Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Day...

... From Hades.
      Labeled by the good "medical machine" with not one but TWO more incurable diseases.  Ya'll knew I shouldn't have hope right?  Well, they took my feet out from under me today and basically I feel like in the end there will be nothing, (again) that they can do.
     So what do we do?
     Look for something we CAN do instead of can NOT do right?
     Still up to my ears in work I didn't feel like I could just take the day off as I have 1-2 more days before this major project I'm working on is done.  Then I will be free to breath and be me again.  FREEDOM! Meanwhile nights I work on all the things my head churns through all day long.  With the help of a dear girl today, a lovely hand knit top design is coming along at an amazing clip.  A Christmas Blouse is a lace top worked on large needles in lace weight with pearls.  YUP I think that the colored pearls will look smashing with this one at least on a cream base.  Might have to delve into crystals for the deep bright, cobalt-royal blue.  Perhaps light green pearls for the green that is so saturated it goes into BLACK.  Or red heart crystals on the Scarlet color?  Dunno.  What I do know is that the pattern wrote itself!!! which is normally a really GOOD sign.

     Terrible photo but it's what I have tonight... that one on the right must be something special as it's so soft.  Yes it's then it's silver shot but it's also butta soft.  Will have to research and find out what base that is on.  I didn't have a blue like what I'm thinking of to photo for you.  What I can tell you is that there are floophy sleeves and it's sort of drippy lace.  More about that in the future.
     God knew I was going to need an uplift tonight and so I got a swap in the mail today!  What fun our ADOW girls did a swap and I failed totally to make what I sent out it Halloween but my swap partner did not.  In the book there's 3 different supernatural beings so my swap had 3 wrapped packages, one tailored to each!  FUN!
     Again, really bad photo as the yarn is nummy purples my favorite!  The lip gloss is clear but turns dark pink when you put it on and the tea (top center clear baggy) is an herbal I have never had before from a place I had not heard of.
     Best of all were the stitch markers!
     Matthew, the vampire from the book, wears a metal ampule of Bethany around his neck in the shape of a coffin... so here he is!  So cute!
     And so we press on. Life and it's curve balls.  Now I know why I don't do the doctors tests,,, again it's reaffirmed. 

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  1. If you remind me again if you have allergies or things you can't have herb-wise I can send you tea. I do have allergies and can never for the life of me remember what common thing they put in cold tea (for the germ, colds, vs tea you drink cold) that I can't have because it's related to something or cross pollens, or whatever. So because I am so weird with a gazillion food rules I am always afraid to send people things.
    "kika" (that girl with one arm, still can't feel all my fingers on the other arm yet)