Monday, November 19, 2012

Future projects and KALs

I have several designs I have been working on.  I can't tell you about all the stuff that's due to be published in different books but I can share about my own work.

Fluffy Blouse
Think lace

Think pearls and beads of your choosing.

Think dripping and over the edge knitting.

We already dyed the yarn for this project, least the TKers will have yarn when the design is further along.

Princess Bride Gloves

Think pearls, silver metal beads and lace, think her wedding outfit. LOVELY delicate and you could do several different versions. The yarn base either 50/50 silk/merino for sheen and luxury or silver shot to go with her crown of silver leaves and flowers.   

OOOOO and get this! Last night I had designs floating through my head! LOADS are coming to me nights when I can't sleep I will see a shape and then see the garment and it's driving me buggy as I don't want to turn on the lights and wake everyone up but last night I had a SKIRT!!!!! A-line but high in the front and floor length in the back! 
Not pleated just 1-line with pointed edging done on large needles with a finer light weight yarn as a skirt can be heavy. OOOOH MY brains are exploding! We could make the top and matching skirt!!!!!! It could be Fluffy's Blouse's partner! OH man! We could make matching skirts for an incredible outfit which could be switched off with different combos in your wardrobe and since they are on large needles in the round it would go so fast.
     You who know me are probably saying she will do them all!  Allow me to say, you are probably correct in your assumptions.  ;-)

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