Monday, November 19, 2012

Future projects and KALs

I have several designs I have been working on.  I can't tell you about all the stuff that's due to be published in different books but I can share about my own work.

Fluffy Blouse
Think lace

Think pearls and beads of your choosing.

Think dripping and over the edge knitting.

We already dyed the yarn for this project, least the TKers will have yarn when the design is further along.

Princess Bride Gloves

Think pearls, silver metal beads and lace, think her wedding outfit. LOVELY delicate and you could do several different versions. The yarn base either 50/50 silk/merino for sheen and luxury or silver shot to go with her crown of silver leaves and flowers.   

OOOOO and get this! Last night I had designs floating through my head! LOADS are coming to me nights when I can't sleep I will see a shape and then see the garment and it's driving me buggy as I don't want to turn on the lights and wake everyone up but last night I had a SKIRT!!!!! A-line but high in the front and floor length in the back! 
Not pleated just 1-line with pointed edging done on large needles with a finer light weight yarn as a skirt can be heavy. OOOOH MY brains are exploding! We could make the top and matching skirt!!!!!! It could be Fluffy's Blouse's partner! OH man! We could make matching skirts for an incredible outfit which could be switched off with different combos in your wardrobe and since they are on large needles in the round it would go so fast.
     You who know me are probably saying she will do them all!  Allow me to say, you are probably correct in your assumptions.  ;-)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm a nut, self professed and self proclaimed NUT!  Watch this video and you will understand how BIG a nut I really am.  I even cut off the end of the video!  CHOP CHOP! as Julie D. from Forgotten Classics says so well in one of her readings.  
     Working hard at getting things done over here, finished another present, an XXL pair of socks.  So of course I had to start TWO new ones.  One of which is from my 72" long skein!  YEAH BABY, come to find it's a bit short I think... still only on the toes so I'm not positive.  
     Working hard on M4, we have now dyed three times for this KAL and have yarn everywhere as well as beading supplies and balls of wound yarn and! and! and!  Have to get some bead kits going so we can ship the International orders this weekend as I said I would.
     Started a sweater for DS who really needs a woolen sweater for he's soooo thin.  I keep thinking that our strong winds here are going to blow him away.  Somehow he makes it back inside every time.  He sprouted up really fast and this has made him super thin... working a size 40" for him though as I know he will turn into a really big boy.  AND he likes them large.  So it's this lovely Knit Picks yarn that looks hand painted.... going through lights and darks in an emerald green.  He picked it out and I picked out the pattern.  I did a TK for them a few years back and we all really loved the sweater, it has a laid back look that can be taken out to the office.
     Back to work Kiddies, I must go.  ENJOY your day.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ailments & Doctors

     Well Kiddies, you are overdue for an update... as overdue as I was overdue to see a doctor.  Remember when I posted that I had hope that I was going to get some help?  Many of you probably don't know that I'm chair/bed/house bound.  I don't like to talk about it as it depresses me and I'd rather think about the things I can do rather then all that I can't do as that list is far too long.  We had seen the doctor and waited for a referral,,, and waited,,, and called,,, and waited... and on it went for FAR too long.  At about 45 days we finally got the referral, DH did anyway, after really bugging them to tears.  
     On 10-31 we finally went to see a pain management doctor.  She said what they all say, I see no reason for your pain.  Like I'm lying!  Who'd intentionally NOT walk?  It makes me so frustrated, all you have to do is LOOK at my face to see what I'm going through which is why there are no recent photos of me (last four years or so).  Needless to say she has NO bed side manner.  She did know Dr. Dinh who was the only doctor I really trusted and loved.  He was terrific but, he's in Kaiser so I can't see him and I miss him so dearly.  Towards the end of the appointment I could see she wasn't going to help me and it brought me to tears.  I'm still not sure why she helped me but she did.  She's wrote some Rx's and got me to sign for my medical records to be released to her.  I only hope and pray that she doesn't take everything back after seeing my tests.  They all show nothing it's so frustrating as something has taken my entire life away and no one can find out why.  I have long ago stopped asking why and have been begging just for help.
     What happened with the new meds?  I came down from a pain level 8-10 ... screaming, moaning and crying all day and night... being woke up from crippling pain that was killing my soul. I didn't go back to the 4-6 pain level I was at a few months back... nope.... but I'm some place about a 2-3! PTL I feel good and the word better has crept back into my vocabulary.  I didn't come away unscathed.  A few more deeper wrinkles, teeth ground down and many more gray hairs but I feel BETTER! I can't believe it was even possible. The new doctor put me on a massive muscle relaxer that knocked me flat and kept me asleep for most of the withdrawals off of the old pain meds. I slept for a long time, three days and nights. When I woke I felt like I'd had the flu... I still feel like that and there's a good bit of blurred vision on this new drug but WOW I'm better! I can tell it's just a mask as I'm always covered in a cold sweat the - one you have with great pain. But I don't care! I hit 50 and I have lived through it to tell the tale. These last 6 months have been so bad I just want to forget them. I can't believe that the Lord pulled me through I really thought I would take my own life many times these last few months as the pain was that bad.  So many of you held my hand, held me up or picked me up when I fell down.  The pain, it's gone!  I am free to live again!  I'm terrified that someone is going to pull the rug out from under me and say haha it was just a joke... a dream... that the other shoe will fall... so I'm living day by day and the tears now are from happiness.
     Yesterday I was literally able to kick the Pixies tooshies!  I had fun!  I went from one lap to the next -kisses all round.  We dances in the kitchen and sang songs in the bedroom (Woad in the Garden!).  At the end of the day I knew it was all too much as I was shaking and had the muscles all cramping up but it was so worth it.  I was able to make my Kombu and some tuna mac N cheese.  I know gross - but it was what I was craving.  So thank you's all round to all my intimate friends who have helped me through the fire. 

Monday, November 5, 2012


I'm so excited to FINALLY get to share a bit of my MMario Luv with ya'll.  He's got a separate page so never fear this is not more of the same.  You can have a peek though.  

You haven't heard from me as I have been emulating Sleeping Beauty, perhaps not so much the beauty as the sleeping of late.  We went to a new doctor on Wednesday last who put me on new meds which flipped my world around.  Finally I'm to the point where I'm no longer sleeping round the clock so I can put in some time working.  I'm surrounded by paperwork!  Deluged is a better word!  I have a few things I would like to share with you all though before I hit this mountain.

      Here's my MMario KAL for Autumn called Choose Your Own Pi.  I made this from the long core spun yarn I made during Tour De Fleece this year.  I added a bunch of stuff at the end so that I could use up every last bit of yarn.  LOVE IT.

DD did all the work on The Silken Web all I did was bind off.  But WHAT a B/O!  I used a bead on every other stitch and used up almost all the extra beads.
What with the color of yarn and the beads on this one it's very antique looking.  The lines make it very fae web like.  There's a circle of flowers at the top of the shawl that goes over the center vertical line... it's the Fae Circle.  Then in the next quadrant you have the Goblet of life... can you see it there? The tiny shape in the corner.
Here the edge just drips with all those extra crystals and beads.  I used all types down here which makes it tinkle when it moves.

Next is a finished present, DD close the browser please.

She loves hats and snoods of all tpes... this is violet with mother of pearl stones around the face and crystals throughout.  This was a fast project even thought there are all those beads.

Next up SWAPEE TURN AWAY!  :-)  Yeah you know who you are.

This is a rather large tote bag made from my own hand spun which is going to my swappee for the Yarn Fairy Christmas swap.  This is ONE of her hand made presents.  Sort of a special bag all the way round.

Everybody went to Magic Mountain for home school day which evidently makes for NO lines. DH took our children and my girl friend and her children went.  The children ran the adults down!  Perfect if you like that sort of thing.  Just the thought makes my spine ache! :-)  DD got her face done in an Alice in Wonderland dress in about 10 minutes.

Every year DH takes a photo of the trees, we planted these the year after we built our home. Incredible Poplars!

DD made a shawl from her own hand spun.  We bought real copper beads for it.  A very special knit that she can dress up or down.  I'm happy for her that she's got these life long tools.

Lastly I have some very bad news to report.  My long term friend is dead.  I'm so sad!  I trained him and worked with my Coco every day when I was well.  He had foundered and was too far gone to save.  We tried everything and in the end he was just in far too much pain to allow to continue. 
I like to remember him like this, when he was healthy, running like the wind.  Or ripping off my hat, pulling down my skirt, ripping the trash bucket out of my hand that I'd just walked an acre to collect.  Then he'd tossed all the trash high into the air. Crazy pony. 

Or nights when we would stand together, me with my arm around his neck looking at the stars, him with his heavy head resting on my shoulder.  Yeah, I had a great friend.  I'm glad that I had him for the time that I did and he will be missed a great deal.  I knew when I last went to see him a month or so ago it would be my last.  I sat there at his head and fed him different grains and we talked.  I collapsed on the way back up the little hill and I knew I'd never make it back down there to say good by again.  We all new he wouldn't make it back from a trip to the vet.

I don't know how to end this on a happy note. 
I miss you Coco.