Saturday, October 27, 2012

Birthday Dye Party

Today with my turning 50 we are celebrating with a birthday Dye Party!

Gradient Dye Party 10-27-2012

There are many methods of working long color changing yarns. We are going to work on one of the easier methods. Many involve a great deal of prep work and end up with massive snarls of yarn mess if you don't have good prep. Even with the best of prep you can still end up with a mess on your hands.

So we are going with a simple to prep, easy to understand method. Taking 50 yard increment skeins we are going to make each a shade different to gradually blend one color into the next. If you were in on our color changing class you pretty much already know how this is done.

Assuming you know the dye basics as you wouldn't be here if you didn't. You should know all about vinegar as a setting solution and how much dye is required for different things.

METHOD #1 Dip Dyeing using only one color:
This is the easiest method and requires a kettle/pot. Put all your well tied up skeins into the dye kettle-turn on. Pull out one immediately and set aside. Every few minutes (more or less so keep checking) remove another one. In the end you will have all different shades of this one color.

METHOD #2 Hand painting using a blend from one color into the next:
This method require hand painting. Give each of your skein a base coat of a light amount of your main color. I do this but sprinkling the smallest amount of color on a fork then whisk it up for a pale base coat.

Then place the skeins out on plastic wrap. Just like in the last class we are going to paint the skeins so that they blend. Lay them out and run the SAME dye over them all making them up with less and less of color #1 as you go. For example painting all skeins across in this manner:

First skein
Using color #1 paint 75% of this color and 25% of color #2

Second skein
Using color #1 paint 50% of this color and 50% of color #2

Third skein
Using color #1 paint 25% of this color and 75% of color #2

.and so on for as long as you like... this is the LEAST you want to do with this method. You can make them longer with different percentages but do not go smaller thinking you will take a solid though to a different solid with just one jump it wont work.

Then when you go to knit them remember everything from our first class and put the methods I taught you there into practice.

What doesn't work...

Making a caked ball and pulling from the center a bit at a time. For instance, pulling an inch and going left, next inch going right, etc till the balls gone and you have two piles of cat yuck. This method makes STRIPES! After all that work of untangling it after carefully dyeing it so that it doesn't cat yuck,,, it cat yucks anyway so steer clear of this method.

Making skeins in one long strand, putting them out and painting each individually a different color. Again this results in stripes unless you do the method #1 above and dip dye it, or #2 above and paint through them all. Still cat yuck and much untangling which I find so not worth the work load required to get the job done.

This photo here shows a yarn which should work. I haven't used the above yet but I fear it will stripe, possibly not but it's not my favorite color so I haven't bothered with it yet.

This one will work it's a paint using Method #2 mostly turquoise as color #1 and a bit of purple and green.... darker as you go.

Another using Method #1 and #2 this will gradually go from black to green... see there on the right, I used only 3 skeins so this might require a great deal of manipulation from the purple/black to the purple and again into the green. There's just not enough play in the yarn. Again I'm not positive as I haven't worked this one.

DD did this one and I think it's going to be swell! It's a large amount of yarn painted from purple/violet through all the blues into the green. There will be a bit of a jag here and there but again yarn manipulation from the last class will bring this one to heel if the painting alone doesn't do it.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Thank God it's Friday!

So what's with the 70's music!  Shesh! I have NO idea but peeps will say something to me and I'm off on it in my head so I have to share!  ;-)  DH just told me I could get another small dog and I'm on the ceiling again.  Anyone got a spatula??
     Today I finished my Choose your Own Pi by MMario.  It was a mystery KAL and I used my own hand spun from Tour De Fleece.  I'm so pleased with it.  First that I used the hand spun and second with the pattern.  I can't wait to share photos.

Above is the Tour spinning info and right is the shawl.  Yeah, bad photo bad dog!  :-)  I will get you a photo once it comes down... this one due to the ruffle hand to hang so it's in my window right now and it's wrong way front so you are seeing the reverse side.  Yeah, really gotta get you better photos BUT I HAD to share as it's lovely!  Mario just let us go off with all these different selections of patterns and methods of insertion until, in the end, we will all have very different shawls.  I had to use up all the yarn of course (couple yards left) so I just went off on yo k2tog, garter st, haystacks in the burgundy and then added the ruffle by doubling the sts and working until I ran out of yarn, about 6 rows.  It was fun.  NEXT UP!  Christmas knitting!
           "     CLOSE THIS WINDOW

Ok they are gone,  BROOHOOOHAHAA
      Welcome to my zany knitting world!
I love working for DD as she really appreciates all I make for her so she gets the most items.  This is thrumbed slippers for her.

They are soooo soft when you slip them on.  This is fine merino roving and a lovely Fleece Artist kit.  It was for gloves but hey slippers are just a hop, skip and jump away.  I have leather pads or possibly might have to go with rubber.   Time will out.

    This hat is a fine merino/tencel blend created for warmth with a vent for circulation.  The white is a netting I'm beading at every junction.  There's another coming in purple variegated it's a long strand color changing yarn which I purchased purple crystals for.  These will have anchors on the outside of the hat in 4 places at least so they wont slip.  Then inside the hat will be a place to slip a clippy so it will stay put as well.  This way she can wear the slouchy hat as is or she can wear the netting separately as a snood.  ;-)  FUN!  Three presents in one.
     I try to make socks each year, these are for DH as he recently went uphill in color!  I couldn't believe it when he brought home a lavender/violet button down shirt for church.  He also got one in these blues so I thought he might like these.  Now that I have his perfect sock on board (the patterns in my head) it's easy to make what he needs.
     I have pulled a great many more skeins out for projects but we will have to see as my work is bound to take over my knitting time and I will have to scale back so I didn't want to put too many items OTN this year.  I can only work on these when they are gone too so it's a short knitting time for me.
This last one is for a friend.  It's just a somewhat plain, quickie sock yarn shawl which I will probably get a good amount done on over this weekend.
      That's all for now folks.  Come back for updates.
Celebrate another day of living, celebrate another day of life.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hollywood Swingin



I just got an e-mail from Knit Picks and the Design Team, no two e-mails.  They have accepted my first submissions, Sands of Time and The Raven!  
I'll say it!  whoooppiieeeee!  DD will be working up Sands for them and I will be recreating The Raven in their yarns for publication on their web site as an IDP. COOL BEANS!  No make that Kool!
On the home front... MMMM or M4 will be coming soon.  Sign up to get e-mails from this blog and you will be among the first to hear when yarn kits open up.  This will be a free pattern and yarn in our beloved Mario's favorite color will be available with full bead kits.  Yup! BEADS! Lovely beads, metallic 8/0's, crystals, hearts cause it's all about the love!  Mario shares so much and it's the Yarn Fairy's turn to show our appreciation and love for all he does for us knitters.  Mario got his yarn and loves it... his sis said, "How'd she know what your favorite color was?"  Yup, we are working it in his favorite color... this yarn takes three trips through different dyes to achieve and it's so worth it.  The pattern is in test knit now and the beads are on their way to me.  I believe we might have a video coming out showing a new beading technique but I'm not sure I want to torture you much more without sharing photos so it will have to wait.
I hope you are having an awesome day with the Fae, I sure am.  Things are really coming together here, we are very blessed with great friends and LOADS of support.

Here, ok, I can't do it to you,,, not even ONE photo?  I will share ONE bead photo as I'm sure that these are the 8/0's.  See what LARGE holes these have!  It will be a joy to work with these beads.  They are metallic iris AB and cost a bit more but man are they worth it!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Day...

... From Hades.
      Labeled by the good "medical machine" with not one but TWO more incurable diseases.  Ya'll knew I shouldn't have hope right?  Well, they took my feet out from under me today and basically I feel like in the end there will be nothing, (again) that they can do.
     So what do we do?
     Look for something we CAN do instead of can NOT do right?
     Still up to my ears in work I didn't feel like I could just take the day off as I have 1-2 more days before this major project I'm working on is done.  Then I will be free to breath and be me again.  FREEDOM! Meanwhile nights I work on all the things my head churns through all day long.  With the help of a dear girl today, a lovely hand knit top design is coming along at an amazing clip.  A Christmas Blouse is a lace top worked on large needles in lace weight with pearls.  YUP I think that the colored pearls will look smashing with this one at least on a cream base.  Might have to delve into crystals for the deep bright, cobalt-royal blue.  Perhaps light green pearls for the green that is so saturated it goes into BLACK.  Or red heart crystals on the Scarlet color?  Dunno.  What I do know is that the pattern wrote itself!!! which is normally a really GOOD sign.

     Terrible photo but it's what I have tonight... that one on the right must be something special as it's so soft.  Yes it's then it's silver shot but it's also butta soft.  Will have to research and find out what base that is on.  I didn't have a blue like what I'm thinking of to photo for you.  What I can tell you is that there are floophy sleeves and it's sort of drippy lace.  More about that in the future.
     God knew I was going to need an uplift tonight and so I got a swap in the mail today!  What fun our ADOW girls did a swap and I failed totally to make what I sent out it Halloween but my swap partner did not.  In the book there's 3 different supernatural beings so my swap had 3 wrapped packages, one tailored to each!  FUN!
     Again, really bad photo as the yarn is nummy purples my favorite!  The lip gloss is clear but turns dark pink when you put it on and the tea (top center clear baggy) is an herbal I have never had before from a place I had not heard of.
     Best of all were the stitch markers!
     Matthew, the vampire from the book, wears a metal ampule of Bethany around his neck in the shape of a coffin... so here he is!  So cute!
     And so we press on. Life and it's curve balls.  Now I know why I don't do the doctors tests,,, again it's reaffirmed.