon beads.  Tink pulling herself outta my coffee cup a must.  What a mess eh?  I work best in a mess as everything's right where you need it to be within arms reach.
     You know Dad goes out of town once a week right?  Well you know that when the cats away the wee mice (Fae) will play!  Here's a recent episode of one such night.  Yes, that's DD!  HAHA it didn't last long, it turned into a powder and the dust got everywhere!  So she washed it out that same night.  Needed DS's assistance to boot as came out with a green splotch still left in.
     Christmas knitting update... Swappee has a few rows left.  Large pink thing for someone who's reading this... about 50% done.  Large cream thing for someone who's reading this is at the tail end and then will need a border.  Large green jacket for someone who will not be reading is almost finished but I can only work on it on Sundays as that's the only time I'm away from DS and it's his.  He picked a lovely yarn and I'm making a jacket that I have made several times.  Need to get photos of all these things but I think I would like to get them with their owners as models.
     Been shopping at World Market a great deal and I want to share one item with you.  No make that two, oh bother the count!  The first is a soap that they have it's GREAT in gardenia which is one of my favorite scents.  I love the smell of Freesia as well but it's hard to find in products.  They also have lovely chocolate biscuits as the Brits call them. Many different types try them all. Oh and Panettone which is favored this time of year as french toast in this family.  Lastly their Jasmine Pearls for all you tea addicts out there this is a GREAT tea.  Of course I had to go and order all of this stuff as we are talking!  NUTS still.
     A good friend of mine sent us the Alpine Village advent calendar by Jacquiline Lawrence.  I always love receiving those cards through the year from friends.  When they come in I call the children round as I open the card and we watch it play out.  DS was just telling DD the day before that he want an advent calendar to open.  Timely as I never did finish the quilted one I have around here some place.  This calendar comes as a desktop snow globe and opens to a winter scene.  Each day that you open the calendar you watch another scene play out.  Then when you go back to the home page it has that area of the village opened and operating.  We all loved making the snowman which then appeared in the village!  Watching the bear on the ski lift who then took a header into the snow.  Now that area of the card is moving and you see the characters from each scene in the village.  My friend had to pay for this calendar and I appreciate her thoughtfulness as we all really love this snow ball village.
     Chatty Patty has spent far too much time away from Barnabas and the rest of my Fae, times calling me away.  Have a great day and a wonderful season.  

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