Monday, November 5, 2012


I'm so excited to FINALLY get to share a bit of my MMario Luv with ya'll.  He's got a separate page so never fear this is not more of the same.  You can have a peek though.  

You haven't heard from me as I have been emulating Sleeping Beauty, perhaps not so much the beauty as the sleeping of late.  We went to a new doctor on Wednesday last who put me on new meds which flipped my world around.  Finally I'm to the point where I'm no longer sleeping round the clock so I can put in some time working.  I'm surrounded by paperwork!  Deluged is a better word!  I have a few things I would like to share with you all though before I hit this mountain.

      Here's my MMario KAL for Autumn called Choose Your Own Pi.  I made this from the long core spun yarn I made during Tour De Fleece this year.  I added a bunch of stuff at the end so that I could use up every last bit of yarn.  LOVE IT.

DD did all the work on The Silken Web all I did was bind off.  But WHAT a B/O!  I used a bead on every other stitch and used up almost all the extra beads.
What with the color of yarn and the beads on this one it's very antique looking.  The lines make it very fae web like.  There's a circle of flowers at the top of the shawl that goes over the center vertical line... it's the Fae Circle.  Then in the next quadrant you have the Goblet of life... can you see it there? The tiny shape in the corner.
Here the edge just drips with all those extra crystals and beads.  I used all types down here which makes it tinkle when it moves.

Next is a finished present, DD close the browser please.

She loves hats and snoods of all tpes... this is violet with mother of pearl stones around the face and crystals throughout.  This was a fast project even thought there are all those beads.

Next up SWAPEE TURN AWAY!  :-)  Yeah you know who you are.

This is a rather large tote bag made from my own hand spun which is going to my swappee for the Yarn Fairy Christmas swap.  This is ONE of her hand made presents.  Sort of a special bag all the way round.

Everybody went to Magic Mountain for home school day which evidently makes for NO lines. DH took our children and my girl friend and her children went.  The children ran the adults down!  Perfect if you like that sort of thing.  Just the thought makes my spine ache! :-)  DD got her face done in an Alice in Wonderland dress in about 10 minutes.

Every year DH takes a photo of the trees, we planted these the year after we built our home. Incredible Poplars!

DD made a shawl from her own hand spun.  We bought real copper beads for it.  A very special knit that she can dress up or down.  I'm happy for her that she's got these life long tools.

Lastly I have some very bad news to report.  My long term friend is dead.  I'm so sad!  I trained him and worked with my Coco every day when I was well.  He had foundered and was too far gone to save.  We tried everything and in the end he was just in far too much pain to allow to continue. 
I like to remember him like this, when he was healthy, running like the wind.  Or ripping off my hat, pulling down my skirt, ripping the trash bucket out of my hand that I'd just walked an acre to collect.  Then he'd tossed all the trash high into the air. Crazy pony. 

Or nights when we would stand together, me with my arm around his neck looking at the stars, him with his heavy head resting on my shoulder.  Yeah, I had a great friend.  I'm glad that I had him for the time that I did and he will be missed a great deal.  I knew when I last went to see him a month or so ago it would be my last.  I sat there at his head and fed him different grains and we talked.  I collapsed on the way back up the little hill and I knew I'd never make it back down there to say good by again.  We all new he wouldn't make it back from a trip to the vet.

I don't know how to end this on a happy note. 
I miss you Coco.


  1. Wendy,
    My heart is sad for you and my prayers and hugs are sent your way. Your lovely tribute to Coco touches me deeply as I can see him galloping over the rainbow bridge joining other special friends who have gone there before him.
    There's nothing like the love of a four legged friend. :,)

  2. What sad news. I'm sorry, Wendy. Both you and Katie knit beautiful shawls! I can't believe how big and mature she is now. She's lovely!

  3. I'm so sorry, Wendy. I've been a life-long horseperson and I know the bond you can form with them. When ever I need comfort, I always visualize the warmth and community and solidness of my equine family. Many of them are also happily grazing at the bridge waiting for me. Still, I miss them.

    Coco was beautiful, and you were both lucky to have each other. I'm glad you shared, and I'm glad you posted the photos. (((Hugs)))