Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm a nut, self professed and self proclaimed NUT!  Watch this video and you will understand how BIG a nut I really am.  I even cut off the end of the video!  CHOP CHOP! as Julie D. from Forgotten Classics says so well in one of her readings.  
     Working hard at getting things done over here, finished another present, an XXL pair of socks.  So of course I had to start TWO new ones.  One of which is from my 72" long skein!  YEAH BABY, come to find it's a bit short I think... still only on the toes so I'm not positive.  
     Working hard on M4, we have now dyed three times for this KAL and have yarn everywhere as well as beading supplies and balls of wound yarn and! and! and!  Have to get some bead kits going so we can ship the International orders this weekend as I said I would.
     Started a sweater for DS who really needs a woolen sweater for he's soooo thin.  I keep thinking that our strong winds here are going to blow him away.  Somehow he makes it back inside every time.  He sprouted up really fast and this has made him super thin... working a size 40" for him though as I know he will turn into a really big boy.  AND he likes them large.  So it's this lovely Knit Picks yarn that looks hand painted.... going through lights and darks in an emerald green.  He picked it out and I picked out the pattern.  I did a TK for them a few years back and we all really loved the sweater, it has a laid back look that can be taken out to the office.
     Back to work Kiddies, I must go.  ENJOY your day.

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